In-Round Discussion

With most of the games done and dusted, feel free to vent (or brag) away right here! And how about Ozil… ****ing Walcott! That’s my contribution. Let us know how you’ve fared!


48 comments on “In-Round Discussion

  1. ‘tPissed that I didn’t captained Ben Arfa! 3 bps pts also!

  2. dzeko did not play
    silva is injured
    oscar on the bench
    ****ing walcott is my captain
    the worst week for me
    still have sturridge and lambert

  3. @BillOfWright says:

    furious with myself for shitting the bed last minute and crow barring RVP into my team at an 8 pt hit. On the plus side I brought in Giroud for Soldado

  4. Dev says:

    47 pts (without bonuses) with Sturridge and Mignolet yet to play. (Ward-Prowse bench)

    I’m happy with my team considering my wildcard to bring in Ozil, Giroud, Eriksen, Benteke worked out.

    Ferdinand, Walker brought in the clean sheets. Jenkinson on the bench though.

    Disappointed with Ivanovic’s 1 point return though especially with Coleman on my bench. Fellaini and Arnautovic’s sub ins were a pain in the ass as well when I was expecting them to start.

  5. Hero says:

    41 with mig, Enrique, Hernandez, Courtinio and Collins to go. Pretty happy. Have Coleman in the bench but if my other 2 defenders score well I’m not too upset. Not sure what to do with Soldado tho

  6. Joe says:

    Please help me out here!!!!

    Vertonghen OR Evra OR Ivanovic

  7. Go You Gunners says:

    New recruits Ozil, Giroud, Walker and Zab gunned it! Only let downs were Fer and Walcott, they’ll come good tho. 56 with Enrique, Migs and Sturridge to come

  8. Shaun Curnow says:

    47 with Sturridge, Nolan & Mignolet to come. Captained Zabaleta for 2nd straight week and the right move again, only Ramsey has scored more so far.

    Need get Ozil in this week now before price rises. Thinking Walcott to him. Other option is Silva but that would leave me with 3 Arsenal mids! haha thats bit much!

  9. Louie K says:

    Having an absolute mare! Definite WC time. Should’ve followed my gut and done it this week.

  10. Pritchy says:

    All comes down to Liverpool keeping a clean sheet this week. 45 with Migs, Enrique, Sakho, Michu(don’t want him to score this week) and Lambert to play

  11. Brayden says:

    Is anyone else playing UCL Fantasy, creating my team now?

  12. mattcraigdt says:

    Personally on 43 with Michu, Sturridge, Mignolet, Clyne and Reid to come. 0-0 tonight please! Happy with all 3 captain selections getting on the board. Walcott seriously f**ked up, killed Ozil’s score, his own and almost Arsenal.

  13. wolverines19 says:

    Hey just wondering if I should use my wildcard to make the following trades.
    my team currently

    Mignolet, Davis
    Zabaleta, Coleman, Shaw (Whittaker, Chester)
    Coutinho, Walcott, Hazard, Mirallas (Barkley)
    Soldado, Benteke, Giroud

    trade options if I use my wildcard are
    Mirallas> Ben Arfa
    Walcott/Coutinho/Hazard> Erikson and Ozil (which two to get rid of?)
    Shaw> Enrique/Sakho (or someone else?)

    Thoughts please? also I have no money currently.

  14. pryose says:

    30 points with Mignolet and Coutinho left, Mertesacker out, traded Dzeko to Giroud, Hazard is a definite out for me (perhaps Eriksen?) any suggestions for replacement for Hazard (under his price)

  15. Bryan says:

    64 with Michu, Mignolet, Collins, and Shaw left to play.

    Ramsey and Ben Arfa in midfield, plus RVP/Giroud/Benteke attack treating me very well this round.

  16. Another shocking round for me as well. 29pts so far.
    Boruc, Lambert, Ward-Prowse and Collins still to play.

    Anyone know the status of Chadli? Injured or simply dumped?
    I would expect Lamela – Eriksen – Chadli to be first choice but if Chadli’s injured then would go for Eriksen as he looked the goods!

  17. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5 says:

    Is it worth doing Brady to Ramsey or is he just a one hit wonder?

  18. keysnskis says:

    58 points (-4), still have Mignolet to play. This was my first week that I rolled out 4 defenders, and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, because my midfield (Barkley, Özil, and Lampard) didn’t score so well (aside from Özil). I will probably drop Lampard for Ben Arfa, does that sound like a good decision?

  19. Tim says:

    66 with hernandez and jose enrique….either way probably will finish mid 70’s..had 3 massive weeks and 1 absolute shocker!! scored 23 that week!

  20. Brayden says:

    Guys do you know when Luis Suarez will be back, preferable what EPL Week thanks.

  21. MattyZach says:

    No Hernandez?! Damn you Swansea. Lucky I have a +6 as cover.

  22. sam says:

    do you guys think Lampard will start next game (GW5)? Im seriously thinking of trading him for Ben Arfa.

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