In Round Discussion – GW3

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Well we have been presented some of the worst Saturday fixtures imaginable. Defenders are once again ruling supreme and goals are nowhere to be seen. Since things have become so dire we might as well chat right here! Bring on Super Sunday!

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    • Brayden

      Wow, a lot better than me.
      12 points with Mignolet, Walcott, counthino, RvP and Solado to come.
      Putting Dzeko captain was a mistake and David Silva didn’t do much FPL wise. Also left Whittaker on the bench!

  1. Brayden

    DZEKO! What was I thinking, might trade to Lambert next week. Anyone else under 7.8 for a foward?
    Thanks (and also David Silva got subbed off early, is this a worry?)

  2. Marcus

    Sould i Wildcard? If I do I want to do it as soon as the Arsenal vs Spurs match is finished before prices change.

    Team Before:

    Mignolet (Jakupovic)
    Zabaleta Coleman, Collins (Shaw, Chester)
    Silva Walcott Cotinho Miralles (Morrison)
    Soldado, Benteke, Van Wolfswinkel

    Team After:

    Mignolet (McGregor)
    Zabaleta Coleman, Walker, Enrique (Chester)
    Silva, Walcott, Ben Arfa (Brady, Ward-Prowse)
    Soldado, Benteke, Sturridge

    • penaldado

      That’s actually a solid team atm. That new team can be made with a couple of hits over the next couple of weeks

  3. Shaun Curnow

    39 with Mignolet, Walker, Walcott, Sturridge & Soldado to come!

    Played wildcard last week and re-structered my team and now going be playing 4-3-3 due to bonus point system! I also put the big C on Zabaleta in hope of clean sheet and bonus points and he goes and gets an assist aswell…

  4. Tim

    Wildcarded couldnt deal with a shit team on 12 still got RVP (c) Soldado Toure Mignolet Coutinho.
    Need RVP Hatrick

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Still be very careful. Aluko doesn’t spud and miss that 1v1 and Graham puts one in the back of the net but just offside… Such tight margins! City concede and I’m sure you’re not making that claim

      • Dan

        For the record I captained Silva this week, so take my comment as any form of “gloating”

        Just that it seems a very viable option so far this year. (ALL my points this week are in defence)…the mids certainly arent getting the job done yet.

  5. mattcraigdt Post Author

    I’ve seen come pretty solid luck stories in my time. But Jack Colback hasn’t had a single goal or assist… Or bonus for 2 years. The amount of shit I gave my brother… nek minnit! Pure ass. I’m sitting fairly solid on 16 from 4, Reid my only failure. Still got Ramsey, Giroud, Soldado, Michu, Mignolet, Sturridge and Walcott (C)! Need a big Sunday…

  6. aclassdriving

    28 points with 3 to play. Not a great week unless RVP destroys Liverpool.and Walcott steps up in the N. London derby. Might be looking to switch Augero for Negredo. He looks quality. But only after getting Benteke back in the team.

    What’s going on at Southampton? Shaw and Clyne both not playing? Weird. They’re your best defenders. Why on the bench?

  7. toasted1961

    Lots of knee jerkers out there pushing Mirallas to lose value. I want to keep the wildcard for later so that will mean that I cant really trade in two weeks. That means watching some of my players loose value and other targets going up. My team is :

    Lescott, Coleman, Collins ( Chester Murner)
    Wally, Silva, Coutinho, Mirallas, (Morrison)
    Benteke, Soldado, Geroud

    I like the look of Hatem Afra. I want to get Dawson in defence .

    Do I need to wildcard or sit tight?

    Any advice?

    • baysietoff

      I feel your pain mate… I’m in a similar situation with Mirallas, I’m done with him. I’ll personally take a risk shortly on someone, just don’t know who yet! I’m very weary of Ben Arfa’s ability to play a decent stretch of games. I looked into it before and I think he’s averaged 20-25 games per season since he’s been in England. He’d need to prove to me he won’t get injured sneezing before I think about him.

      Don’t wildcard, that’s a solid team as is.

      • toasted1961

        Thanks mate
        While I prefer HBA I would like somebody in the 6.0 to 6.5 range so I can free up cash to eventualy play 4 defenders if I need/want to.

        Pity Snoddy has not come on yet. He is on my watchlist for sure. Who else do you think?

  8. Go You Gunners

    If I wildcard, when I save my transfers – can make more changes later on? Or is it finalised?

    G: Migs, )Boruc)
    D: Lescott, Coleman, Chester, (Clyne, Toure)
    M: Walcott, Silva,Coutinho, Mirallas, (Koren)
    F: Benteke, Soldado, Wolf

  9. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Coutinho to Lamela might be done for me this week, a bit of research and reading some of the articles here might help me make that decision easier. But surely he replaces Bale!?
    Coutinho was good yesterday he just couldn’t make the final shot or the perfect pass, so i think its time. Also, Spurs do have kind fixtures coming up (other than Chelsea), in their next five Soldado and Lamela should get some returns! And maybe their defence is worth investment as well.

  10. Hero

    I can’t believe the amount of clean sheets so far this year. Surely the premier league will start to open up as they new managers gain confidence in their squads. I still think 3 attacking defenders are the way to go this year. I’d be wary of picking central defenders.

  11. Brayden

    Another rookie question, how come it says for my team that a player is a certain price but if other people were to buy him it says a different price.
    For example:
    For me on my team it says David Silva cost 9.2 but if you were to buy him now it would cost 9.4.

    Will it update for me later?

    • kingcolesy

      basically you bought him for 9.1, he gained .3mil, but transfer value only goes up .1mil once .2m has been gained from buy price. This can sometimes come to hit you back in the arse if you sell them then want them back, especially during this wildcard time. It sure did to me last year! 🙂

  12. Billy Bob

    Thoughts on possible transfers and wildcard opportunity?

    Mignolet (mannone)
    Coleman Ivanovic Collins Lescott (Chester)
    Coutinho Mirallas Silva (downing boateng)
    Soldaldo Giroud Sturridge
    1.4 in le bank

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