The Captains – GW4

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Welcome back to another edition of the captains, this time contending with our stars returning from international duty. It has seemed like an eternity since the last gameweek, but my personal captains choice once again came through with the goods. Surely RVp’s fortune will turn. Are you looking towards him again this week? It’s time to find out!

The Contenders:

I’ll be brutally honest, I only see 4 or 5 players with real potential for captaincy this week. The usual prospects like Hazard, Silva, Sturridge and Dzeko have injury or selections clouds surrounding them. But more on that in a second…

Aguero? – I really have to place an asterisk next to any Man City player this weekend when it comes to captaincy. Not only are some of them in doubt, but their form seems very up and down. We all thought they’d bounce back and romp Hull, but that wasn’t the case. Stoke are looking resilient, can we expect more than 2 goals to find the back of the net? I think Aguero is your only viable City choice this week, tough to pick.

Soldado – He was extremely close to making the top 3, only to be pushed out by Giroud’s form. Still yet to score from open play he will be keen to get on the board early, and a home clash against norwich should allow him that opportunity. As Spurs start to gel as a team he should only get better, a solid option this week.

Hazard/Silva/Sturridge – You just can’t pick a captain with doubts over fitness and their selection. It’s not like we’re short on other routes either, the top 3 are all comfortably better than these gambles. Sturridge would be the only player I’d risk it with, and even then… Too risky for me.

Lambert – Look I wouldn’t make him captain, but he does look dangerous. West Ham have been poor over the past 2 weeks and Southampton will be keen to get back to winning ways. If anyone is going to score in this dour game holding up Sunday, it would have to be Rickie.

Ozil – No I can definitely not recommend him as captain before he’s even played a game. Surely he will start, but that’s as much as I can tell you. If you’re after an Arsenal option for the expected rout of Sunderland, read on.

Coutinho – This would be taking punt to the next level… I can’t even come up with a decent enough reason to recommend him, you would be pushing the proverbial shit up hill. Filling up the space, now on to the main events!

Top 3:

1. Van Persie – Every time I’ve backed him this year he’s failed me… Thankfully I passed on him as number 1 last week. Surely third times the charm. A home game against Crystal palace is just too good to back up, hopefully we will see the Real Manchester united step up this week. They will be keen to bounce back and RVP is the man to lead that charge. Anything under double digits will be slightly disappointing… Ok let’s not get too excited! Should be huge.

2. Benteke – If you’re weird like me and don’t have RVP, then I think we have a fairly simple choice! Newcastle aren’t exactly in full flight, however this man is. 3 goals in 3 games makes for solid reading, however he is yet to kick start his tally at home this season. He will be keen to amend that this week and I’m sure he will! I’m backing him in for at least a brace, but I’m just plain greedy. A 4th captains return in a row would satisfy!

3. Giroud – He gets in based on his superior form to guys like Soldado, and why shouldn’t he be here! 3 goals in 3 games have returned him the most points of any forward, with bonus points each time helping attribute to that fact. I can’t see any reason he can’t continue that goal scoring run against a side who lost to their own U21 team 3-1. Yes you heard that correctly. If you don’t have either of the top 2 then he is a great option to have up your sleeve, he may even be worth the punt anyway!

The Punt:

Walcott – Speaking of punts, this guy did the job last week! It’s a real pity he can’t be finishing like Father Gilbert on Sunday’s, he has had the chances! he is usually clinical in the box and I think it’s only a matter of time before he starts finding the back of the net again, and frequently. he probably fits the category of punt every week as he is not exactly the consistent type in front of goal, let’s hope he can turn these near misses into 5 points! A great shout this week along side Giroud, with Ozil hopefully feeding the points!

So that’s it from me personally this week! You can look forward to our comprehensive Q&A tomorrow morning before Andrew’s full gameweek preview tomorrow night! We are back into the groove of things and boy is it exciting! Good luck for the weekend, cheers.

10 comments on “The Captains – GW4

  1. tigervicas

    be careful with RVP with champions league around the corner – he may be subbed early after playing 2 matches with the national team

  2. Marcus

    Great write up, going with Benteke this week against a struggling Newcastle. I have one question though, I have already made two transfers this week, and have 2.1m in the kitty, but I still have Silva in my starting lineup with injury issues. Do I make another transfer in order to get rid of him and jump on Oezil’s inevitable price rises? Or do I hold tight and reasess next week?

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