Round Review – GW4

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So with the gameweek finally over, how did we all go? Let us know in the following format!

Other Comments:

For the record, this is how I went…

Score: 75 (-8)
Lords: Michu, Sturridge, Benteke, Giroud, Clyne
Losers: Brady, Walcott
Captain: Benteke
Trades: Lescott -> Enrique
Vent/Brag: Set myself up with last weeks hit, no need for panic this week!
Other Comments: Be very careful when chasing the flavour of the week (yes that’s becoming a new segment in transfer talk). Guys like Hernandez won’t always pay off!

Hopefully you all did reasonably well, I think anything around 60 was very solid this week. I’ll have a fresh transfer talk for you guys tomorrow, until then! Cheers.

42 comments on “Round Review – GW4

  1. jakemoz

    Score: 62
    Lords: Whittingham,Clyne off the bench Giroud (C)
    Losers: Soldado Campbell Coutinho
    Captain: Giroud
    Trades: Mertesaker to Wilson (STK) Silva to Ozil
    Vent/Brag: worried about having Walcott,Ozil and Giroud should I be? Soldados last test this weekend
    Other Comments: How good is Erikson? Benteke or Sturridge

  2. Tim

    Score: 69
    Lords: Benteke (c) Ben Arfa Vertoghen Girioud
    Losers: Wellbeck, Brady, Enrique Walcott Hernandez
    Captain: Tekkers
    Trades: None for now, waiting and seeing on lukaku, arnautovic, wilson etc…
    Vent/Brag: Took Gambles on Wellbeck and Hernandez, didn’t pay off, might keep, tekkers (c) every week from now on he is a brute force.
    Other Comments: Man Crush for Ben Arfa Lives on!!

  3. baysietoff

    Score: 65
    Lords: Giroud, Benteke Sturridge
    Losers: Jose Enrique, Riether, midfield.
    Captain: Giroud
    Trades: Wildcard baby, so excited.
    Vent/Brag: Whittingham tearing it up on my bench / Love Giroud as my long term captain
    Other Comments: Any Chelsea fans on here? 😉

  4. Zeus O'Dea (@ZeusODeaDT)

    Score: 76
    Lords: Giroud, Benteke, Ben Arfa, Ozil, Wilson, Coleman, Zabaleta, Hernandez (for not playing)
    Losers: Walcott, Bent, Ivanovic, Enrique
    Captain: Giroud
    Trades: I used me wildcard last week, happy with that.
    Vent/Brag: Pretty lucky this week I reckon. Originally had Bent on my field, first bench player was Hernandez (who pulled out, not sure what happened), which let loose Wilson (with a nice 7 points) onto my field. Winning!!!!
    Other Comments: Pretty much sums it up I think…

  5. Matt

    Score:45 (-4)
    Lords:RVP,Zabeleta,Coleman and boruc.
    Losers:(are you ready?) Chester,Coutinho,Nolan,Walcott,Gunnarsson,Soldado and Lambert.
    Trades:Silva for Coutinho and Barkley for Dikgacoi (yeah…i know.)
    Vent/Brag:Oh dear. I was going to sell Silva for Michu or Coutinho. I chose Coutinho.
    Other Comments:Shocking start so it worth using 8 point to get people such as Ozil,Giroud and Ben Arfa? Advice gratefully received !

  6. Hero

    Score: 68
    Lords: Tekkers, Giroud, Barfa
    Losers: Hernandez, Enrique Walcott and Soldado
    Captain: Tekkers
    Trades: Zab to Wilson gives me enough to go Hernandez to Ozil
    Vent/Brag: moved up to 2012th place in the world. Afraid of getting to high coz the drop will be harder to take haha
    Other Comments: all credit to the blokes on this site. Excellent articles with solid advice. Cheers lads

  7. Higgz

    Score: 57
    Lords: Reid,Coleman,vanpersie,Ben arfa
    Losers: ivanovic
    Captain: vanpersie
    Trades: Reid into vidic
    Vent/Brag: alright score
    Other Comments:Ben arfa has been a great pick up so far but agbonlahor and soldado aren’t scoring very well for me.

  8. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Score: 63
    Lords: Benteke, Giroud, Coleman (again), BEN ARFA!
    Losers: Soldado, Lamela & ME (for bringing in those two for Ozil and Sturridge)
    Captain: Bentekkers :))
    Trades: Already done Lamela to Ozil, thinking of also going Soldado to Sturridge
    Vent/Brag: Moved up nearly 100k in ranks this round alone, currently 73, 000ish. Content…. For now 😉
    Other Comments: Could have had an extra 8 points!!!! Had i not paniced and traded Ozil and Sturridge out because of injury concerns 🙁
    Worth taking a hit for Sturridge you think? ‘Pool vs the Saints at home, DEFINETLY!!

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      Also, it just baffles me how Everton can keep out Chelsea’s star-studded attack and score their own, but cant seem to score against newly-promoted Cardiff and messed-up WBA.

      • baysietoff

        I’ll try and answer that mate… We don’t do well against teams that sit back and defend, it’s the major flaw in Moyes’ style of play as Everton manager. It’ll be different as Man Utd gaffer, he’s expected to win now as opposed to not lose so will put more players forward.
        Far too often our striker was left isolated with no support, or on a wing or a channel when he should be in the box… Although Bobby is now boss, it’s going to take time to turn that around, a heap of new players helps! You can tell players what to do but it doesn’t happen overnight. Also Pienaar has been below par since he came back from Spurs, Naismith playing gave us something different… A physically stronger performance I guess and the desire to get into the 6 yard box to add numbers. Which is needed when the other wing has Mirallas who doesn’t chase back much and tries to dribble around the outside of the box and take shots or stick to the wing. Barkley did a lot more work off the ball than he has done in previous games too. And lastly, Fellaini was becoming a bit of a liability for us towards the end. Garry Barry gave a fantastically assured performance and may turn into one of the more inspired loan signings in the history of the EPL… Oh and a bit of luck helps 😀 P.S. David Luiz isn’t a defender’s arsehole too and he cost them the goal.

        • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

          I enjoy reading toffee banter, especially when they know what they are talking about! Moyes not doing too well as new Man U manager though, needs to adapt first and hence why I dont think we will do too well this season.
          Agree with Fellaini, you guys relied on his strength and fro too much. Anichebe was good for you guys I recon, but I can’t wait to see Deulofeu! Such a great talent!
          Lol I recon Cechs snail like movement was worse, a four year old has better reactions than that!

          • baysietoff

            Thanks mate! Utd will be fine, Sir Alex is still pulling the strings haha.
            I do feel for Cech though, a keeper needs to feel confident with the defenders in front of him.

          • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

            Yeah I know right! I always see Sir Alex in the stands, his probably some now communicating with Moyes haha.
            They have good defenders, they just aren’t performing as well as they should! They just need David Luiz to match his FUT 13 card and go OP!

  9. Matt Tazza Tarrant

    Lords: benteke, giroud BARFA, defence
    Losers:lampard, welback, hernandez
    Vent/Brag:wc was generally a success.
    Other Comments:cheers for teaching me a lesson sturridge… will never doubt you again.

  10. kingcolesy

    Score: 60
    Lords: Benteke and Giroud hauling the team along
    Losers: Walcott and Enrique
    Captain: RVP
    Trades: Done Hernandez to Ramsey, would of done Barfa but cant afford
    Vent/Brag: Last minute trades were Ozil Zab and Sturridge to Whittaker, Walcoot and RVP. Not flash.
    Other Comments: found a mate on Saturday night who plays it, casual as. Has way better ranking than me and casually slots Sturridge on bench, and has Giroud as captain. First 15mins at the pub with the Gunners game on, nekminit we see his Captain score and Im in disbelief how much hes owning me.

  11. snoidz

    Score: 52
    Lords: Giroud, Benteke (c)
    Losers: Walcott, Countinho, Mirallas, Soldado, Lescott and Hernandez
    Captain: tekkers
    Trades: Hernadez to Ben Arfa and Countinho to Ozil
    Vent/Brag: being crap so far. Ranked 331K..
    Comment: I think my forwards are done, really think Walcott and Mirallas should have scored and will fire soon…

    Hows the team?

    Shaw, Lescott, Coleman (Brayford, Chester) – Shit
    Ozil, Ben Arfa, Walcott, Mirallas (Koren)
    Soldado, Giroud, Benteke

  12. MattyZach

    Score: 68
    Lords: Giroud, Benteke, Ozil, all 5 of my defenders.
    Losers: Soldado, Walcott, Nolan
    Captain: Benteke
    Trades: Hernandez to someone before I lose the value I gained out of him.
    Vent/Brag: All of my defenders got clean sheets. Only played 4/5 of them though. My W/C seemed to be a success except for Hernandez.
    Comment: Pretty happy with my side atm. Just a matter of getting the mid pricers in the mid right and I’ll be pretty set.

  13. Viper086

    Score: 49
    Lords: Benteke, Zabaleta, Reid, Coleman
    Losers: Coutinho, Felaini, Soldado, Ivanovic, Mirallas
    Captain: Benteke
    Trades: Wilcard time
    Vent/Brag: After pumping out 100 the first week my team has been on a steady decline and i am struggling to generate any points from midfield or the strikers.
    Other Comments: Pulled the wildcard and already feel better. My team looks so much better with RVP, Ozil, Ramsey, Ben Arfa. Is sigurdsson the real deal? He was amazing on the weekend!

  14. pryose

    Mignolet, Baruc
    Fonte, Coleman, Ivanovic, Mertesacker, (Whittaker)
    Coutinho, Mirallas, Hazard, Walcott (Thomas)
    Giroud, Soldado (Anelka)

    thinking of using WC
    Hazard- Ramsay, Anelka- Benteke/Sturridge, Mertesacker- Jose Enrique, Countinho- Eriksen, ivanovic- zabaleta

    is this going too far? any better suggestions?

  15. Harley

    77 Points in UCL Fantasy with Martinez Messi Adriano Oscar Farfan and Luiz to come (Thanks Ronaldo and Alaba and Isco)!!

  16. Heath Moss

    Score: 53
    Lords: Benteke, Giroud
    Losers: Coutinho, Sakho, Ivanovic
    Captain: Benteke
    Trades: Used my wildcard this week
    Vent/Brag: Brilliant move to bring in Benteke and Giroud. Hurts to have Whittingham on the bench. Started with Lallana instead.
    Other: I drew 53-53 in my Knee-Jerkers match. Damn I hate draws lol

  17. Marcus

    Score: 58 (-4)
    Lords: Giroud, Benteke, Zabaleta, Coleman, Collins
    Losers: Coutinho, Walcott, Brady, Soldado
    Captain: Benteke
    Trades: Silva — Ben Arfa and Shaw — Jose Enrique
    Vent/Brag: Solid week, nothing special though.
    Other: Eriksen is a boss

  18. inv3station

    Score: 52 (-4)
    Lords: RVP, Begovic, Evra, Zabaleta,
    Losers: Ivanovic, brady, Dembele, Routlege, Gayle, Lambert
    Captain: RVP
    Trades: Out – Silva, Snodgrass; In – Ozil, Brady
    Vent/Brag: Nothing to brag out, really. Vent: Damn, these midpriced midfielders are making me readjust my strategy.
    Other Comments: Fonte or Ivanovic? any thoughts? also, props to the guys who make this blog happen

  19. Dev

    Score: 68
    Lords: Eriksen, Ferdinand, Ozil, Benteke, Giroud, Sturridge, Walker
    Losers: Arnautovic, Fellaini, Ivanovic, Mignolet
    Captain: Benteke
    Trades: Brought in Rooney for Giroud, Moses for Fellaini
    Vent/Brag: I had Coleman and Jenkinson on my bench. 11 down the drain. On a winning streak now, so far haven’t lost a match and top-ing my league.
    Other Comments:
    Taking a -4 point hit for next GW and I’m playing a head-to-head league. Hopefully Rooney transfer pays off coz my upcoming opponent has Persie and Giroud.

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