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Another week of Fantasy Football and another week of the midfielders letting us down. Will there be a trend this year? The defenders and strikers hogged the points this weekend and in doing so, claimed the majority of the bonus points up for grabs. Of the 81 Bonus points handed out thus far, 53 have gone to the defenders, 20 to the strikers and just a measly 8 points for the midfielders.

Clean sheets for Jagielka, Baines, Foster, Jones, Coloccini, Santon, Enrique, and Walker saw them pick up the maximum points. It’s good to see the defenders being rewarded and the odd goal scored helps too. Although the Saints let one in, Fonte’s goal meant he snatched the maximum available. At the KC Stadium, a 10 man Hull side kept out the Canaries, earning Macgregor, Davies and Chester some well eared points.

The new system clearly seems to be benefiting the defenders and the Tottenham game is a clear example. With Soldado bagging the only goal of the game, it was Walker who picked up the maximum with a cleansheet . Clearances, blocks and interceptions are helping the defenders stake their claim this season and this may see an upturn in the acquisition of central defenders, who will also gain points with relatively high Pass completions.

It’s also worth noting that Walcott came away with nothing, even though he provided an assist. It seems that this year the Midfielders will need to produce more to get a chance of grabbing those extra points. The key difference is that goals scored for midfielders are worth less than they are for strikers. For instance, if Silva and Dzeko both score one it is highly likely Dzeko will take away maximum bonus points. They’ll need to create clear cut chances and whip in open play crosses to get in on the bonus points.

My only concern with the system is that the likes of Bent and Negredo managed to pick up points, besides coming on late in the game, their goals helping them earn the points due to no clean sheets being kept in their respective games. Around 9-10 points in the bonus system scoring seems enough for reward in most games. Since a goal is worth a massive 8 points for strikers, it only takes a Bent-esque tap in to have them amongst the points.

It’s still early days but we’ll need to keep an eye on how the bonus points continue to pan out. If it carries on like this, it may very well be beneficial to us Fantasy Managers to beef up our defense and forward lines whilst downgrading somewhat on the misfiring midfielders. Perhaps the mids have just got off to a slow start!

Below is a breakdown of the Bonus Points allocated for each game…

Fulham v Arsenal

Bent (1), Giroud (2), Podolski (3)

Everton v West Brom

Jagielka (3), Baines (3), Foster  (3), Jones (3)

Hull City v Norwich

Chester (1), Davies (1), Macgregor (2), Brady (3)

Newcastle v West Ham

Collins (1), Coloccini (3), Santon (3),

Southampton v Sunderland

Lovren (1), Giaccherini (1), Ward-Prowse (2), Fonte (3)

Stoke City v Crystal Palace

Shawcross (2), Huth (2), Chamakh (3)

Aston Villa v Liverpool

Toure (2), Sturridge (2), Enrique (3)

Cardiff City v Man City

Gunnarsson (2), Dzeko (2), Negredo (2), Campbell (3)

Tottenham v Swansea

Vertonghen (1), Soldado (2), Walker (3)

Let us know your thoughts on the new bonus point system and if you’ve seen any patterns emerging in the comments. Hope this helped! Cheers.

34 comments on “GW2 – Bonus Points

  1. Liam

    Not a fan of the ‘tied’ players receiving maximum bonus points (Everton vs WBA) a tie-breaker criteria would be nice to keep it 3-2-1

  2. baysietoff

    Makes me spending far too much money on my defence inspirational. I just need to learn to pick the right ones to play haha… Great article Andrew!

  3. kingcolesy

    Being the only game I saw, Walker added to his tally with crosses, you get a point every 3 crosses, I think I saw 3-4. Im also strongly contemplating my 4th mid being a 5mil cheapie during the international break so I can accomodate RVP. This looks like good news for that strat.

  4. Go You Gunners

    This has made me seriosly think about gong Hazard > Chadli n Clyne > Walker then rolling with a 4-3-3, so I can rotate Mirallas and Chadli off the bench, Two of Walcott and Coutinho/Hazard/Silva starters. Thoughts?

  5. mattcraigdt

    There’s no doubt creating midfielders are left behind. Unless they actually create a clear cut chance they get nothing, whilst wide men and wing backs reap the rewards for just crossing. It does seem flawed. Great article Andy!

    • Liam

      There was a large proportion of clean sheets this week which has skewed some of the bonus data opinions on the whole. It will be interesting to see the results in the next few weeks. No more cheap bonus for midfielders in 0-0 draws which seems more logical.

      • andrewneave Post Author

        Completely agree with you Liam. It’s too early to jump ship on current formations and look to a back 4 or 5. Not all GWs will have the amount of clean sheets we saw this weekend. It’ll be the midfielders that we need to keep an eye on in my opinion.

  6. Go You Gunners

    How many transfers out does a player need before dropping price? Hazard must be close. Best midfielder below 8.0 to rotate on and off bench? Thinking Chadli? Best defender for under 6.0? Thinking Walker? (fixtures taken into account) thanks

    • Tim

      Whittingham if you need a consistent starter- set piece and pens in his locker
      Barkley- X factor, reasonable schedule
      Brady- Pens, but play’s city this week
      Ward Prowse- Sot coverage, spot is vulnerable with guly do prado, rodriguez, ramirez all fighting for starting births
      Kim- Creates lots of chances, good around the box, but unlikely to score many.
      Personally I have gone whittingham, he looked good against city with his delivery and also cambell, connolly and caulker are good in the box, should provide plenty of assists,

    • andrewneave Post Author

      Despite his fixture this weekend, I think your best long term option may be the former Man United midfielder. Robbie Brady is on Set pieces and penalties and his fixtures aren’t bad from GW4.

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