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So it’s that time of the week, where we must scrounge for the best captain options for the upcoming round. Soldado was a massive success for me last week, however unfortunately RVP couldn’t live up to the billing. Let’s check out the top options for this week!

The Contenders:

Sturridge – I think he is one of a few solid shouts this weekend, mainly thanks to the new bonus system. I do tend to favour captaining strikers at the moment because no matter how they play, 1 goal gets them right in contention. Sturridge is definitely a big shout to score against United, however if Monday’s clash is anything to go by Moyes isn’t going to take any risks at this early stage. These Liverpool United games are usually very physical and goals may not be easy to come by. Too risky for me.

Coutinho – If you thought Sturridge was too risky, then don’t even bother with Coutinho! Blind faith would be your only hope.

Giroud – I do really like him for a goal and if you’re after a captain in what I believe will be a high scoring London Derby, then he is a great shout. In my team personally it’s a toss up between him and Walcott, I think Giroud is a great chance to back up his previous form. Solid option. Top 5 and he’s in.

Nolan – This is a slightly left field captains choice, however he loves a goal against the minnows and I guess Stoke almost fit into that category. He will always be getting into dangerous positions and a goal is all it will take to sneak him into double figures with a clean sheet likely. Risky, but reward is high.

Van Wolfswinkel – Yes you could pick him but when compared to the other options on offer, I’ll pass.

Lambert – Same deal. He looked great last weekend and Norwich are yet to keep a clean sheet, however captaincy is a step too far in my opinion.

Michu – Sometimes you just get a gut feeling with a player, and this week I have one with Michu. Everyone is writing him off after 2 of the toughest games in the fixtures calender. I’m bringing him into my side over Silva this week and if you’re a high roller, a captaincy risk may pay off big time.

Top 3:

1. Silva (Aguero) – As not many people own Aguero, I’m having to share my number 1 spot this week. Hull are not looking the best of the newly promoted teams and I think a couple of goals at least are on the cards for City. They will be looking to bounce back after a loss to Cardiff last week and these 2 men will be at the centre of things. They seem like extremely reliable points and therefore, whilst they may not be the highest scorers, have to come in at number 1. For obvious reasons Dzeko misses out as I hate captaining players who might not start. Do it at your own risk. If you own both, I’d go with Aguero. However if you’re on the Silva bandwagon then you should expect a solid points return this week. Can’t go past them.

2. Soldado – If you’re after a slight risk then Soldado could be your man. He is yet to score from open play and, if I’m honest, Paulinho has looked far more likely to net. However that will eventually change and this could be the game he wins over every Spurs fan in the world. Another great shout on form, my Arsenal bias probably gets in the way of choosing him myself. The only reason he gets ahead of guys like Giroud/Walcott is how leaky Arsenal’s defence has been. Can they keep a clean sheet against Spurs? Highly unlikely. A solid choice for the armband.

3. Van Persie – If you own him, you basically have to captain him. Otherwise what’s the point! Yes he missed out last week but so did 90% of the other captaincy options, so don’t feel too down. However he is down at number 3 as Liverpool are yet to concede this year and I sense a tight game on the cards. Having said that you can never deny him for a goal or 2.

The Punt:

Walcott – This is the way I’m leaning with my captaincy choice this weekend. He looks like he’s about to explode and has come out in defense of Arsene Wenger and their squad. Theo’s talked the talk, now it’s time for him to walk the walk. He is still looking very dangerous in open play and really should have scored last week. Add in the fact that he’s on most of Arsenal’s set pieces and you have a recipe for success. Just ahead of Giroud at the moment but both are great punts.

So that’s it from me this week! If you reckon I missed anyone then let me know, however they were probably missed out for a reason! Keep an eye out for Andrew’s massive preview coming up later tonight as we build up to the GW3 deadline! Cheers.

36 comments on “Captains – GW3

  1. Louie.K

    Spurs have been tight in defence so far with two clean sheets.

    I’m going with Silva. City will bounce back big after that shock loss and he should be among the points, I hope anyway.

  2. aclassdriving

    Looking for classic ‘samurai’ style revenge football from city this week. Ruthless and brutal. Will feel sorry for Hull if their on the receiving end of a cutting 5-0 thumping, but the points return will comfort me some what.

  3. Scott

    Left, Left, Left field, Chamakh for me. Had a good start at Arsenal, will thrive for a bit of confidence following goal last week and let’s face it if Palace can’t beat the likes of Sunderland at home they could beat Derby’s lowest points total! Plus the opportunity to watch the points rack up on the box!

  4. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Thanks for the read Matt! Just reassured me of picking Silva as the best captain option! som I will most likely go for Silva (as most), Soldado and Walcott very very VERY close seconds!

    Also, with Southamptons shocking defensive display last week, can we trust Boruc against Norwich away or should we stick with Mignolet and hope he gets at least some BP or save points?!

  5. aclassdriving

    Due to injuries, deaths and the previous double game week non-players, I’m having to use my wildcard. Which team do you think is best?

    Mignolet (Daniels)
    Dawson, Collins, Clyne, Zab, Chester
    Silva, Snodgrass, Nolan, Brady, Barkley
    RVP, Soldado, Strurridge

    Mignolet (Daniels)
    Dawson. Collins, Clyne, Zab, Chester
    Walcott, Silva, Nolan, Brady, Barkley
    Aguerro, Strurridge, Soldado

    RVP has Palace at home next week, but Agurro has Hull this week. I’ll drop Soldado for Benteke in GW4 and will eventually switch Zab for Ivan in GW5

    Is a stronger MF better than having RVP? Will Aguerro keep pace with the Dutchman?

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      I would go for the second team, just with couple of minor changes.
      No one will keep pace with RVP, just to answer your question.

      This also depends on how much cash you have left?:
      After this week, Aguero to Benteke would be ideal as from now till GW12, Benteke has the favourable run and is near fixture proof (did score against Chlesea and Arsenal).
      Also, consider Toure (favourable fixtures after MU) and Coleman (attacking threat and his fixtures aren’t too bad) for some options in defense? Maybe for Zab?

      Whittingham ahead of Barkley definetly! Set-pieces involve him and should be getting consistent starts as well as some attacking returns.

      Other than that, she looks good!
      Just on another note, BENTEKE should be your first priority next week, and maybe taking a -4 hit for Toure/Coleman?

  6. Brayden

    People have said don’t do this but at this stage I’m going with my gut and putting Dzeko captain. Reckon he is a good chance of a goal and could be a good POD choice although only problem is he might not start or play distant minutes. Also have Silva, RvP or Solado as optio s but think he will do well.

    Is it just me or am I crazy?

    • Dan

      Not crazy. I had the C on him last week and it worked out ok…Ill reckon he’ll start again personally and if he does, should be good for at least a goal surely.

      Having said that, I have it on Silva at the moment for this gameweek.

      Reckon a real smoky could be Snodgrass. In great form midweek and Southampton looked a bit shaky at the back last week.

  7. aclassdriving

    Might even go

    Mignolet (Daniels)
    Collins, Clyne, Zab, (Chester, Baker)
    Silva, Snodgrass, Nolan, Barkley, (Brady)
    RVP, Aguero and Sturridge

    The firepower is appealing, but looking light in MF.

    Having pricey forwards is almost like having a mini wildcard. Could ship out Aguero when rotation kicks in, bringing in Benteke. Then when Strurridge has to share game time with Suarez, ship him off for a cheapy striker and upgrade Snodgrass to Walcott.

  8. Jeff

    Hey fellas, has nothing to do with captaincy option, but just a quick question.
    Fonte, Reid or Collins?

    Thoughts are greatly appreciated

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