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transfer-talk-premier-league-imageWelcome back to another edition of transfer talk! Not only will I identify the big winners and losers of the round, I’ll try to separate the real deal from the fools gold, whilst price changes, injuries and bandwagons are also on the agenda. Let’s get into it!


  • Baines – He had been proving his value in clean sheets and bonus points alone, however it was only a matter of time before his attacking returns exploded. A 16 point haul makes him the highest scoring defender and well justifies his lofty price tag. Personally I’m happy to stick with Coleman.
  • Terry – He looks a lock in Chelsea’s starting XI, one of very few. At just 6.0 in defence with a big set-piece threat he looks to be great value. If you’re after investment in Chelsea’s defence then Terry looks to be your man.
  • Ozil – I wouldn’t be seen dead without him in my team personally, and with 4 assists next to his name already he looks a must have in midfield. One of the few world class players deciding to grace the Premier league, and thankgod he did. Great pick.
  • Brady – I’m very happy to own him as my 4th midfielder, a great selection to fill in that last cheap spot in your teams with set-piece duties and a great attacking midfield role in his locker. 5.2 seems great value.
  • Oscar – He got the nod over Mata which is a massive tick for himself and his fpl prospects, however once again his job security can never be secure and thus he falls of my radar.
  • Michu – I picked him up in GW3 and never doubted him! He was always going to come good against the lower teams in the division and he is one of the more reliable midfield premiums. Happy to own him, can’t say a bad word about investing in him with great fixtures to come.
  • Remy – An interesting one that has flown under the radar slightly with Lukaku’s transfer move, a great start to his Newcastle career has him right back on the fpl radar. Newcastle is in great form, he is in great form, and I can’t really see a downside at 7.4. Solid option, will have more on him later in the week!


  • Whittaker – We had been preaching that this would happen, however that did not take the sting out of the tail. He was dropped to the bench for Russel Martin and will have constant fears over his job security. Our favourite poverty defender is now no more.
  • Walcott – He was a winner for me! Saturday night I held onto a seemingly faded hope that someone would miss out so Brady could climb of my bench, and climb of it he did! However the news that Theo is out for 2 weeks does put a dampener on things. I think you have to trade him, personally I’m going down to Ramsey (Who I traded out 2 weeks ago!) leaving me money in the bank to fix the other issue of the round, but more on that in a second! Ozil is an obvious choice if you don’t yet own him. Good luck not taking a -4 this week…
  • Benteke – Issue number 2 for the week. I waited to trade him with the hope he could return in a week or 2, however he has been ruled out for 4-6 weeks. To be honest it looked horrible when he did it and he is another must trade. I’m going up to Rooney as I already have 3 Liverpool players, however I fancy Suarez if you can fit him in. After my 2 trades I also have 2.1 in the bank to get Sturridge up to Suarez if that is deemed necessary. It’s all coming together! If you’re looking to trade down then surely Lukaku has to be your man. Oh and if you don’t have Giroud then obviously look no further!
  • Lampard – You can’t own a guy that will play half the games, with cup and champions league commitments kicking in Lampard is no longer a viable option in my opinion.
  • Silva – His injury has proved to be worse than first thought and he remains a doubt for this weekend. I’d look at a straight swap to Michu if it was me, but wait for team news on Friday before pulling the trigger.
  • Van Persie – A huge tick for our pre-season! We’ve all preached that RVP is way too costly at 14.0 and at the age of 30 he isn’t getting any better. With a plethora of quality strikers to choose from for at least 3.0 less it’s very hard to keep him. If you do stick with him then I wish you the best of luck! It might end up being the right move, but that’s judged only on blind faith at this stage…
  • Soldado – 5 games and not one goal from open play, not what you want from your 26 million pound striker! However I’m sure he will come good at some stage and whilst it might not be this weekend, it might not be wise to give up on him yet. A big loser in recent times though.


  • Rooney – He is the most traded in forward this week and for good reason, he has now scored 6 times in his last 5 games for United. With RVP still a doubt for this weekend there’s a distinct possibility he might start upfront if things fall his way. In any case a home game against West Brom makes him captain material for sure. Great fixtures and form make him great value at 10.7.
  • Lukaku – If you’re after a proven talent in that midpriced forward bracket then look no further. His job security can’t be questioned and neither can his ability. Should score over 15 goals once again this season and will be a great acquisition. However he may be inconsistent, you have been warned. Unstoppable on his day.
  • Enrique – Everyone is jumping overboard and I must admit I was close to doing so, however I can assure you that never again will Rodgers start with 4 CB’s in defence. It was one of the strangest managerial moves I have witnessed since following the EPL and I hope I don’t have it see it again. Strange and really quite ugly. Enrique should return and I’m thinking a nice points haul could be on the cards against Sunderland, be careful knee-jerking him out!
  • Hazard – Last week was one disappointment too much, I agree. Everyone overboard!!! If he turns around his form then he will prove to be a bargain. I’m sure it will happen at some stage but you can’t see it happening in the near future, although injuries have to be your trading priority.
  • Sturridge – With Benteke injured I think there’s no way we should be trading out a fully fit, in-form striker. Wait and see what happens with Suarez’s return before pulling the trigger on that trade.
  • Suarez – Finally the man we’ve all been waiting to return. Or I have at least. I just love watching him play and he’ll come into my team within the next 3 weeks for sure. Whether that’s for Rooney or Sturridge remains to be seen, I think if you can get him over Rooney then I’d do that. He has far more potential in his role than Rooney will at Old Trafford. Expect to see him dominate again this year.


Ramsey – I could see the potential after GW3, however I didn’t have the guts to stick with him when Ozil came to the Gunners. 2 weeks, 3 goals and 24 points later, well things have gone tits up. With Cazorla going down he has gone above and beyond what anyone had expected of him, making it 6 goals in 7 appearances this season! I’m going straight down to him from Walcott which leaves me with plenty in the bank. I like to think that money in the bank = Power!!! You can hardly go wrong with him, however I personally don’t see him as a long-term option. I’m happy to be surprised though!


  • Giroud looks like rising again tomorrow morning, and is by far the most popular transfer in this week, I’m guessing for Benteke!
  • Fonte and Baines can also be expected to rise by tomorrow morning. Nobody else is at this stage, however I’ll update you if that is to be the case.
  • As far as price falls go, Lamela is going to go close tomorrow, whilst Walcott and Benteke are by far the most popular transfer outs. Neither should fall until at least Friday though. With his ownership Benteke has further to fall so is in more danger.

So that should have comprehensively answered any questions you may have had over a few of this weeks most talked about players! Sorry for it coming a little late and being slightly rushed, Uni exams are a pain! There will be no Q&A this week as I’m tied up with other things, however next weeks study break will see things return to normal! Good luck with your transfers this week, there’s plenty more to come on the site. Cheers!

38 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW5

  1. Rakshit

    What would you suggest out of the trio of Lukaku/Remy/Lambert in the mid-priced strikers range? Southampton have some tasty fixtures coming up and Lambert has been getting very close to scoring on several occasions.

    Also, looking at Liverpool’s next 2 fixtures against sunderland and Palace, what are your thoughts on Victor Moses? Assured starter with coutinho injured?

  2. Tim

    Hey guys bit of a dilemma here pick two out of these five.
    Coleman-Everton have not conceded at home this campaign, but have conceded in the last two. Newcastle attack looking potent.
    Ben Arfa- In dangerous form, but away to everton and can be prone to a mixed bag.
    Hernandez- Might not play, but arsenal defense is prone to conceding a few.
    Arnautovic- Home vs Norwich, without bassong, talent undeniable, but new to the league.
    Bony-Fresh and despite what people have been saying, looked deadly vs Valencia, will get good delivery.

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  4. Måns

    Hey guys! I’m looking to replace Hazard in my team and I don’t know if I should trade him for Michu or if I should trade Hazard for HTM and then use the leftovers to upgrade Sturridge to Suarez, what are your opinions? (really impressed with Suarez’s performance today in the league cup)

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