Round Review – GW5

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So with the gameweek finally over, how did we all go? I’ve got a feeling the less said the better… Let us know in the following format!

Other Comments:

Personally I did ok, scraping my way to 57 thanks to Brady’s score off the bench (Thankyou Walcott). Hopefully that means everyone will leave Theo to myself! The captains failed and quite frankly, almost everyone failed. I hope some of you managed to fly up the rankings with some great managing (and a little bit of luck)!

29 comments on “Round Review – GW5

  1. Higgz

    Losers:RVP,vidic,Ben arfa,soldado
    Captain:Ben arfa
    Trades:RVP to Rooney,soldado to Sturridge,agbonlahor to giroud
    Other Comments:

  2. Jan

    Score: 35 pts (worst since last season GW12)
    Lords: Barkley
    Losers: Whittaker
    Captain: HBA
    Trades: want Ozil
    Vent/Brag: Did tranfer Rooney in for RVP
    Other Comments: It can only go UP from now on

  3. Go You Gunners

    Score: thirty bloody seven
    Lords: OZILL, Walker and that’s all
    Losers: where do I start… Giroud, Sturridge, Benteke, Walcott, Fer, Enrique, Zab, Coleman
    Captain: Benteke… pretty much sums up my week
    Trades: (Didn’t trade last week) Benteke > Remy, Chester > Wilson and maybe Enrique/Zab/Walker > Clyne for a -4 hit
    Vent/Brag: Shit.
    Other Comments: Who to trade out of Enrique, Zab or Walker? Thinking Enrique

  4. baysietoff

    Score: Fiddy
    Lords: Ozil, Ramsey, Dawson, Rooney
    Losers: insert rest of team here
    Captain: Rooney
    Trades: Not sure yet, waiting to see Benteke’s medical report. He can drop 0.1m before I lose $
    Vent/Brag: I’m just happy to get par after a shocker on Saturday night
    Other Comments: Any West Ham supporters here? 😉

  5. Greg Strosaker

    Score: 72 (-4 for transfers)
    Lords: Baines, Mertesacker, entire midfield
    Losers: Evra, Benteke
    Captain: Giroud
    Trades: Oscar to Ramsey to afford Hangeland to Baines
    Vent/Brag: 2nd week in a row that a penalty for trades has worked out, jumped from 7th to T-3rd in our club’s league
    Other Comments: Had I started Brady over Evra, would have had another 12. Can’t complain though.

  6. Rancidious Revelations - Rakshit's blog

    Score: 21
    Lords: No one. N/A. Zilch.
    Losers: Giroud, Benteke, Soldado, Ben Arfa (c), Snodgrass (missed a penalty), Wlcott, Turner (Last second equalizer), Coloccini, Hart and Zabaleta (Late goal conceded), Riether.
    Captain: Ben Arfa
    Trades: Negredo to Giroud (sigh)
    Vent/Brag: Im kinda speechless to say anything right now. Contemplating suicide as of now.

  7. Dan

    Score: 34(-4)
    Lords: Brady, Cech
    Losers: Everyone else, Walcott and Silva especially for not even turning up
    Captain: Benteke
    Trades: Knee jerked and used my WC, 10 changes to current squad

    Vent: I scored 30 ffs…though Rancidious’s score above makes me feel not so bad 😉

  8. boges11

    Lords: Ozil, Baines
    Losers:Giroud (C), Soldado, Benteke, Ben Arfa
    Captain:Giroud (had it on Ozil and changed it after column on this site)
    Trades: Benteke to Negredo
    Vent/Brag: Brady on the bench for Ben Arfa
    Other Comments:burnt 16 points and still won my head2head, lol

      • Heath Moss

        Score: 69
        Lords: Michu, Ozil, Mertesacker
        Losers: Bloody Liverpool 🙁
        Captain: Michu
        Trades: Brought in Michu for Coutinho
        Vent/Brag: Really happy with my score. Nothing to really vent about except for the piss poor performance by LFC. Bringing in Michu was a great move. Swansea have a great run of fixtures coming up.
        Other Comments: Moved from 180s to 44th in the knee Jerkers league and up to 3rd in my head to head. Not sure what to do with Benteke. Any thoughts?

  9. Viper086

    Score: 83
    Lords: Ozzy, Ramsey, Oscar, Toure, Barkley
    Losers: Zabaleta, Coleman, Benteke
    Captain: Ozzy!!!
    Trades: Will be looking to offload Beneteke for Sturridge or Lukaku
    Vent/Brag: Ozil skipper really got me my great score. Feeling pretty good looking at the other scores around this site.
    Other Comments: Pulled my Wildcard this week which helped a lot and my team looks very strong. went a 3-5-2 and it came off. Bring on next round already!

  10. kingcolesy

    Score: 53
    Lords: All mids
    Losers: Every other position but Shaw
    Captain: RVP to Benteke VC
    Trades: probably Benteke to Sturridge
    Vent/Brag: mids finally stepped up for me
    Other Comments:

  11. CommanderX

    Need to get rid of Walcott & Benteke, Options?
    A) Michu + Giroud + 0.6m
    B) Ozil + Lukaku + 1m
    C) Ramsey + Rooney + 1.9m
    D) Any others ?

    (Also hv RVP, Sturr, Eriksen, B.Arfa & 1 FT & 0.1m)

  12. keysnskis

    Score: 55 (-4)
    Lords: Baines, Barkley, Özil
    Losers: Mignolet, Ben Arfa, Sturridge, Giroud (C), Zabaleta…and the list goes on.
    Captain: Giroud
    Trades: Fonte for Chester
    Vent/Brag: Obviously very pleased with Özil and especially Baines (who I may captain next week because of his home fixture vs. Newcastle). Mad I benched Boruc, I could have had 60 points if I had played him…
    Other Comments: My whole team was carried by Baines, Barkley, and Özil. The three of them scored 38 points, while the other 8 players scored 17 points between them…

  13. pryose

    Lords: Dawson
    Losers: everyone else
    Captain: Sturridge
    Trades: WC, too many
    Vent/Brag: Why didn’t I stick with Ozil and Ramsay, no Walcott, Benteke down, Boruc and Fonte on bench
    Other Comments:

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