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transfer-talk-premier-league-imageSorry it’s a little late, who has time for Uni! Anyway here’s this weeks winners, losers, some popular knee-jerks and an update on the price changes so far!


  • DEFENDERS! – Undoubtedly the biggest winners of the round, just go and look through the highest scorers for the gameweek! I’ve never seen anything like it since researching this article. Now I know this weekend may have been an anomaly with the amount of clean sheets, but the bonus point situation can’t be ignored. If your defenders maintain a clean sheet then they are in with a massive chance of picking up some bonus. You’ve heard plenty of those stats already. 60% of the highest scorers list are defenders this week. I’m not going to knee-jerk and say we should all switch to formations with 4 at the back just yet, however having a solid defence could be more vital than ever this season.
  • Brady – We all thought Koren was going to be on penalty duties, however Brady shocked us all and stepped up to slot home the winner against Norwich. He looks fantastic value at 5.0 with an advanced midfield role, remembering he got 13 assists in 28 games last season. His starting spot looks far more secure this season so if you’re after a 5.0 mid, this could be your guy!
  • Silva – With all the midfield failures across the board, Silva’s level of consistency is coming to the fore. He won’t get you massive point hauls, nor dominate games. However in times of crisis he will be there to provide your score with respectability. He looks back in favour with Pellegrini and his role in behind the striker looks fruitful. A great bandwagon option, you wouldn’t want to miss out. If it crashes there’s plenty of options to replace him!
  • Campbell – Undoubtedly the player of the round. He sunk City with his pure want for the ball from Cardiff’s corners, not to mention how dangerous he was throughout the game. If you’re in the market for an Anelka replacement he can at least gain you some value in the short term, whilst hopefully maintaining his form! I wouldn’t call him as a starter prospect just yet though. Cardiff will struggle away from home and Cornelius in coming back into contention, just be wary.
  • Podolski – This is far less relevant now as he’s unfortunately succumbed to a hamstring injury, placing him on the sidelines for at least 3 weeks! Depending on Arsenal’s signings he could provide great value of the left wing if given a chance by Wenger.
  • Chamakh – Another Anelka alternative, most would never have considered him (me included), however if you’re getting desperate then you could do a lot worse! Should be a consistent starter and will sneak the occasional goal. Solid bench warmer.
  • Giroud – He was always going to be a solid option to start the season with Arsenal’s top fixtures, however everyone STILL thinks Wenger is going to make a marquee signing. Unfortunately it seems he is even more naive than we originally thought. Missing out on Higuain could cost Arsenal a chance to climb the ladder, whether Giroud can carry their strike force or not is yet to be seen. However for now, he looks fpl gold! He’s a step ladder to Benteke for me this week, however he could be a lot more that that if he keeps performing!
  • Sturridge – Get on whilst you can!!! Ok perhaps don’t panic that much, however he is clearly Liverpool’s number one striker and will only benefit once Suarez returns. If he can avoid injury I think we can expect a 20+ goal season from the number 9, this looks to be the season he finally matures!
  • Dzeko – More on him in the Q&A later today, however there are still too many questions for me. Plenty of other fantastic forward options around for me to pass comfortably.


  • Shaw – His injury shouldn’t be too serious, so don’t be too concerned. Just disappointing with all our successful options on our bench!
  • Clyne – Another man going under the microscope in Q&A, however if you have him and haven’t activated your wildcard, hold tight. He will be back.
  • Rat – This is the last time I mention his name this season. Options to trade him to coming later tonight, yes I say options to trade.
  • Man City’s defence – Kompany is a massive blow, there is no way around that. With him still missing for another month they will continue to be fragile at the back, just bear this in mind if considering grabbing a Man City defender for the short term. Although I wouldn’t go trading guys like Zabaleta and Lescott with soft fixtures still on the horizon.
  • Hazard – Monday night was his last chance for me, and he failed. Miserably. He doesn’t seem to be getting as many chances as we would like on the wing, and with Lampard in favour with Mourinho penalty duties are unlikely to fall his way. To be honest midfielders were probably the biggest losers this week, that new bonus point system! I’ve avoided his price falls and gone straight to Silva, a move which I suspect will be popular this week.
  • Mata – Mourinho… What have you done. I’m almost certain this will come back to bite Chelsea in the ass, you could see how desperately they lacked his creativity against United on Monday. His price is plunging and if he does make a move to another Premier League team, watch out. Could be a bargain!
  • Lukaku – Everybody disembark! Captains orders. Lambert perfect replacement if no cash left over.


  • Benteke – I can’t believe people are doing this! You still knew it would happen though. You can tell as many people as you want not to trade him in last week, yet they still do it and get a 2 point return over 2 weeks. Now they want to trade him out again! You have him now, stick with it. Will be a massive option come GW4.
  • Ivanovic – I know a lot of people had plans to trade him out, but you only have to look at the facts to know why he is worth keeping. Defenders are more valuable than ever this season, and he looks as dangerous as ever. He is currently the highest scoring defender and whilst he does have a blank this week, you’d want to hope his replacement does bloody well to cover the hole he leaves. I’m not saying don’t trade him, just make sure you’re not doing it just ‘for the sake of it’.
  • Snodgrass – If you have stuck with Snoddy, I praise your efforts. Don’t go ruin them now! He should be fit by this weekend, we’ll know more later this week. You need to give him a chance to live up to the hype first!
  • Barkley – I can’t really understand why everyone is still flooding to bring him in, he’s been transferred in by another 100000 sides already! Quick cash grab? I hope that is all, will be fighting for his spot when Gibson returns and looked a little selfish last week. Maybe it’s time for a reality check.
  • Coutinho/Michu/Mirallas – Just a warning, whilst they have all had slow starts to the season, so has just about every other midfielder. Silva looks the only viable replacement at this stage and even then, there is no proof to say he will be a better option than either Coutinho or Michu. As far as Mirallas is concerned, I’d say hold no tight for another week. Still looking dangerous.
  • Lambert – It hurt me massively for Rickie to blank on the weekend, I could have used another price rise and some much needed points. However he went extremely close on a few occasions and looked dangerous every time he got on the ball. Southampton’s fixtures are still kind and he would be my midprice striker of choice.
  • Van Persie – If you’re not on the bandwagon, rejoice while you can. If you are, don’t jump overboard after one failure! If Rooney was less selfish he would have had a goal on Monday. Back him in.


Finally it’s time to assess the price changes that are set to occur in the next 24 hours. I will update the price changes tab on Thursday night once we know what changes will likely occur come Friday morning. Bear in mind that the next set of changes isn’t due for around 15-18 hours:

  • Silva is the fantasy managers choice of the week, having already risen to 9.2 he is set to topple 9.3 by tomorrow. Make up your mind quickly with him.
  • Barkley, Zabaleta, Nolan, Welbeck and Cole are all set for price rises tomorrow morning as well.
  • Wolfswinkel, Chamakh, Lescott, Whittaker and Fonte will also go close. I’d suspect Chamakh to be the most likely.
  • Cazorla and Rat look to be the only fantasy relevant players looking at a drop tomorrow, bearing in mind that Hazard and Mata both dropped last night.
  • I’m personally hoping guys like Michu, Mirallas and Clyne go down in value this week, however Clyne looks the only possibility, and that looks extremely unlikely anyway.
  • ALSO, Toure shouldn’t drop before this gameweek deadline so no need to panic just yet.

If there’s anyone else you’re interested in then let us know in the comments! Personally I have wildcarded this week, because I can’t be sitting at 600,000 for long! Experience tells me it’s still very early days and points can easily be made up with the right calls. I’d say it’s now too late in the week so if you want to wildcard save it for next weeks international break, that is the perfect opportunity! Get ready for our first ever Q&A later tonight, in the meantime enjoy tinkering your squads! I hope you’ve fared better than Arsenal in the transfer window, who seem to have blown yet another transfer prospect in Di Maria. Unfortunately this is the arsenal fan talk these days…

arsenal fan talkCheers!

16 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW2

  1. Liam

    I have no idea why Barkley’s bandwagon is so huge wish I had of started with him but never saw this cash grab coming.

    Young & english seeing as a majority of the game players are from there english players always drive the market crazy.

    Welbeck is another good example of that.

    • baysietoff

      Barkley’s pretty good eh… I think part of it has to do with Martinez’s history with young british talent, he’s got a good record and has heaped praise on him like I haven’t seen for a while.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Toure is out, I repeat TOURE IS OUT EVERYONE! Doesn’t need immediate replacing if you can’t afford the trade but won’t play for a few weeks at least you’d think. If you can grab Zab do it

      • Liam

        International break should be a good rest for him. He was always going to be an injury risk the quality of clean sheets in rotation with Coleman was too much to pass up.

  2. Mikey

    what are everyones thoughts on winston reid being a direct replacement for kolo toure? or is there any other defenders I should be looking at? thanks!!

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