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Well, well, well. For those of you who were hoping for goals this weekend, you would have been hugely disappointed. Once again, it’s the defenders who racked up the bonus points with just 13 goals scored and 9 clean sheets! The highest scoring team was Crystal Palace!

This weekend we saw 65 bonus points being dished out and it was the midfielders, once again, who were left waiting at the back of the line for any scarps. With the midfielders picking up just 16 bonus points between them, fantasy managers who have invested heavily in the middle of the park are starting to sweat. Walcott had a good game down the right hand side against Spurs, even providing Giroud with the assist. But this still wasn’t enough to be handed anything extra. For the midfielders to pick up any bonus points, we’ll need to see them get on the score sheet, as was the case of Y Toure, Ben Arfa, Redmond, Pennant and Hernandez. Even with a goal though, they’re highly unlikely to pick up all 3 if there’s a clean sheet.

The forwards had it even worse to be honest. Only Negredo, Gayle, Fletcher, Sturridge and Giroud managed to find the net, sharing the 11 points dished out to the strikers this weekend. No matter how well they might play, they’ll need to put it past the opposition keeper to stand any chance of getting something extra.

The defenders shared a massive 38 bonus points between them, over half of the total handed out.

Whether or not this means we should be looking at changing the structure of our teams remains to be seen. To be fair, we’ve had a peculiar shortage of goals and I’d expect less clean sheets going forward. The favoured 3-4-3 formation is under scrutiny at the moment and we may very well see more teams starting 4 or even 5 at the back. With bonus points really hard to come by for the midfielders in particular, we may see an upturn in the acquisition of mid priced players such as Ben Arfa, allowing us to upgrade in the defence. Personally, I’m keeping faith in the midfielders for now, but another week of blanks will certainly change my mind. The average number of goals per game last season was 2.8, this weekend saw an average of just 1.4. So I’d expect less clean sheets going forward.

Below is a breakdown of the Bonus Points allocated for each game…

Man City v Hull

Negredo (1), Y Toure (3), Zabaleta (3)

Cardiff v Everton

Jagielka (1), Coleman (1), Baines (2), Distin (3)

Newcastle v Fulham

Ben Arfa (2), Yanga-Mbiwa (2), Coloccini (3)

Norwich v Southampton

Fer (2), Bassong (2), Redmond (3),

West Ham v Stoke

Begovic (1), Shawcross (1), Nzonzi (1), Pennant (2), Wilson (3)

Crystal Palace v Sunderland

Gabbidon (1), Colback (1), Fletcher (2), Gayle (3)

Liverpool v Man Utd

Skrtel (1), Enrique (2), Sturridge (2), Agger (3)

West Brom v Swansea

Chico (1), Hernandez (2), Davies (3)

Arsenal v Tottenham

Szczesny (1), Gibbs (1), Jenkinson (1), Mertesacker (2), Giroud (3)

Let us know your thoughts on the new bonus point system and if you’ve seen any patterns emerging in the comments. Hope this helped! Cheers.

17 comments on “GW3 – Bonus Points

    • mattcraigdt

      I’m sticking with 3-4-3. More than 3 at the back takes some fun out of it for me, all down to personal choice. Things will change, although I think a 3-5-2 is certainly not the way to go at this stage

  1. Dan

    Will alternate between 3-4-3 and 4-3-3 here depending on fixtures. A couple of cheaper mids rotating with 4/5 def looks the way to go for me.

    Would love an article covering the new signings…..Obviously Ozil is the big one, but personally I think Ill wait and see how he goes just yet.

    Sakho (will be a BP magnet) and Arnautovic (potential OOP) are the 2 Im really keen on.

  2. Richey

    Thinking of going 3 forwards, 2 mids and 5 defenders to try and take advantage of all these clean sheets and bonus points.

    Mignolet – Davis
    Mertesacker Ivan Coleman Sakho Zab
    Oscar Ozil – Gunnarsson Brady Mutch
    Giroud Benteke Sturridge

  3. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    How does this look for a wildcard team? It gives me quite a few options for tge formation i could run with, a few risks in there as well.
    Mignolet (Boruc)
    Walker, Toure, Mertesacker, Coleman (Whittaker)
    Walcott, David Silva, Ben Arfa (Hernandez, Whittingham)
    Soldado, Benteke, Giroud.
    I might look at doing Soldado to Sturridge as well, not sure though….
    Thoughts on the team overall? Or any changes?
    Thanks 🙂

    • andrewneave Post Author

      Really like this team… I’d probably look at downgrading Toure to Collins (Not sure what Toure’s game time will be like with the new signings) giving you an extra 0.5 to use if needed.

  4. Tim

    Hey guys which team is better
    Team A
    McGregor (Mignolet)
    Vertonghen Evra Merty (coleman, chester)
    Barfa Lamps Hernandez Yay (Brady)
    Sturridge Girioud Benteke

    Team B
    Mignolet (Daniels)
    Dawson Vidic Ivanovic Zabaleta (Chester)
    Cabaye Silva Michu (gunnarson, ward prowse)
    Van persie Sturridge Gayle

  5. andrewneave Post Author

    It’s been a really tough start with the unusually high amount of clean sheets. Be careful of setting up your teams for the season with too much in the backline. I think 2 heavy hitters is enough. On another note… any Southampton fans out there know how much game time Chambers should get? @Tim, I reckon you’re putting too much in the back mate. Downgrading one of them would free up a little cash to spend in the midfield. The likes of Walcott, Coutinho etc will start firing soon enough.

  6. Tim

    I just don’t see any value in coutinho and i see clean sheets for man u and tottenhama and goals from evra and vert

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