GW 5 – In Round Discussion

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Villa woe as Benteke picks up groin injury against Norwich

Benteke down! I REPEAT, BENTEKE DOWN! Discuss all the gameweeks action here, which I suspect may just turn into a replacing benteke thread. I hope the rest of the fixtures fare better than this one!

26 comments on “GW 5 – In Round Discussion

  1. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Well ahh…. Benteke just got injured on my career mode and he is out for seven weeks… Please dont be that long!?
    This is awkward…

  2. Go You Gunners

    Benteke, Hernandez and Fer > Michu, Whittingham and which one of Remy or Lukaku?

    Only a -4 hit as I didn’t trade last week

  3. Shaun Curnow

    What a crap GW! 27 with 6 to come but have 9, 5, 6 points sitting on bench! Those results last night were just out there. The Liverpool result probably my fault as i broke my rule of never including them in my multis cos they always let me down! Should seen that coming.

  4. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Brady you mother truckin BEAST! More than half of my points!
    Went down 40k in the ranks to 117k… Pretty devastated 🙁
    Hopefully Dawson, Walcott, Ozil & Captain Giroud can get me to at least 40-45.
    Looks like I will have to keep Sturridge, Benteke to Rooney may be the way to go?!

  5. Tim

    Some Big decisions to make this week…who joins bony and girioud as my striker? Tonight will make that up.
    Trade Chester/Enrique to Wilson
    And what to do with my misfiring midfield….lampard/hernandez
    So far trade plans look like this
    Lamps- 6-8 (depending on what forward i get)
    Chester- Wilson

  6. Dev

    17 pts with Ozil, Rooney, Eriksen, Ferdinand and Walker yet to play.

    Such a bad week but guess I ain’t the only one. =P

    Already transferred out Benteke for Giroud (The low points is making me go crazy with kneejerk possibilities.)

    Oh I forgot about my -4, Make that 13 points. Sigh, probably the lowest I’ve ever seen. On the plus side, my head-to-head opponent only has 5 pts. On the down side, he has a captained Persie and a Giroud.

    Anyone else hoping for a Goalless Persie and Giroud? xD

  7. Go You Gunners

    Best option out of Remy, Lukaku, Agbonlahor or even Hooper/Bent? Need to go quickly so I can do Hernandez/Fer/Benteke > Michu,Whittingham/and one of the above strikers. Thinking Remy, good JS I think, played roughly 2 games assisted 1 and scored 2

  8. Hero

    Absolute shocker of a start. 9 points with 5 played. Was ranked 2012 overall and second in the knee jerkers league. Need captain Soldado to fire to keep me up there

  9. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    At least the Egyptian monster Elmohammady scored! Proud to be Egyptian haha!
    Cheap header, but who cares!

  10. Go You Gunners

    Gone with Benteke > Remy

    Two options for my last 2 trades

    Enrique + Chester > Wilson + Clyne (Gets rid of injury, gives rotation ability for 4th defender spot and 3.0 left to upgrade Fer/Hernande to Michu if need be)


    Fer + Hernandez > Whittingham + Michu (All money gone, lose rotation ability in midfield but gain another gun)

    Thinking of option 1

  11. kingcolesy

    Im a little confused, got RVP, Walcott and Benteke. All say 75% chance of playing so I’ll wait and see which one goes pop.

    Shame for those who didnt hold onto Ozil, like me 🙁

  12. Dan

    What a horror of a week..34 (-4) for me. Time to WC I think, too many injury doubts/players sucking in general, and other players that I really want but dont have. Thinking of going with this:

    Boruc (McGregor)
    Baines Coleman Zabaleta Ferdinand Wilson
    Ozil Arnautovic Brady Whitingham Morrsion
    Rooney Aguero Giroud

    2.3 in bank to turn Giroud into Suarez should he come back fit and firing.

    Weak mids i know, but the way i see it is Baines is effectively another mid, scoring even without CSs.

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