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David Silva

Manchester City provided us with underwhelming fantasy options during the last campaign. This came somewhat surprisingly after a barnstorming 11/12 title-winning season in which we saw fantasy favorites Aguero, Silva and Kompany light up our teams. Today we face a somewhat underpriced market, and after the rise and fall of the blue side of Manchester they seem primed for investment.

This enthusiasm was capped in pre-season by the genuine uncertainty surrounding Manchester City’s attacking options. The influx of talent coming through the door – Jovetic, Negredo, Navas & even Fernandiho- raised numerous questions about who would be a lock in the line up.

After a couple of gameweeks the indications are David Silva is nailed on at the top of the midfield triangle. Having played 170 of 180 minutes and producing a goal and an assist for the first couple of games, he is the only midfielder to have attacking returns in both gameweeks. It is easy to get carried away after only two weeks of fantasy scores, however if we look a bit deeper his returns have been no coincidence.

Current Season:

GW 1: 4 chances created and 3 attempts on goal (1 goal)

GW 2: 2 chances created and 3 attempts on goal (1 assist)

This small sample of data does not do Silva justice though we have to consider his eye opening 63.8% rise in shots inside the box compared to last season. Furthermore he had the most passes of any player in the final third this week with a staggering 30 showing his influence in the attacking third.

Looking forward:

Hull City (H)

International Break

Stoke City (A)

Man Utd (H)

Aston Villa (A)

A promoted team at home should provide ample grounds for Silva to continue his attacking returns. Then we are faced with an interesting conundrum the international break. In seasons past we have seen players rise 0.3 in such windows while at the same time we have seen a number of injuries to key assets. Silva is currently well underpriced compared to the competition (Santi Cazorla, Mata at 10.5). So if you can’t trade him in this week he is still going to be available rather cheaply (around 9.3-9.5) before the bandwagon really rolls into town.

Sometimes you can look into the fantasy history of a player to further establish their fantasy worth. David Silva is one such player.

Looking Back

Season – Mins – Goals – Assists – Starting Price –Bonus Points Total Points

12/13    2511        4            12                 10.5                     20                      147

11/12    2801        6            17                   9.5                      21                      184

10/11    2551        4             9                    8.5                      20                      144

Having a look at previous season data gives us a guide to what we can expect from Silva. Last season Silva was not at his best and nor were City. With a recurring ankle injury and various shape changes Silva still finished with the 7th best assist tally.

In 11/12 he produced a rather consistent 5.9 points a game as city attacked their way to the title. Looking at the inflow of attacking talent this season a more expansive & clinical style is on the cards. This should pave the way for Silva to replicate similar returns to the 11/12 season at an excellent price of 9.2.

32 comments on “In Form – GW2

    • Liam Post Author

      Hopefully Mirallas can get a return. Starting to lose faith though was a 3 way split between Silva-Mirallas-Coutinho to start the season went the Everton route & hedged one of Coleman or Mirallas would pay off.

      The trouble is no idea who to replace him with. Didn’t think I would say this but Paulinho looked threatening in a 4-3-3 & even Charlie Adam stoke version 6.0 could be worth a look.

        • Liam Post Author

          Will be interesting to see where Lamela fits into things. I see AVB wanting a 4-3-3 with Paulinho in the advanced position. Whether that equals consistent fantasy points I am not so sure.

      • Marcus

        Yeah, the Willian factor was exactly my thinking as well, wish they had’ve just let him go to Spurs 🙁

        • Liam Post Author

          As an Arsenal fan I am rejoicing as he is very good. From a fantasy perspective it is hugely disappointing. Not only did he reject a team that would have been built around his game but he reduced Chelsea’s fantasy midfield output.

  1. MattyZee

    Unfortunately I’ll miss him this week. Think he’ll be a tasty addition with Benteke during the international break. Hopefully his price stays reasonably stagnant.

    • Liam Post Author

      If he goes big against hull (8 or more I would say) he will rise very quickly. Hull actually looked very solid at the back after 20 mins at Chelsea (the first 20 totally destroyed). So it will be interesting to see how an angry Man City will react, could be a big one.

  2. Saputra

    he was so underrated and overlooked by many people. as you said, rotation risk was the excuse. again, it was just an excuse, since if he was analyzed deeper, just like what u did, silva has a proven impressive stat. so well done for those who got him in the first place. their team value will fly.

    • Liam Post Author

      Hmm its tough hindsight is a powerful tool. I couldn’t resist the 1.5 discount on Mirallas giving me some cash flow for any potential nightmare situations.

      He has not accelerated away from the pack yet in either price or points so for those that started with him they will have a slight advantage.

      Due to such a low starting ownership he will rise quicker then most top quality players

      • Saputra

        Yes. And I was one of those who didnt dare to take the chance getting silva the first place. Even worst, I didnt do hazard->silva swap for 9.1. Even if I didnt want silva, i should have just gotten him to increase my team value. His price will rise quickly, and at least i would gain 0.1m by GW5. while in the meantime the likelihood of getting 5 points is better than 2-3 points. *sigh..

  3. Brayden

    I used my wildcard this week and decided to go Dzeko as one of my strikers. Should I swap him for another strikers under 8.0?

    Thanks again

    • Liam Post Author

      If you don’t have Rickie Lambert I would get him. Dzeko’s job security is very low.

      Dzeko might get 5-10 points this week but seems unlikely to play regular 90 minute games into the future.

    • Liam Post Author

      I am hoping he can be Mata like in terms of consistency (last season). A regular 5 or 6 points will do me fine. His not the explosive type but performs week in week out.

  4. Calvin

    I have already done -4 this week, 1 of them was unfortunately kolo toure.
    If i played my wildcard would i still have -4 on my next score or is it wiped.

  5. Calvin

    Currently have:

    plan for next week was olssen/mirallas/dzeko out. Chester/Ben Arfa/Benteke in.

    Or Wildcard too:
    Oscar or yaya/Brady/Ben Arfa/Silva/Whittingham
    Sturridge or benteke/Rvp/Giroud

    Already did 2 early transfers this week which were screwed up by toure.
    What would you guys do, cheers.

      • Liam Post Author

        Team looks pretty solid Calvin. Jonas Olsson of WBA? or Martin of Norwich?

        Mignolet, M.Olsson non starters but not in key squad players so I would leave them until after the international break you have enough firepower to get a good score this week.

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