The Dream Team – GW4

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This was the week the midfielders hit back. There was some massive scores by a select few that has reminded us all that they are still relevant and not to take too much notice of short term trends. If you have some of these guys then congratulations, you got in before the rest of us did!

Jaaskelainen (5.5m) – A fantastic performance by Jussi last night in keeping Southampton at bay. 9 points from a clean sheet, couple of BP’s and a heap of saves. West Ham do have some tough fixtures coming up so I wouldn’t advise looking too closely at him.

Ferdinand (5.5m) – A good performance by the veteran centre back. Although Man Utd were never likely to lose to Crystal Palace there were a few hairy moments. Once the red card was shown however it was a nailed on certainty. 9 points for Rio on the back of the clean sheet and full BPs. Is this the second coming of the Rio from a few years ago or will one of his younger, talented teammates push him out of the team at some stage? 5.5m is pretty tempting if he can keep playing regularly.

MacAuley (5.4m) – He was a staple in quite a few of our teams last season but West Brom just don’t seem to be as solid at the back like they were, especially at home. They’ve got a horrid run of games coming up so just avoid. He got his 9 points largely from his goal.

Fonte (4.6m) – Fonte is in the points again! 9 points for Southampton’s clean sheet and full BP’s. He’s very hard to ignore now and should at least be considered on the back of his form so far this season and at this price. I’d swerve him for GW5 as they are away to Liverpool but they have a couple of home games after that against Palace and Swansea.

Sigurdsson (6.9m) – It’s a shame for Gylfi that he didn’t pull out a few of these performances last season, he may have more of a chance of keeping his spot if he did. When he was at Swansea he was immense, and Spurs got themselves a potential bargain when they picked him up at the beginning of last season. He couldn’t get in the team much last term and now he has some serious competition for his spot it may be hard for him to stay in it. A monstrous 16 points from a couple of goals and full BP’s. If he can keep his spot and then does even half of this again, he’s very fantasy relevant to us.

Ramsey (5.8m and rising) – Two words… In. Form. He may not have scored many points in the EPL prior to this game but he scored 3 goals in 2 games against Fenerbahce in the Champions League qualifiers and 1 in the final preseason game against Man City. 15 points, 2 goals and full BP’s are handy for those with him in their side. His spot is safe now that Cazorla is out for a while longer and Arteta isn’t fully fit yet.

Ben Arfa (7.2m and rising) – Ben Arfa’s form has been steadily increasing the past few GWs so it’s not a huge surprise that he managed to get a big haul of points. 13 points from a goal, an assist and full BP’s. Newcastle seem to be looking for him a lot because of his creativeness and should continue to score well. While he stays fit. We should all be very aware of his history of injuries and that picking him up in our teams will be a risk. For the record, I’ve just traded him in for Mirallas (Note : Any current Mirallas owners should probably hold him for a week now).

Sidwell (5.0m) – Underrated. I’ve got a lot of time for Sidwell, he’s hard working, a good tackler, a good passer, but the problem for us FPL Addicts is that he doesn’t get on the score sheet anywhere near enough to be relevant. I’d keep an idle interest in him to see how he goes but definitely a pass for now.

Whittingham (5.0m) – Finally my cheapie midfielder performs! On my bench… Very talented left / centre midfielder that pushed Cardiff to promotion last season. Profited from a goal and 2 BP’s for his 9 points. He’s very relevant if you’re in the market for a midfielder in this price range. This won’t be the last goal he scores this season.

Giroud (8.9m) – Olly Giroud is as close to a “must have” going around at this point in time. Another haul of points with 11 from a goal, an assist and couple of BPs. He’s Arsenal’s only decent fit striker and is going to be fed a truckload of chances from their overly talented midfield. There’s a slight injury concern with him limping around at the end of this weeks game, but he should be fine. The only issue I can see in the immediate future is that Arsenal start their Champions League campaign very soon and he’ll have to potentially play a lot of games. I’m not sure if Walcott still thinks he’s a striker but will no doubt be putting his hand up to help out, if he can remember how to finish!

Naismith (4.8m) – A much maligned player at Everton, often unfairly. Last season was his first after a very bad knee injury and he didn’t get the chance to start too many games. He should get the chance to play at least a couple more with the news Pienaar is going to be out for a bit longer. Naismith looked really good preseason and you could do worse if you need a short term cheapie. Scored a tap in goal and a couple of BPs for his 9 points.


Shelvey (5.5m) – A great attacking output by Shelvey to score a goal, an assist and full BPs to score 12 points against his old club Liverpool. It’s the first time he’s scored any extra points this season so just watch for now. He is very talented, when he’s not gifting goals to the opposition, so he could be a very good player.

So ends another Team of the Week! As always we’ll add in any worthy players from the remaining fixture (I’m looking at you Jose Enrique). Were there any other players stiff to be left out? Nastasic could have easily been in the team, he also scored 9 points. As did one Mr Rooney… I’m sure he’ll get a mention later in the week! Cheers.

12 comments on “The Dream Team – GW4

  1. Hero

    Also another great article. Finding it hard to go Ramsey when the likes of Carzorla return. Went Courtinho to michu as he seemed to be at the front of all swanseas attacks.

  2. Toby

    This is my first year doing FPL and I could do with some advice. At the start of the season I used all 100m but as the weeks go by I have seen myself swap pricey midfielders for cheaper ones. Consequently I now have 5.9m unused in the bank… My team is currently this:

    Mignolet, (Harper)
    Coleman, Walker, Zabaleta, Whittaker, (Chambers)
    Ben Arfa, Mirallas, Nolan, Walcott, (Ward-Prowse)
    Sturridge, Giroud, (Bent)

    Given I have already used my wildcard, what should my plan of action be for the coming weeks? I really fancy Suarez once he comes back, so I could swap Bent for Suarez by the 28th September?

    Having said all this I am ten points clear in my mini-league on 242 points so perhaps using all my cash isn’t a necessity?


    • baysietoff Post Author

      Handy position to be in and a handy team! Your plan sounds fine to me and if you really, really want Suarez then maybe short term tweaking or sideways trading what you already have will keep you rolling along nicely.

      • baysietoff Post Author

        Alternatively, you can upgrade Bent now to someone (say Rooney or Benteke) knowing that you will then upgrade that someone to Suarez later? You’ve then more opportunity to consider keeping that new striker and trade one of the other strikers. Giroud or Sturridge may get injured…

  3. Marcus

    Bit the bullet and gone Silva + Shaw — Ben Arfa + Jose Enrique for a bit of extra dosh. Also loving the look of Eriksen at Spurs, playing in behind Soldado and just being a gun. If he outs together another quality game this week I’ll definitely be jumping on at just 8.0.

  4. baysietoff Post Author

    To comment on all 3 posts above… I’ve got the wildcard in motion and already made these moves… Went Arfa over Ramsey, got in Eriksen and found a spot for Rooney. Shaw is gone for Wilson and I already got Jose E. Silva became Ozil. 😀

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