The Dream Team – GW3

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You’ve all got a week off from the EPL so sit back and relax… It’s a good opportunity to step back and evaluate where our teams are at, and have a loot at the FPL world in general… Some of us are content with our lot whereas some of us want to start all over again!

Stay tuned to FPL Addicts however. There’s no bye weeks here! This weeks team of superstars are as follows;

Szczesny (5.5m) – Whenever a team keeps a clean sheet in a derby like this the keeper is often asked to do a little more work than normal. Szczesny collected a clean sheet, a bonus point and some save points to bring in 8 to be the keeper of the week. Arsenal’s defence was sensational during the second half of last season and it could be starting to follow the same trend early this term. Arsenal’s next month and a half is full of very winnable games, I’d strongly consider drafting in someone from their backline.

Davies (5.0m) – Super game by Davies last night with 15 points. He scored a pretty darn good goal, benefited from the clean sheet and got full bonus points against West Brom. Swansea looked like they were getting a little closer to the form they showed last season but Shelvey and Jose Canas look like they need a little more time to gel in midfield, as well as Bony up top. If they do I can see more performances like this from them, particularly at home. Shortlist Davies at this price.

Zabaleta (6.2m) – Fab Zab! A very popular choice amongst the FPL Addicts and one you should all stick with if you were able to justify the higher price tag. For those that don’t have him I wouldn’t push the boat out to get him in just yet, there are equally good options at cheaper prices. In one of my previous POD articles I suggested that I could see some clean sheets for Man City in this little run of games. I wasn’t expecting that to occur on the back of some serious luck! Be wary of Man City in this form, they looked a bit shaky playing a higher defensive line and were a little overrun in midfield at times. They seemed to miss the calming influence of Kompany at times as well.

Agger (6.0m) – The Liverpool defence has been doing pretty well so far this season and we should all have one of them in our teams. Whether that one is Agger I’m not so sure. With their full backs being as attacking as they are, I think there’s more long term value in Johnson or Jose Enrique. There’s no harm in at least considering Agger however as he could be a good POD. He scored himself an excellent 12 from an assist, a clean sheet and full bonus points.

Wilson (4.5m) – I won’t be doing my normal POD article this week but if I was, it would be about this bloke. Only owned by 0.5% by teams and playing wonderfully out of position for one of the better defences going around. If Stoke get back to their miserly best then Wilson could be an absolute bargain. He’ll benefit from the clean sheet points as well as having a better opportunity to score and assist than he would do as a defender. His partnership in the centre of midfield with Nzonzi is getting better with every game as well and could be as good as any going around the middle tier clubs in the near future. He’s at the very top of my shortlist, particularly because he scored his 9 from just a clean sheet and full bonus points…

Gabbidon (4.0m) – It’s hard to recommend anyone who plays in Crystal Palace’s defence. I’d suggest the chances of them getting a clean sheet any time soon are fairly slim and him scoring again are even slimmer. Move on.

Hernandez (6.0m) – Hernandez was one of the mid-priced midfielders on my radar preseason but thought it would take a bit of time for the new signings to gel. I still think it’s a little early to pull the trigger but he is still a very good option if you’re in the market for a mid in that price range. A goal and an assist brought home 13 points for any owners out there and definitely put him in the shop window for the rest of us.

Redmond (5.0m) – Every week a cheaper midfielder stars… Is that the case with Redmond or is there more to it than that? He’s a tricky, young winger with bags of talent. He’s getting very good game time for Norwich and could be a value choice going forward. As with a lot of teams, Norwich have brought in some quality additions and it’s still early to say he’s in their best XI. He’s not far away though… Goal and full bonus for 11 tempting points.

Yaya Toure (8.7m) – We all know Yaya Toure will bust out a game like this from time to time. The problem is that up until now he didn’t do it regularly enough and burnt quite a few of us over the journey. 11 points from a goal and full bonus points after scoring 10 points in GW1. Do we dare to dream that he has finally become a regular FPL scorer or is he sucking us in again? I’m not going anywhere near this one and will let you make your own mind up.

Ben Arfa (7.0m) – Be careful with this one. Ben Arfa is one of my favourites when he’s in form but a wretched injury run these past couple of years has hampered his ability to put consistency into his game. If he does string a few together I’ll be the first on the bandwagon… A wonderful goal and 2 bonus points gave him 9 for the round. I’m still unsure of Newcastle in general but that shouldn’t hamper Ben Arfa’s potential output.

Gayle (5.0m) – There were quite a few teams in the Rate My Team section during the preseason that had this guy. Did you follow through with the risk however? A massive congratulations to those that did! I don’t see him as a permanent selection however as there is a lot of value in the mid to high price strikers. If your team set up requires a cheap striker however then he’s one of a few getting regular game time. His 9 points were on the back of his first EPL goal and full bonus points.

So that’s it for a couple of weeks… What do you reckon? Was there anyone stiff to miss out? Are defenders the new midfielders? If they are, Coloccini pulled out another 9 points after the same in GW2 might be of interest, and Distin scored decent points for the second week in a row. My boy Olly Giroud scored again as my captain too… Just thought I’d throw that in there because I’m pretty happy with that! Cheers.

19 comments on “The Dream Team – GW3

  1. Louie.K

    I’ve jumped on Yaya the past two seasons after his strong starts and he’s let me down twice. Not a consistent scorer. I won’t be going down that path again.

    I like Ben Arfa. Had him in his purple patch last year but is injury prone. Considering a Mirallas – Ben Arfa move next game week.

    The no bonus points for mids so far is becoming a concern, especially if you captain one. I can’t bring myself to give the arm band to a defender. Too much margin for error.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Haha me too… Yaya has royally screwed me two years in a row and twice last year! Never again. The mids dudding won’t last forever, just trust me.

  2. mattcraigdt

    Great stuff Baysie. Toure has scored 2 free kicks, do people really think it’s worth bringing in a free-kick specialist for 8.8? I too like Hernandez and those wildcarding should be on board. Wilson is also a great spot, looking at him for GW6

    • MattyZee

      No one should be looking seriously at Yaya Toure IMO. I’ve brought him in to reap the price rises over the break with my wildcard though. So many will get on board.

  3. Go You Gunners

    Nice article, I wildcarded yesterday and heres what I came up with

    G: Migs, (Boruc)
    D: Jose Enrique, Zab, Walker, Coleman, (Chester)
    M: Walcott, Silva, Ramsey, (Hernandez, Ward-Prowse)
    F: Benteke, Sturridge, Soldado

    Will probably rotate Ramsey and Hernandez, hope Ozil doesn’t force Ramsey out. Liking Giroud maybe for Soldado?

    • Marcus

      At this stage I would definitely go Giroud over Soldado. Soldado hasn’t scored from open play and Giroud should benfit from Oezil joining the Gunners. Also Arsenal have some really winnable games over the next 6 weeks so I would expect him to carve up. 🙂

        • Marcus

          Yeah, looks almost exactly like the team I was thinking of wildcarding to this week, but I’m holding off for now. Love the Jose Enrique pick, but not sure about Ramsey now with Oezil there. Especially when Arteta comes back, there could be some real rotation issues, and I’d expect Ramsey, Rosicky and Arteta to rotate for the last midfield spot. Would love to see Arsenal go to a 4-2-3-1 with Wilshere and Ramsey as holding mids, and Walcott, Oezil and Cazorla linking up with Giroud. To me it looks like one of the most dynamic attacks in the premier league.

          • baysietoff Post Author

            I agree with all of the above, defo Giroud for Soldado. I’d keep Ramsey for now however… I still reckon he plays for a little bit longer before some of his competitors start eyeing off his spot.

          • Rick Kelf (@RickKelf)

            If Ramsey keeps the form he is in at the moment he will be a lock in the arsenal midfield. When arteta comes back Ramsey will be even more attacking I think, knowing that arteta will always play conservative and hold back.

  4. Marcus

    Love the article Baysie! Personally holding off both Ben Arfa and Toure until they show some sort of consistency, gone Van Wolfswinkel to Giroud (who should benefit from the Oezil signing) and Miralles to Brady as a downgrade to set up my new 4-3-3. Also Brady is one of the first names on Hull’s teamsheet and he has pens! What more could you want!

  5. juramentardo

    44 pts GW3 🙁
    Time to WC – picked three in your article (cheers)
    Please rate, any suggestions greatly appreciated:)

    G: Migs, (Boruc)

    D: Agger, Mertesacker, Evra, Coleman, (Chester)

    M: Lampard, Ben Arfa, Ramsey, (Hernandez, Ward-Prowse)
F: Giroud, Sturridge, RVP(c)

  6. juramentardo

    Panned out Whittaker,Collins, Mirallas, Coutinho, Silva, Walcott, Soldado and Dzeko.
    Have I washed some gold down the river?

  7. Louie.K

    Spurs new boy Eriksen is nicely priced at 8.0. This guy is a gun! Could be the answer to the Mirallas dilemma.

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