Ozil. Perfect for the Gunners?

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A lot has been made of Arsenal’s seemingly game changing last-minute purchase of Mesut Ozil last week, in which the notoriously frugal club smashed their transfer record with a £42.4m agreement with Real Madrid.

Few fans and betting pundits can argue with Ozil’s evident talent. He has more Champions League assists than anyone else over the past three seasons, ripped apart the England U21 side at Euro 2009 and did so again with the Germany first team at World Cup 2010.

The problem many fans of football betting have pointed out, however, is that Arsenal already have players in Ozil’s position. Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla are the central playmakers in that side, while Aaron Ramsey and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are both capable of playing in front of the midfield. Meanwhile, Arsenal are crying out for a competent centre-half and someone to rival Olivier Giroud up front.

Was this €50m wasted then? Certainly not, for Arsenal have a major world talent in Ozil, and even if they’re adding the same ingredient to their side he is still a huge addition. In the immediate term, Ozil’s presence won’t just lift the team, but with Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lukas Podolski and Mikel Arteta injured – plus Jack Wilshere carrying a knock – the German is required to play straight away.

He is good enough to find his feet in the Premier League and Sunderland, who Arsenal face after the international break, are a good opposition to gauge the physicality of this league.

So what does this mean for his fpl prospects? I’ll have an in depth analysis in the fresh blood finale next week, however game time will be no issue. He will certainly be Arsenals focal point in attack and everything should be built around him. His assisting ability is unmatched and his goal tallies are increasing year by year. Let’s not forget he’s only 24! If you’re stuck on the fence, I’d be making sure you fall on Ozil’s side. If you get caught behind it may be impossible to catch up!

In the longer run, Ozil’s presence shows Arsenal can attract top players and that could lead to more arriving at the Emirates this January or next summer. Boss Arsene Wenger is building a team from bottom to top and he’s just bought the cherry before the cake is ready – it is a gamble, but one that should pay off over the coming seasons. It could just pave the way for the Gunners to return to the top of English football. Either way, it’s great news for us fpl fans!

So what do you guys think of Arsenal’s marquee signing. Are you looking at picking him up? Unsure? Let us know in the comments! Thanks to Joe Short for this piece, he’s a freelance writer from the UK. We’ll be back this week, keep an eye out for new posts! FPL is almost back. Cheers.

16 comments on “Ozil. Perfect for the Gunners?

  1. ozgunners

    Hey Matt, Thanks for the write up.
    Is Ozil worth the 10 million price tag? Already have Walcott and Giroud.
    I think Ozil can only benefit Walcott and Giroud.

  2. Hero

    I think you have to roll the dice with Ozil as the midfielders this year are struggling. Throw in Arsenal’s early fixtures and he’s a must have in my opinion.

  3. Steve

    I personally think he’s a PASS at this stage, of course he has a huge potential, but with a hefty price tag of 10, i can’t see him exploding from the get go, Arsenals style is quite different to Real, and how he will played under Wenger is yet to be seen.
    He has no experience with the Arsenal pack, so he will be rusty to begin with. My prediction, sit off him, pick him up when he crashes in price.

  4. Jacob Pope (@Popey_99)

    With the price rises, roughly how many net transfers in must a player get to rise? (I know that we don’t know an exact number). Its nice that Özil’s price is fixed for now, means I can make a decision later in the week. 🙂

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