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It’s time to take a look at the winners and losers from last weekend’s action! I don’t know about everyone else, but it seems to me like the bandwagons are rolling this year more than ever! I think we need to get our knee-jerks into line… Let’s get into it.


  • Ferdinand – I never thought I’d say this again, but Rio is looking a legitimate option in defence. Even at the age of 34, he still seems to be nailed in United’s best XI. A 3 bonus point haul on Saturday helped him to score another 9 points, not bad for a 5.5 priced player. For an extra 0.5 Vidic can provide a greater threat at set pieces, however if you’re tight on money you’ll happily take the clean sheets and bonus. If he can continue to start for United then watch out, he should be a bargain. United’s fixtures ease after the Derby so wait and see if he starts in that game. If he can back up from 3 games in a week, I suspect he will become a great pick!
  • Fonte – He had that great game a few weeks ago, but that was before we fully understood the power of the new bonus point system. CB’s are now very much in favour with extra bonus points to be had and at 4.7, he still represents great value. A lock in Southampton’s first team and dangerous at set-pieces. Great pick.
  • Moses – His transfer had snuck under the radar a little, however he has announced himself on debut in fine style. 10 points is a great return by any means, however playing as a 6.2 bargain in a top 6 team with no European football to worry about? Seems a bargain! With Aspas struggling to announce himself, Moses looks like he will create Liverpool’s left wing his own. Definitely watchlist him, a home game against Southampton could be the trigger to jump on board early (Speaking to you Hernandez owners)!
  • Giroud – Not much more to say on this man. He is a beast and is finally proving it to the world. He’s adapted to the style of play in the EPL and is the in-form striker of the league. You basically can’t go forward without him at 9.0 with fixtures and form on his side. Great pick, hasn’t let me down!
  • Rooney – We’ll have more on his prospects later in the week so I’ll keep this short, however he is definitely a winner this week. Another 2 goals and an assist in the Champions League last night proves he is in sparkling form, and we can’t forget how much Rooney loves a Manchester Derby. Look for him to fire this weekend and with fine fixtures to follow, he could provide much better value than RVP at just 10.5. United’s best asset at the moment, if only he could remove the… ‘thing’ from penalties.
  • Nastasic – He has pushed Lescott well and truly out of the frame and if you’re in the market for a replacement, look no further. Should provide great value at 5.5 if he can nail down a first team spot.
  • Wilson – Baysie got this one spot on last week, so not much further to add here. He’ll be welcomed to my squad in GW6.
  • Whittingham – I get the feeling this will change week by week. One time Brady will be the budget mid on everyone’s lips, this time it’s Whittingham. Both will provide great value however just pick one or the other and stick with it. Solid option.
  • Sturridge – Finally I can’t go on without mentioning his heroics once more. I was so tempted to grab Soldado for him and take a -4 hit, but I have learnt my lesson enough times to try and think long term. He pounced on one of Shelvey’s 2 calamities and made no mistake, let’s hope his fitness just holds up.


  • Cazorla – We got the news prior to kick-off but unfortunately for some, just after the deadline. He will miss until at least after the international break so certainly look to offload him if you still own him, preferably to Ozil.
  • Coutinho – I jumped overboard in week 2 and for once, I do not regret in doing so. He has not turned it around and is now in doubt with a shoulder injury. If you’re fed up with him then Eriksen and Michu provide decent options around his price. EDIT: He has just been ruled out for a month so get him out! As I say Eriksen or Michu seem the go to options, if you want to go against the tide then I have a feeling Hazard may turn things around this weekend.
  • Nolan – He was the hype of gameweek one but we’ve seen it all before from Kevin, West ham have a habit of going on barren runs and Nolan goes into hibernation. Look to grab Ben Arfa as a straight swap, a bargain if you ask me.
  • Hernandez – Ouch! The flavour of last week did not reproduce the goods, however he was not given a chance to do so unfortunately. This shows the danger of chasing after players and taking hits, a hamstring injury left him out of last weeks clash and leaves you in a serious kerfuffle. He is in serious doubt for this weeks clash against Crystal Palace and I can’t see him getting up from a hamstring injury in 7 days. Moses could provide a perfect swap if you’re after PODs.
  • Walcott – Just a tosser for missing 3 or 4 golden opportunities to get on the board for the new season. Walcott is usually a clinical finisher and will be very disappointed to have robbed Ozil of a stunning debut statistics wise! He is looking extremely dangerous and I’m going to ride the wave out. I suggest you do the same too.
  • Dzeko – Not much to add here, we were right in predicting Negredo taking over the starting duties and Dzeko may be left to a role in cup clashes. Start looking for alternatives, however most have rather large question marks at that price.
  • Welbeck – Just like this man. Many went for him as a POD and it backfired horribly. I even heard of people captaining him! I never said to do that!!! Not an fpl option.
  • Silva – I’d hold off trading him and wait to see what Pellegrini has to say on Friday. If he’s fit again for this weekends big derby then I wouldn’t go rushing him out the door, unless you’re really desperate for Ozil that is!


  • Sigurdsson – The performance of the round was probably shared between Gylfi and the man to come, however Sigurdsson was certainly the shock of the round! After a much maligned start to his Spurs career he finally took off on the weekend, however let’s cool our jets. One good week does not make a season. His job security remains extremely shaky and I wouldn’t touch him.
  • Ramsey – Who would of thought, the two best performers of the week were midfielders!!! In fact it was business as usual last weekend, with defenders finally taking more of a backseat. The amount of questions we’ve had about how many Arsenal players it’s ok to have…… Just know that they are the goal scoring team of the League at the moment! Ramsey has been a key part of that success and whilst I did admittedly trade him to make room for Ozil, if you can squeeze him in then go for it! With Cazorla out his role and job security is fantastic, 5.9 is still great value!
  • Ozil – His debut couldn’t have gone much better, he created 3 clear cut chances just as predicted, one eventuating in an assist. It’s one thing to hear about how good he is, but to see him in action is completely another. Beautiful to watch and will assist like crazy this year! I’m happy to be on board.
  • Lukaku – Be very careful with this one. Martinez has suggested that Kone may be in line for a start this week, so Lukaku won’t just waltz into the starting squad as some predict. Give him time and if he starts to fire and plays every game, then get on board! Just be patient, I was speaking about Dzeko replacements and I’m not sure Lukaku is viable just yet. Look to get one of the in-form forwards around 9.0, if not Lambert is still a safe bet. More on him in a second!
  • Eriksen – He was brilliant on the weekend, but let’s not forget we are playing fpl here. He could have a great debut season for sure, but not every game will be as easy as Norwich at home. I’d like to see him prove himself against tougher opposition first, I’m sure he will grab many assists but he doesn’t find the net enough just yet. At 8.1 I’m happy to let him rise a little before bringing him in if I must, I’m happy with my Michu/Walcott/Ozil combo!
  • Lambert – Everyone is jumping off after 3 weeks, but let me be clear about this, if it’s not to one of Benteke, Sturridge or Giroud then I can’t agree with it. Of the strikers around his price Lambert is the most nailed on, and he has been so unlucky, hitting the post 3 times in 3 weeks. He continues to look dangerous so don’t give up on him just yet. Fixtures are still on his side.
  • Soldado – I made the move to Benteke last week and boy I’m glad I did! He did look more dangerous last week though and hit the post with a clever back heel. He didn’t score 20+ goals for 3 consecutive seasons in the Liga BBVA by fluke. He knows how to find the net and I’m sure he’ll fire at some point. I’m sitting on the fence here, although I think the three previously mentioned names are ahead of him at this point in time.


  • Ben Arfa – Finally I’m going to introduce a new segment as there seems to be one extreme bandwagon every week! This time it’s the turn of the Frenchman with rocket launchers camouflaged on his left leg. He just smashes them! Trust me that when you are purchasing his services, you are boarding the roller coaster of your life. He will be very up and down, however the ups are high enough for me to recommend him if you’re after a mid-pricer. Of all the midfielders in that price range he has to be the pick of the bunch. If it suits your squad then don’t hesitate to get him in this week! He should be a lot more successful than Hernandez, just have a plan B ready….


  • ALERT: There seems to have been an adjustment to the price changing system. Previously players could only go up once every day, so for instance Ramsey could get 200000 transfers in and only go up once. Now that has changed, he’s gone up his maximum 0.3 already this GW! Remember, no players can change more than 3 times a week, so he is stuck at 5.9 for now…
  • Ben Arfa has gone up 0.2 already this gameweek and will rise to 7.4 by the end of the GW, likely within the next 2 days.
  • Ozil, Rooney and Eriksen are also popular inclusions this week and will probably rise again before the end of the week.
  • The in-form strike force of Sturridge, Giroud and Benteke all look like rising again tomorrow morning.
  • Mignolet, Campbell, Enrique and Coleman will go close.
  • As far as price falls go, Welbeck, Aspas, Chadli, Hernandez, and Coutinho lead the charge this week. Aspas is the only one who will drop tomorrow though.
  • If anything changes I’ll be sure to let you guys know!

Well, a lot to cover… If there’s anything/anyone you feel I missed then let me know in the comments! I wish you all well with your transfers this week and I hope this helped. Good luck! Cheers.

30 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW4

    • Louie.K

      From memory last season it was Suarez that struggled when Sturridge played. I have him also and will keep him regardless, unless his form drops drastically.

  1. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Thanks for the read Matt! Always love these Transfer Talks!
    Also, surprised Coleman is not being talked about much, the toffees have kept 3 clean sheets (with one against Chelsea as well), plus he has got some attacking threat about him.
    Maybe its because everyone already has him, or is there something I am missing here?
    Thnks again for the read Matt! Love the new section as well.

  2. MattyZach

    Moses in for Hernandez for me. Hopefully he can nail himself in for some decent game time!

    Nolan is on his last warning this weekend. With any luck he’ll do something, because I’m just short of the swap to Ben Arfa.

  3. toasted1961

    My team is:
    Lescott, Collins, Coleman ( Chester and Murner)
    Wally, Benafra, Erikson, Michu ( Morrison)
    Benteke, Soldado and Giroud

    2.6 in the bank. Trying to hold off WC as I have already done 2 trades. Now with Lescott out possibly and Rooney on my watchlist is a good time to WC?

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      Rooney has looked far more dangerous IMO, RVP doesnt look like getting a lot of assists and has been taking shots from odd positions, he has also been very selfish. But Rooney did do this on a couple of occasions last year where he tempts you and then when you bring him in he fails. I would personally just go for the sub-standard Benteke, Giroud or Sturridge, reliable and cheap.
      But if you had to choose one of the United strikers, I would go for Rooney.

  4. HPlate

    Are you sure about the rises not being fixed to 0.1/day?

    Ramsey increased by 0.3 over 4 days and I’m certain he didn’t increase by more than 0.1 in any one 24 hour period. He was just an incredibly popular transfer early on, with everybody trying to get in before his next price rise which caused his ownership to rocket even further. Throw in the Coutinho and Hernandez injury and you had a transfer ‘perfect storm’.

  5. Rancidious Revelations - Rakshit's blog

    Firstly, great job with the article. To say it was comprehensive is an under statement.

    Just a word on Pablo Hernandez. I have been following his exploits since last season (even during his valencia days) and have concluded that whenever he gets a proper run in the team, he always delivers. Swansea’s play flows thorugh him and I really do fancy him for a lot of assists with an occasional goal or two here and there. Just that he is very injury prone.

    I got him in my team before GW2 and shall definitely ride the wave out and keep him!

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