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It’s gotten to the stage of the season that a large percentage of teams have either used their wildcards, or traded well to secure the best point scoring players available so it’s getting a little difficult to find many POD’s. You’ve all done too well! I have found one however that quite a few of us had written off, I will put my hands up and say that I had, but that’s why pencils have erasers! Lesson learnt, never write off a champion… He’s been mentioned throughout the week here at FPL Addicts and now he stars as my POD for Gameweek 5.

Rooney (10.5m) – 3.3% (Which has nearly doubled in the past 4 days)

It’s been a rather odd off-season for arguably one of the greatest footballers on the planet. We all saw him preseason where he was carrying a few extra kilos and didn’t quite look like a multi-million dollar footballer. We all remember the ongoing speculation regarding his future prior to the transfer deadline. We saw him during the Swansea game when he set up two goals as a late substitution but didn’t celebrate either one of them with his team mates. This was the end. Surely?

The impeccably timed Chelsea game then came along, Rooney’s main suitor throughout the off-season. Moyes did the right thing for the neutrals and started him. For all of Moyes’ detractors he does know how to motivate a player, even one that he sued for libel several years ago. The end result may have just been a draw but Wayne was easily man of the match. The transfer deadline came and went and he remained at Old Trafford… Looking back I can’t help but think that Chelsea game was the turning point. I’ve been a Rooney watcher ever since his first game for Everton and he does seem to be more of an above the shoulders player than most. His mood can seriously effect his performance but he seems to be playing with a sort of controlled determination so far this season.

Let’s look at his contributions in the competitive games Wayne was available to play in so far this season;

GW1 v Swansea – 8 points including 2 assists and a bonus point, as a substitute (he came on after 68 minutes)

GW2 v Chelsea – Just the 2 points, but was man of the match (4 shots on goal, including all of Man Utd’s 3 on target)

GW3 v Liverpool – Did not play due to that head injury

He then swerved England duty

GW4 v Palace – 9 points with a goal and full BP’s (5 shots on goal)

Champions League GW1 v Leverkusen – 13 (Would have been 16 in fpl) points from 2 goals and an assist (7 shots on goal!)

That’s a decent run of form. The only game he didn’t score big points he was man of the match. I was only at the point of considering him after the game on the weekend against Crystal Palace but his match midweek in the Champions League made my own selection of him a nailed on certainty.

Another stat; he’s score 24 goals in his last 29 EPL starts at Old Trafford.

There’s always been risks with picking Wayne in our teams. Or were they risks with picking the Wayne of old?

Rotation.  Sir Alex had an opinion of Rooney towards the end of his tenure which was plain for all to see. Moyes is a different beast however and represents a new opportunity. Importantly, Moyes is historically scared of rotation and has come out and said that he wants him to have a decent run of games. He also said he’s not going to play him in midfield for the time being. It seems the number 10 spot is his to lose. The only competition for his spot, as a like for like replacement, is Kagawa, unless they move someone around and play them out of position like a Wellbeck. Fellaini won’t play there in my opinion.

Consistency.  Like I alluded to before, Rooney seems different. Whether that’s maturity or an acceptance of his lot in life. He can’t do anything about moving from Man Utd until January now (if he still wants to move that is) so he’s just getting the job done. Or, now this may sound crazy, he may have matured into the player we always thought he’d become… Maybe I’m reading too much into it but if it’s true then it’s a scary proposition. The up and down performances of Old Rooney may be a thing of the past. The sample data from this season is still very small so I’m doing some serious forecasting here but if can keep this up then he will be a valuable addition to your teams.

I personally reckon Wayne Rooney is a risk worth taking. If you can spare the cash then I say go for it. I’m personally trading him in for Sturridge on the basis that I’m worried about what will happen when Suarez comes back in a week. The other benefit is that his price is pretty close to Suarez’s so if it does go belly up, it’s not going to be a big jump to make the switch if Mr Bitey starts like a house on fire.

22 comments on “Points of Difference – GW5

  1. Zeus O'Dea (@ZeusODeaDT)

    Great article Baysie, very informative as always. Unfortunately I can’t afford Rooney yet, but will look at getting him in the next couple of weeks.
    Don’t want to be a nag here, but you might want to fix ‘right’ in the first paragraph to ‘write’

    Cheers mate!

  2. Dev

    Good read. I wanted to bring him in the moment he scored against Palace but then decided against it in fear of an injury during Champs League. Biggest issue was who to take out considering my frontline is Sturridge, Benteke and Giroud. I’ve still got 1 or 2+ extra in the bank thanks to this season’s easy reading of the FPL market. You guys should do a financial article on here coz every other article is perfect. hahaha

    P.S : I took Giroud out instead of Sturridge on the grounds of being a Liverpool fan. hahaha

      • baysietoff Post Author

        Noooo not Olly! Ah well.

        Thanks for the comments Dev. I’m actually trying to formulate a financial type article in my head but am waiting for some more sample data first. It will be more about setting your team up and trying to tweak the Moneyball model into FPL however. I’m leaving the whole player pricing side well alone if that’s what you meant!

        • Dev

          Matt & Baysie – I’m starting to regret trading Olly out too. =(

          Baysie – Oh that’d be great. Nah, doing a player pricing article would kill anyone with boredom. hahaha Can’t wait to read it when it’s done. Good luck.

  3. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Why couldn’t I have read this article earlier on in the week! Traded Soldado to Sturridge but I would have had enough to go for Rooney. Ahh well, whats done is done and I can only hope Daniel does well!
    Thanks for the read Baysie! Informative as always.

        • baysietoff Post Author

          I hear ya Tazz! I’m just looking at the next 4 – 6 weeks in this wildcard splurge and I’m just concerned about the Suarez Effect. I had seriously flirted with the idea of holding Sturridge and having the cash in the bank for a Rooney / Suarez trade later but I don’t think Sturridge is the real deal… Hope that comment doesn’t come back at me haha

  4. MITHOoN

    I’v to put out countinho,also im taking a hit of -4,im getting rooney as ss,remaining i’v around 7.5 range money,whom cud i select as a midfielder,..luking frward into next 3 weeks…i already hv HBA,ramsey,silva,snodgrass as other 4

    • baysietoff Post Author

      That’s probably the toughest position and price range you could hope for! Have you thought about a cheapie and then using that excess money over the next 3-4 weeks? It might leave you around 2.5m to play with. Just an option without seeing the rest of your team.

      • MITHOoN

        Boruc ,foster(injured)


        silva,countinho,ramsey,ben arfa,snodgrass

        Im planning to take countinho,campbell out,in excess i’v 3.7 in bank…so to take a hit of 4 points and bring in rooney and moses probably,is it worth to loose 4 points
        else i cud bring in moses and play 4 4 2

        • MITHOoN

          Or just bring in benteke for campbell,n leave countinho for next week to decide,hw’s it for aston villa in cming weeks?

          • baysietoff Post Author

            That’s not that bad mate…True you gotta get rid of Coutinho (he’s gone for a month or two) but you could easily play 3-5-2. Soldado will get better and he will score proper goals eventually. Don’t completely take my advice but you could get away with just the one trade and not go Rooney or Benteke this week. With the $ you can go any midfielder you want for Coutinho. Just have a plan in place for who you’d want to trade in next week and keep the $ available.

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