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Finally we had triple success! Everyone amongst the top 3 contributed at least a goal and my personal team continued a run of 4 successful captains. Can we make it 5? Let’s get into this weeks contenders…

The Contenders:

Ozil – I’ll kick it off with Ozil as I feel I’m going to get many questions about him over the coming 2 days. To put it simply, whilst I reckon he’s a great selection for our squads, he doesn’t seem to be the type of player that will go huge (Similar to Silva) . He’ll get his 1 or 2 assists and hopefully sneak the occasional goal, but his ceiling isn’t like that of his other popular team mates. Not yet anyway. Until he proves himself in a big way, I’m not willing to hand over the armband.

Michu – I’ve carried him for a couple of gameweeks and it’s starting to pay off. I have felt all season that his role is fantastic and as Swansea start to get an easy run in the draw, hopefully Michu will capitalise. Swansea are still adjusting to the vigours of European football but haven’t let it get to them so far. I like Michu’s chances for a goal against palace but he is a little risky for my liking, yet to prove his form this season.

Enrique – For weeks people have been asking for me to include some defenders. Whilst I’m not somebody who would ever captain a defender, some people might look down that path. If you do so this week then Enrique seems your best bet, a struggling Southampton at home should provide the basis for a clean sheet and hopefully some bps. Anything extra is a bonus.

Ben Arfa – He is the flavour of the week, and the added pressure with that title is usually the irrational talk of captaincy. Is there any method to this madness? Definitely. And if I didn’t feel Walcott was about to explode in a massive way then he would certainly be the punt this week. A home clash against Hull provides a great chance for him to continue his scoring streak. I do still have fears surrounding Newcastle as they haven’t performed consistently for over 18 months, however maybe that’s about to change. If anyone can change it it’s this man, however he is capable of producing the best and the worst, and for my liking he is a little too risky.

Hazard – If you’re one to pick captains on gut feelings, then this could be one for you. He has certainly become a left field option on the back of his own poor form as well as Chelsea’s. You would think a home clash against Fulham is the perfect way to get back on track and Hazard will be out to prove a point. With Lampard playing midweek hopefully he could get himself on penalty duties also, not a bad shout this weekend.

Ramsey – Yeah I like him as a midfield option if you can fit him in, but let’s just calm things down a little. Aaron is playing more like a forward bombing CAM at the moment, but even Rambo can’t get a gig on the back of 1 big game. I know he has been firing all season but surely Stoke will clamp down on him hard, either way I prefer his teammates as captain options. Let’s just remember who we’re talking about here…

Soldado – You can’t select him based on form and for that reason I will overlook him once again. Whilst predicting the game he fights back hard is too difficult to predict, I’m sure it’s coming… Don’t write him off.

Rooney/Van Persie – In the past I have kept these 2 options as one, because very rarely will you find and fpl squad fitting them both in. However this week I feel it’s a tale of two very different stories. Van Persie is looking frustrated, had the miss of the decade midweek and doesn’t look his usual calm self. I can’t see him scoring more than 1 this week, if at all. Rooney on the other hand seems to be loving every minute of his football, and you can’t underestimate how much he loves a Derby. I’m almost certain Rooney will get on the board this week and if you own him, don’t write him off as captain.

Top 3:

1. Giroud – No matter how hard you try, you can’t go past good form. So how can you go past career best form?!?! League best form! Giroud is a man on a mission this season and is taking it all in his stride. A home game against Stoke is the perfect chance for him to keep his 100% scoring record alive, and why wouldn’t he? You can’t go against him!

2. Sturridge – If you want to swim slightly against the tide, then Sturridge is another safe bet to rely on. However my form is not great with picking Liverpool strikers against Southampton, trust me I know. You can never underestimate them. He still doesn’t look 100% fit but then again, he doesn’t need to be. Another safe forward option.

3. Benteke – Finally I arrive at last weeks hero for most, Tekkers! To be honest the top 3 could all be split by a single toss of the coin, in reality if you own all 3 then you’re looking pretty. If you were to split them on potential though, then Benteke would be your man. Aston Villa have had a great away record in recent times and should relish a trip to face the Canaries. If Villa score, there’s basically an 80% that Benteke has scored. I like those odds.

The Punt:

Walcott – He may as well make this his own section for the rest of the season, until he finally explodes that is. Those that rolled the dice with him last week would have been infuriated with his lack of finishing, as was I and every other Arsenal supporter in the world. He is being fed three or four 1-v-1 chances every game, and will surely have his day in the near future. A 23 point haul last season shows what he’s capable of when it all clicks, so one of these weeks he will surely pay off!

That’s it from me this week. You can look forward to Baysie’s POD article tomorrow morning, before we turn our attention fully onto GW5 with Andy’s preview! Good luck with all your captains choices this weekend! Until then, cheers.

17 comments on “The Captains – GW5

  1. Dev

    A little worried about giving the armband to an Arsenal player considering Stoke is starting to look pretty good as a team.

    Stuck between picking Benteke and Sturridge with Rooney being my punt. Such a problem having more than 1 on-form player hahaha

  2. killerkool

    My first year of playing this type of fantasy football and first time posting on this site. Love the info the blokes that run this site provide, anyway just letting you guys know that a UK website with a shitload of followers called Fantasy Football Cheat announced yesterday that they are closing the site, so you guys could get a massive boost in traffic on this site if you decide to post something on there promoting your website. Just a thought fellas.
    Cheers for the great articles.

  3. juramentado

    HBA Captain!
    Ben Arfa has had more attempts from open play than any Premier League player this term and playing a weakened Hull side.

  4. Shaun Curnow

    After 2 from 2 successful weeks picking a defender i’ll be doing it again this week! The BP system is just beautiful if you can get that clean sheet. Its almost guaranteed 8-9 points, then any assists your gun will get!

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