The Dream Team – GW5

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It would seem that, based on the comments being posted here on FPL Addicts, quite a few of us had horrible weeks. I won’t lie, I was about to pack it all in after Saturday night. 6 points from 5 players was not what I was hoping for, but I managed to limp up to 50 points which is par for the round.

If there’s one thing that we can take away from this week (apart from that you should never play four centre backs) is to learn to ride the rollercoaster with a smile on your face. We will have weeks like this so relax, hold on and don’t do anything rash on the trade table. This week’s top performers;

Guzan (5.0m) – Excellent performance from Guzan keeping the ball out of his goals away at Norwich. He was immense last season playing behind the relatively inexperienced Aston Villa team and although he’s a very good goalkeeper, it’s hard to recommend him for your teams due to Villa’s ability to let in a goal. I’m not sure how many clean sheets they’ll get long term. 14 points thanks to a penalty save, a clean sheet and full BPs.

Baines (7.5m) – Man crush alert! Two world class free kicks gave Bainesy 16 points including full BPs. If you can afford him seriously consider buying him. Leighton is leading the EPL in crosses with 50 (6 in front of Snods) and with potentially the massive head of Lukaku to aim at for the rest of the season it could equate to some big point hauls.

Lovren (5.0m) – During the preseason I talked about looking for trends in picking defenders, this is it. If you’re not on the Southampton defensive bandwagon then you should do so now! They have a great run coming up, bar a trip to Old Trafford in a few weeks, and currently have 3 clean sheets from the first 5 games, only conceding 1 in each of the other 2 games. I’d probably lean more towards the two fullbacks in Shaw or Clyne now that they seem to be back to fitness, but Lovren or Fonte are fine choices too.

Ridgewell (5.0m) – West Brom aren’t great at the moment and they won’t be the last team to put a few past Sunderland (even without Di Canio around anymore). They’ve also got a horror stretch of games coming in Man Utd (away), Arsenal (home) then Stoke and Liverpool (both away). Stay away from any West Brom defenders for the time being. Liam Ridgewell scored 14 points from his goal, their clean sheet and full BPs.

Terry (6.0m) – Old man John Terry keeps going! He may have lost a yard of pace but he’s still one of the best centre backs going around. With David Luiz potentially on the outer, Chelsea’s defence looks a bit more solid and predictable for us FPL Addicts. There’s a substantial list of defenders around 5.0m that are playing well and scoring points so I’m not sure the extra 1.0m is worth it. It’s a no from me. He picked up an assist, a clean sheet and full BPs for 12 points.

Ozil (10.2m) – I wish I hadn’t gone to bed early last night so I could have seen the Ozil show live. Get around him everyone. He assisted all of Arsenal’s 3 goals giving him 14 points (including full BPs). I don’t think I need to say anymore, you know what to do.

Brady (5.1m) – This is the second bag of points so far this season for the ex Man Utd winger. There’s a handful of cheap midfielders that you could pick for your 5th midfield spot with Brady definitely being one of them. He had an assist, a goal and a couple of BPs for his 12 points on Saturday. He won’t come up against such a surprisingly poor defence as Newcastle every week however. They really had an off game particularly Debuchy.

Dyer (5.3m) – The Swansea wingers have historically been really valuable in FPL, they love getting goals and assists and are usually reasonably priced. It actually doesn’t matter who they are, as long as they’re playing for Swansea and on a wing. Dyer might not keep his spot when Hernandez comes back from injury however, which should be this week, so I wouldn’t bother with Dyer right now. He scored a goal and received full BPs for his 11 points.

Paulinho (7.0m) – I’m honestly not too sure what to make of Paulinho this early in the season and with all of Spurs’ new players still finding their feet. He’s part of a tactically fluid Tottenham midfield that includes a number of other shortlisted Spurs players. Any one of them can score points on a given gameweek and it’s because of that fact I’m apprehensive in putting my name against any recommendations of them. 11 points, with a goal and full BPs.

Remy (7.4m) – Papiss Cisse has to be dropped. I don’t think he’s scored since I boldly predicted at the start of the year that he would score 20 goals in the second half of last season. When he is dropped then Remy could be the one we need to pick up if Benteke’s injury is a bit more than a sore groin or Sturridge suffers when Suarez comes back. He could easily score 20 goals in the first half of this season… Sorry about that. Even if Cisse stays in the team Remy is very tempting. 2 goals and full BPs for his 13 points.

Aguero (11.0m) – Still a no from me. Man City have a shed full of Ferrari quality strikers and with the Champions League on top of us they need to keep everyone fit, happy and getting game time. He is easily the  pick of the fleet but the problem is that we really need players, particularly strikers, who we are confident of playing 90 minutes regularly. He’s only managed that once from 5 games. I’m not saying don’t pick him, but there is the associated risk of rotation which we need to be aware of. He scored a brace and received full BPs for his 13 points.

Some others who were stiff to miss out were Oscar and Michu (both on 11 points) and Mertesacker, Aluko and Amalfitano (all with 10 points). What do you reckon guys? Do you any of them tickle your fancy?

8 comments on “The Dream Team – GW5

  1. Go You Gunners

    Yep, a few definitely tickle my fancy 😉 Picked up Remy already, scoring 2 and assisting 1 in 2 games roughly, also looking at Clyne… again.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Haha yeah I know what you mean… I had Shaw but traded him out in my wildcard shopping spree, silly move! But now I’m tossing up between Remy and Lukaku, but secretly hoping Benteke’s injury isn’t too bad.

      • Go You Gunners

        Yeah, I already offloaded Benteke before he lost $$ was between those two for me, I guess the JS just got Remy over the line. Can always pick him up later. Nice article btw.

  2. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Baines is most likely the best LB in the world! Two amazing free-kicks plus he has got the defensive duties in the bag, amazing!
    Remy’s goals did seem a bit cheap though, two rebounds. Didnt see the full match so I wont know how he played the rest fo the game, but it was against Hull we have to remember.
    Chester to Clyne is probably done for me.
    Thanks for the read Baysie!

  3. Dev

    Day 1 and Day 2 seemed like it was on the opposite ends of the points spectrum. Managed to end the gw with 45 pts compared to the 17pt start. Already brought it Baines and Giroud for Benteke and Ivanovic. I just don’t trust Chelsea at the moment. =/

    I’m staying with Sturridge coz the next couple of games looks pretty good for a Liverpool attacker.

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