Q&A – Round 2

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This weekly article gives everyone the perfect chance to have their most challenging queries answered by all our writers. Hopefully this will be a massive help to everyone! It’s definitely not lacking size or depth! Enjoy…

Do we sell Rat? And if so Collins or Reid, or another option?


West Ham were severely short at the back last season when we saw the likes of Potts, Diame & Diarra having to feature in the back 4 due to injuries to the regular starters. Rat was bought in many thought to assume the role of starting left back (me included) but on further analysis it looks like cover for O’Brien & the injury plagued McCartney.

Therefore he should be sold but to Collins that might be chasing points. The fixtures seem good enough to make the 0.5 value swap to Collins but remember he is extremely injury prone. Chester is a rotation option at 4.0 as Hull look solid if not spectacular. Wilson 4.5 is an OOP playing CDM for Stoke (if fixtures soften). Yanga-Mbiwa at 4.5 is another solid option if Newcastle can remain solid. Or Shaw, Clyne, Fonte.


West Ham are one of 3 clubs not to concede a goal yet this season. With a decent run of fixtures still to come, it makes sense to have a look at their defensive options. At this stage of the season you want starters in your squad. I’d expect Rat to eventually work his way into the squad, but it’s just too much of a risk for me at the moment. I’d take a stab at Collins. He’s cheap and seems to be getting the starts he needs.


Yes, Yes, Yes! After I initially selected him in my starting XI, thinking he would be a fantastic way to buy into the Hammers’ early run, I was bitterly disappointed after he hasn’t featured one minute in the Premier League. I like Reid, yes he is a little more expensive, but he has been looking dangerous in the box this year and has more of an aerial threat. If you have the extra .5 then I’d pick Reid. But Collins will still be a fantastic option – especially with the good early run West Ham have!


Quite simply, yes. He has to be sold. Even though he could be a chance to turn out against Stoke this weekend it’s not something we can rely on. I’ve had the Rat and am really regretting passing on Reid. Whats done is done, Reid looks the best alternative in my opinion. He looks dangerous in the box and should be good for a clean sheet this week. Some people are considering Collins, however I’d rather have the 5.0 choice as I can straight swap him to an option like Riether/Pieters/Dawson somewhere down the track. If I was to choose an alternative to West Ham Dawson would certainly be it.


It entirely depends on your team situation. If this is the biggest dilemma you have then well done! Get rid of him and pick up one of the Southampton defenders. I reckon he will get into the team at some stage though, it’s just nobody knows when. If the choice was Collins or Reid, I guess I’d go Reid. I would pick Demel over all of those guys however!

Pick any midfielder below 7.5 for GW3 (and beyond?)


I really like Snodgrass at 6.5m against Southampton. After a shock loss to Hull City last week, Norwich will be looking to bounce back against Southampton at Carrow Road. Norwich have a kind run of fixtures in the next month, facing Southampton (H) Tottenham (A) Aston Villa (H) Stoke City (A). Snodgrass is just returning to full fitness but will be in everything Norwich do attacking wise. Plus he’s on free kicks! If you’re after a risk, then Fulham’s Kasami at 4.6m looks to be fitting in nicely at Fulham. Would be a brave move to start him especially against Newcastle away, but could pay off if Fulham take it up to the Toon!


There isn’t too much on offer to be honest. I’m holding out for Mirallas to show the form we all know he’s capable of. With a trip to Cardiff this weekend, he has the opportunity to reward his owners for hanging on after a disappointing start. If you’re looking at fixture ease to help make your decision, Newcastle’s Hatem Ben Arfa at 7.0 really does look enticing. I’m considering bringing him in with Fulham, Villa and Hull up next for the Magpies. Snodgrass at 6.5 could be another great option.


Such a difficult price bracket. Paulinho provided some interesting stats against Swansea but much like Coutinho he might not be a great finisher & will depend on assists. Charlie Adam at 6.0 is an interesting option he is tucked in behind the striker after his first home game scoring and having a few opportunities. It is a difficult price bracket filled with limited consistency at such an early stage its hard to say but keep your eyes peeled for someone to break out. Hold Mirallas for the time being.


Not the best price range to be shopping in! Ramsey is in a bit of a golden patch at the moment, if he keeps getting solid minutes he could be good in the short-term… I know he doesn’t play in a position conducive to scoring, but he is! Nolan is always a good shout for a goal though and would be my choice.


This price bracket has proven to be a real tough one this season. Last year we had guys like Michu and Fellaini killing it, this season however the popular midprice picks have failed miserably. However we should remember that we are only 2 gameweeks in. I’m willing to give Mirallas the benefit of the doubt one more time. If Spurs don’t make further signings (after Lamela) then Chadli should be gold at 7.5. He almost picked up bonus points without getting a single goal/assist, and has created the most clear-cut chances of anyone this year. Hopefully Paulinho can start finishing them off!!! Ben Arfa and Nolan will be too inconsistent IMO. If you’re after a bargain then Ramsey could just be that, however you’ll need to wait and see on Wenger’s transfer business.

If you went heavy on Chelsea/Villa players for the DGW, is it time to use the wildcard?


Very hard to answer, if you’re looking at a donut this week then it’s certainly worth it to take a points hit, perhaps a -4. HOWEVER, it may not be worth a wildcard unless you really want to change your team structure. Even then, if you haven’t used it yet this week I fear it may be too late. The biggest advantage of a wildcard is catching the price rises/falls, I’d be saving it for next week and the international break if you’re in desperate need.


How heavy is heavy? If you have to bench two of them then that’s the absolute borderline, any more than that then you need to make a decision. I had 3, but took a -4 point hit to trade out both Oscar and Hazard so that I only have Benteke left. I thought that was far too much money / scoring potential to be sitting on the pine. If you get too far behind this early it’s so hard to get back. Don’t go your Wildcard yet though unless you’re team really, really is shite…


Depends on how heavy, if we’re talking Ivanovic, Hazard, Lukaku & Benteke to really capitalise on the DGW then definitely! If just 2 I’d say you can possibly bench them and play your cover, only if you’re happy with the way your team is performing. If you have picked the likes of Mirallas, Coutinho, Lambert, Bony, Walcott etc. (like me!) who are all yet to fire, then it might be time to activate the wildcard!!!


Difficult one to answer and it really depends on the rest of your squad being able to keep you in touch with the rest of your mini league. I’d prefer to hold on to the Wildcard if you have decent enough subs to bring on in their place. If you went all out on Villa and Chelsea though, there’s nothing wrong in making sure you join those initial bandwagons and use the wildcard. If you have a couple of players you picked from the start who are clearly not going to be getting the game time you expected, it could be the perfect time to change-up your squad with the Wildcard.

It really depends on who you had. Chelsea look rock solid at the back & started the same back 4 in each of the 3 games. So if you had a Chelsea defender I would hold on and use your squad around them. Midfielders and strikers I would ditch too much uncertainty. On the Villa front Benteke is a lock & the value pick of Baker seems a good one for that 5th defender spot.

Personally I am against using a wildcard this early unless you have done really poorly. Just before the international break is a bad time because things tend to take off after that. All the teams don’t want to lose at the start of the season we tend to see tighter matches and therefore less fantasy points to attacking assets.

The wildcard is such a difficult thing, personally I use it between GW8-GW12 followed by the winter wildcard GW26 (or the last one available). What I would say about double gameweeks is don’t be afraid to spend 4 points on getting rid of them the extra trade can return the balance to your side.

What do you think about Dzeko’s job security?


Long term? None. He’s looked good so far but once the Champions League games come along then it’s every striker for themselves at Man City. They aren’t going to spend that much on new strikers not to play them.


After receiving the man of the match award & only being denied by the brilliant Krul the manager came out and said he didn’t play a good game because he didn’t score. To follow that up with a long distance deflected goal and then get dragged indicates his security is not very good.

He didn’t play very well against Cardiff but can you blame him? His position is under huge threat even when he performs. It appears Negredo is being eased into English football and Dzeko is getting starts because of that.

Personally I picked him up for GW2 but it was a huge risk & one which may cost me -4 to move on. Job security is king in fantasy it creates consistency of returns.


Throughout the entire pre-season I was adamant it was going to be another heavily rotation based system used at Manchester City this year, but fortunately for FPL players, that’s not the case! In both games this year, Pellegrini has given starts to both Aguero and Dzeko – who have had returns of 1 goal 2 assists and 1 goal 1 assist respectively. With the easing into the Premier League for Jovetic and Negredo, Pellegrini might start to rotate. At the moment Dzeko is in very good form after a fantastic start to the season and a very good pre-season and is reaping the rewards. A home game against newly promoted Hull City could be a goal feast – if he starts. I’ll back him in… for now!


Short term (i.e this week) he should be a good pick. Any longer than that however and his job security it blurrier than the lines between Miley Cyrus and porn star. I’d much rather Lambert at that price, great job security and another player in great form.


Dzeko’s game time will ALWAYS be under threat. With the strike force that City have this season,  we can’t really expect him to be nailed on. What makes the decision to play him or not really tricky, is his price and current fixtures. At 7.6 he isn’t taking too big a chunk of your budget and he can always be shipped out for the likes of Lambert should it become clear that he’ll be spending more time on Pellegrini’s bench. At the moment, I think he’s worth the risk. But there will be a time when it eventually stings you.

Will Clyne get a full game?


Clyne struggled with match fitness coming into the season and has had to make do sharing his position with the 18-year-old Calum Chambers at right back. I think Clyne will get the most game time between the 2 though. With an injury to Shaw on the weekends game, we may just see him slide in alongside Chambers. If you have him, I’d stick with him for now.


He played 90 minutes last night in the Capital one cup and came through ok. He will certainly start after the international break, however this weekend I suppose he could still be eased back into things. If Shaw gets up (which looks likely) then Clyne may be a slight chance of benching. However long-term he is still a 1st team certainty.


Yes. Shaw is the real injury issue which will be bad news for anybody who picked him up. Shaw had what appeared a semi serious knee issue but managed to start the season. Clyne was just lacking fitness and was eased into the start of the season.

Chambers is an interesting case. He only started because Clyne wasn’t right but has been playing quite well. It really depends on the managers preference as to whether Clyne gets his spot back straight away. Clyne looked out of place at left back (limited left foot) but it showed the managers faith in him to put him in such a position.


Probably, but it’s not nailed on. I don’t think they wanted him to play 45 minutes last week but they had to because of Shaw’s injury. He got through it so is more than likely to get his spot back, perhaps on the left?


After suffering an injury pre-season Clyne has been eased into the Premier League thus far this season. As he starts to develop match fitness he will definitely feature permanently in Southampton’s starting XI, clearly being in their best players. After playing 45 minutes against Sunderland on Saturday I think he will start this weekend against Norwich. He might be subbed off during the game as precaution but hopefully will start.

What do you think of Fonte?


Most likely starter next to Lovern. Yoshida played quite well at the back end of last season but Fonte is a bit more of a physical presence. Fonte is a threat from set pieces (as seen on the weekend). I would strongly consider him as an alternative to Clyne, Shaw or even Boruc if the new bonus system continues to reward centre backs.


Is in Southampton’s starting XI. Scored a one off goal last weekend against Sunderland. Scored two goals last year. Would prefer to go either Shaw or Clyne if looking to get into Southampton’s defense.


Good so far! Quite a lot of us have Shaw or Clyne however, as well as potentially Boruc. In my opinion, having too many defenders/goalies from the one team is a risk and if I had to choose someone from Southampton it would one of the others. If he performs again this week however…


Don’t get too caught up in the fact that he scored against Sunderland. He chipped in with just 2 goals last season and I wouldn’t be chasing him for attacking points. Besides that though, not a bad option at 4.5 if he keeps his spot in the starting XI.


Centre backs will always score 1 or 2 goals a season, that doesn’t make them consistent attacking threats. Clyne or Shaw every time in my opinion.

Is Oscar a legitimate fpl option?


That’s a very hesitant yes. I have a concern that with Mata coming back to full fitness and probably Willian signing on that he’ll get shunted back into a normal midfield role, if he plays, which will severely hamper his output. If he keeps his spot in the hole with all of those players available, or they sell Mata, then the sky is the limit.


Wait and see on the Brazilian. Mourinho clearly has faith in Oscar and I think he’ll get just as much game time as the rest of the Chelsea midfielders. I’m not sure he has the explosive potential that Mata and Hazard have though. If you can catch him at the beginning of a good run of form he may be worth it, other than that, I’d stay clear.


He was creeping ever closer to my team, however the ridiculous signing of Willian puts the nail in the coffin for me. 7 or 8 guns to fit into 3 positions can only equal one thing, and that thing isn’t consistent and reliable game time. If Mata leaves then he could become relevant again.


After starting all three opening games, Oscar is looking like he could become Fantasy relevant this season. However I’m not sure this is the case. Oscar is playing ‘in the hole’ for Chelsea this season, a role he has played well thus far, however with Juan Mata returning to full fitness one would think Mata will play ‘in the hole’ and Oscar moved out onto the wing. Also with yet another player arriving to Chelsea (just waiting to pass a medical), in Willian, rotation could become an issue. Definitely one to keep an eye on. Fantastic player and has massive FPL potential!


Excellent funny feeling for the double gameweek but sadly no. Willian has thrown Chelsea’s fantasy midfield into a tailspin. Willian is a better player in that position but who knows. No one really knows why they bought Willian with all the midfielders at their disposal (other than to spite Spurs).

Is Campbell worth a punt or just a one hit wonder?


I’d say hold off, however his price is flying and by the time you make up your mind it may be too late. If you need an Anelka replacement and some value quick smart, then you could do a lot worse than Campbell. Chamakh might be a better alternative though, Cornelius does provide that element of doubt.


He’s certainly one to watch but I think he’ll be a bit of a punt. If he stays injury free, the former United striker could prove to be valuable, but with the new signing Andreas Cornelius nearing full fitness, he may not be bagging all the points for Cardiff. His rise came at the perfect time though, with those who got stung by Anelka suddenly looking for a cut price alternative.


Campbell is an interesting case. Two knee reconstructions after being a promising young lad. Dropped from Sunderland to regain his fitness and boost his career in the championship. He has managed to do that scoring 7 in 8 for Cardiff at the back end of last season.

The goals against City were poor defending on city’s behalf but Campbell’s quality did show on the day. He looks fast and fit once again and has an eye for goal. Regardless of his headed efforts he looked sharp. I consider him a one to watch but with the tough fixtures maybe it is best to wait until a bit later in the season.

The weekends game was a dream result I wouldn’t expect them to back up such results scoring 3 goals against the other top 5 teams they will be facing at home in the gameweeks ahead.


At 5.5 and the number one striker role at Cardiff in his favor, Campbell looks like a fantastic option. If only for his lack of consistency. I’d be waiting to see if he can regularly provide assists and get on the score sheet before bringing him in. Watchlist.


He’s not worth the punt yet, but I don’t think he’s a one hit wonder either. I’d give him another couple of GW’s to see how he goes. He’s got the talent but whether the team around him is good enough to provide enough chances remains to be seen.

Should we start to consider Rooney as an alternative to RVP? Or at least as a viable option?


Like Campbell, A player plays one good game and everyone is wanting to jump on. Rooney hasn’t been anywhere near his best in the past few years and as a result his FPL relevance, along with his scoring potential, has gone downhill. If he can continually get consistent starting game time and get on the score sheet then he could be a good alternative to RVP – but definitely not now. Remember he has the potential to score 25+ goals in a season and get 200+ points so never doubt a champion. Just a watchlist for now.


I think he definitely could be a great alternative, provided he plays up front with RVP. United lack creativity in the midfield and this could see him continue to drop back, thus hurting his attacking potential. He could still be a gold mine of assists though. I’m keeping an eye on him.


Nope. Even when he was at the top of his game he wasn’t overly consistent. He’ll go through a patch where he would absolutely dominate, then not score for a month. If he does end up going to Chelsea however I’ll be all over him like white on rice!


For all the transfer speculation Rooney has never really looked like leaving the club. At the considerable price discount and given his abilities to both score and provide I would say his a valid alternative. It is early days though and Moyes’s 4-3-3 lacking a key centre midfielder does not inspire confidence in their attacking unit which is odd for Manchester United.

Van Persie’s brilliance is going to see him score many goals but at 14.0 and the reduced service from midfield I would not be surprised to see him score less than last season at a higher price.


I like this idea. Firstly let’s be clear, I’m not saying Rooney will outscore RVP. Not a chance. However RVP takes an incredible chunk from your budget, and value seems hard to come by in that 10.5-11 range. Rooney is a key figure in all of United’s attack foray’s and will be in great favour of the bonus point system with his passing game as well as his scoring ability. If he can find himself on penalties then I’ll be convinced, however his transfer saga needs to play out first. At this stage he looks like staying, and make no mistake he is comfortably in their best XI. If you’re after a POD then he could be a fantastic pick if he accepts his fate playing behind RVP. Obviously if you can reach RVP, do that.

So that’s it! Hope you all enjoyed, that should have covered all sides of the argument. Cheers from all of us!

76 comments on “Q&A – Round 2

  1. Dan

    Loved the read guys, great addition to the site, and covered nearly every issue I have so kudos fellas

    The only other question I would have is what’s everyone doing Toure?

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Cheers! Yep going to be a popular question for the rest of the week, I’m tossing up between Skrtel, Lescott (pushing me cost wise) or Riether. I have an eye on Riether from GW6 onwards but there is probably no harm in picking him up early. Pieters is another option if Stoke get it together. If you don’t have Dawson then go him.

        • Liam

          I would hold Riether Fulham have but together a decent squad it should settle soon and will show some strength down the spine. Parker was a key buy. Fixtures are suiting them well too

  2. toasted1961Toasted

    Excellent read guys. Well done. I went Rat to Collins this week. My other defenders are Lescott, Coleman Chester and Burner. I am looking to free up cash soon to try to secure a Chelsea defender. Looking at Terry.
    Any other suggestions for a defender around 6.0?

          • Go You Gunners

            Should I keep him or not? First trade was hazard > Silva, so take the 4 point hit and go to Dawson/Reid? If I keep then I have to play one of Koren/Chester this week… still have Mirallas, Coutinho, Clyne and Wolf, so should I just wildcard now, or hold until the International break?

          • Liam

            your not going to get your 4 points back this week even if you had to play toure he would of most likely only scored 2 points they are playing manchester united after all. Toure’s price should not drop he had 32,000+ transfers in before his injury and was half way towards a price change upwards.

            Hold until during or after the international break on him & I suggest the wildcard too

  3. Brayden

    This is my team after Wildcard this week:
    Mignolet (McGregor)
    Collins, Fonte, Chambers (Chester, Whittaker) still unsure of who to start with?
    Silva, Walcott, Barkley, Counthnio (Brady)
    RvP, Solado and Dezko at this stage but unsure whether to go with Lambert?

    Thanks and love this website

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Thanks a lot mate. Appreciate it. Chambers won’t keep starting so keep that in mind. I’d be going Lambert over Dzeko personally. Also not sure on Barkley, although I do like Brady. Perhaps downgrade Coutinho to a Mirallas/Chadli type (even though they aren’t firing, any midpriced mifdielder really) and upgrade Chambers to Coleman. If you can get Whittaker to a Dawson type then I’d look to do that as well, Barkley to Ramsey is also something you could consider.

  4. boges11

    Love the whole site fellas, you all do an awesome job.
    Question this week is to play 4 defenders or stick Clyne on the bench and play Brady in the midfield?

  5. Timmy

    cheers lads, there is not a huge amount of movement in the prices this week so I am holding my wc and taking a -4pt hit. trades are:
    too late to change…. but thoughts?

    • Liam

      anelka is in discussions to return to the club but I can understand why you move him on. Aspas sits in that mid bracket we all wish we had the cash to upgrade to Sturridge, fair move though.

      Williams well Swansea are rotating heavily already in line with there europa league commitments. I was / am very keen on swansea’s defence myself but am going to wait until GW8-10 because they face quite difficult teams at home until then.

  6. Heath Moss

    Guys I have Bony up front + 0.5 in cash. He hurt his ankle on the weekend and I’m not liking the way Swansea are playing. I’m strongly considering trading him out.

    Ive narrowed my options to Bent, Wolfswinkel, Cisse & Lambert. Who would you chose?

    I also have Aspas and Soldado up front.


  7. Billy

    At the moment, I still have baker and Hooper sitting on my bench, and now I have Bony and Williams doubtful to play, and I already used my trade on Hazard to Silva, worth using the wildcard yet or see if any of those players will play?

  8. aclassdriving

    I feel I’m being forced to wildcard far earlier than planned. Anelka out, Toure injured, Baker still a maybe. Clyne not 100%. Ravel Morrison not starting (again scoring in mid-week, he has to come good soon), Hazard and Benteke not playing this week. I could be without 7 players. It’s all gone Pete Tong. I have to wildacrd, don’t I?

    Thinking of post wildcard squad of
    Mignolet (undecided sub GK)
    Enrique, Zab, Clyne, Collins, (Chester)
    Silva, Nolan, Snodgrass, (Brady, Barkley)
    RVP, Soldado, Sturridge

    Looks like the new bonus system is really going to favour the defender and the expensive midfielder could be a thing of the past for me.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Be very careful changing your team structure based on the first 2 of 38 gameweeks, could kill your season if you have to revert backwards after wildcarding

      • aclassdriving

        Ideally I don’t want to change. I always wait until at least the window closes and managers settle on teams. I’m just faced with a worse case scenario of seeing 7 players not start. Could go for a -4 point hit and make 2 changes, but there still could be 5 out. Will have to fiddle.

        Is Snodgrass still an uncertain starter? I thought he was (hoped) he was back. Chester is bench material and for a £4m starter, I think it’s ok

    • Liam

      Anelka will play minutes in my opinion, baker unsure, clyne should start, morrison has earnt his chance won’t play 90 though.

      You took the double assets and it has hurt with injuries sometimes you have to bite the bullet.

      It is a marathon not a sprint. Sometimes I go into gameweeks with a potential 20-40 pointer on the cards all you can do is plan ahead for the week after to make sure it doesn’t happen two weeks in a row.

      Back your gut & bite a -4 or even -8 if you really feel you need to but I would only bring in people who are certain starts and almost certain to perform. After two GW’s there is not many of these around.

      It is a tough time of year you have to evaluate quickly when there is no reliable options around.

  9. Go You Gunners

    This is my team currently:

    G: Migs, (Boruc)
    D: Lescott, Toure, Coleman, (Clyne, Chester)
    M: Silva, Walcott, Coutinho, Mirallas, (Koren)
    F: Benteke, Soldado, Wolf

    Hazard > Silva done

    If I wildcard, my team could look like this:

    G: Migs, (Boruc)
    D: Dawson, Reid, Coleman, G. Johnson, (Clyne)
    M: Silva, Walcott, Chadli, Brady, (Ward-Prowse)
    F: Soldado, Sturridge, (Benteke)

    1.2 mill left, will make some adjustments to fit it in. Should I wildcard?

  10. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Still early days regarding Lamela, but surely he was brought in as a replacement for Bale, although not as great at finishing or delivering the passes, he should be able to provide plenty?!
    Depending on his price and form, he could be a suitable replacement for the premium-under performing mids?

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      Also, great read! It will surely add loads to the site and answer plenty of our questions throughout the year!
      I really liked the idea of all of the writers answering each question as well, it gives us more depth answers!
      Once again thanks

  11. andrewneave

    Hey chaps, just a thought on Toure. The Premier league has it’s international break after GW3 which allows the Ivory Coast international a little time to recover. After the break, Pool play Swansea and Southampton. If you have a decent sub to bring on in his place, it may be worth holding out to see what the prognosis is. Many of you would have made an early transfer already and taking a -4 point hit for a defender is never a very good idea. His price looks secure for now so perhaps hold tight for a bit.

    • Liam

      Totally agree hold tight. Defenders only average between 3 & 4 points a match at best. To trade toure out you need a 6 pointer that week to break even (2 points) when you could play the 4th or 5th defender for 2 points.

  12. aclassdriving

    Even up front? The MF selection is a joke, admittedly, but surely they can’t play all their games without a forward. I hear Mour. is a big fan of Eto and such a great pedigree. It’ll be interesting to see his price tag and of course game time. Perhaps one to watch.

  13. andrewneave

    For sure. I’d still be worried with Torres, Ba and Lukaku there as well. He could very well be there for his Champions League experience and once that starts, there’s no way of knowing how much game time he’ll get. There’s just so many great options in the 7.5-9.0 bracket and they’re all sure to start.

  14. aclassdriving

    True. Is anyone the wiser as to why Mour. hasnt given Lukaku a sniff yet? Seeing how good he was pre-season it just doesnt seem to make any sense to me. Neither does the addition of Willian. Unless Mata is off. But admittedly, I know very little. There I was thinking Ravel Morrison would start games seeing how many he scored in pre-season.

    • baysietoff

      Seems to be an opinion circulating that it was to show Rooney where he’d be playing if he decided to jump ship. Particularly in the game v Utd. He didn’t want to show that any of the current strikers were first choice to show he doesn’t have one… Mind games 1.01

    • Liam

      Lukaku’s defensive workrate is questionable (no proof just opinion). Steve Clarke did not like starting him last season because Long would work for the team shape a lot better then Lukaku did.

      Combine that with the fact Lukaku is the explosive type and can catch defenders out with his pace, strength and finishing he is an ideal player to bring off the bench in a team that plays long balls when the game is stretched.

      Chelsea don’t play this way, they play quick passing football where they lock the ball into the front man as a holder of play so the midfielders can advance forward & join attacks.

      He has a lot to learn in terms of working for the team and holding the ball up. I wish he was at another club because he is an explosive player worthy of a start.

      Morrison is battling for a spot with Noble (captain), Diame (very important box to box player) & the wide midfielders (Downing & Jarvis).

      Personally I feel he would fit in best next to Diame but they are very unlikely to drop the captain Noble. He has been eating into Diame’s minutes but surely will not start over him. If he does he won’t play 90 minutes.

      One to watch though @ 4.4

  15. Lala

    Hi guys! Firstly I just want to say that I LOVE your site – it is incredibly well written and it is my go to resource for FPL. Thanks for all your hard work 🙂

    I have a massive quandary and I would really appreciate some advice. My current team is as follows:

    Benteke, Soldado, Dzeko
    Hazard, Mirallas, Coutinho, Chadli, (Kim)
    Mertesacker, Ivanovic, Turner, (Rat, Chester)
    Mignolet (Harper)

    I want to trade Hazard for Silva, but that leaves me with vulnerable Dzeko who I would also like swap to Sturridge, but I need some extra cash for him so then I need to sell another player – which makes me think I should WC this week.

    Have I left it too late to WC though? I am only 4 pts behind the top of my league, so I really don’t want to mess things up.

    Thanks x100000000 for any help, I’m pooing bricks!!!!

    • andrewneave

      Hey Lala, thanks very much, glad you enjoy the articles!

      You’re definitely in a tight spot with Benteke, Hazard and Ivanovic all having blanks this weekend. Your team’s hardly a mess though and I don’t think a wildcard is needed to be honest.

      A swop from Hazard to Silva makes perfect sence. Kim is more than capable, so you have the option of playing a 3-5-2 formation and simply benching Benteke. You could put Rat in and hope he starts, otherwise Chester will act as cover. I wouldn’t take more than a -4 point hit. Dzeko should get some game time and if he does, he’ll put one past Hull.

      If you’re desperate to get Sturridge in, a straight swop for Benteke is your answer and you can keep your 3-4-3 formation. In short, I don’t think a wildcard is needed. Don’t waste it just because you’ll have one Gameweek that will be about average.

  16. keysnskis

    Who are you guys captaining this week? My front runners (on my team anyways) are Giroud, RVP, Silva, and Soldado, thoughts on which to choose? Also, I have Mignolet and Boruc at keeper, and I’m struggling with who to start this week…thoughts?

    • Liam

      Boruc but that really is a bit of a coin toss expect 3 points from each player

      Giroud, RVP & Silva are all options. Personal preference Giroud I am captaining Silva in my own team.

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