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Football is a game of ‘purple patches’. Players can often burst out of the blue and take hold of the limelight for a short period of time. The stats and expectations are exceeded as the essence of sport takes hold, unexpected outcomes.

Aaron Ramsey has undoubtedly entered what seems the purple patch of his career. Before the start of this season Aaron had scored 12 goals in 88 games for Arsenal. He has gone onto score a remarkable 7 across all competitions in just 6 games this season. Providing what appears Cesc Fabregas like returns in the midfield for a cut price yet ever rising 6.2 (has rose the maximum amount 0.3 over the past two gameweeks). The difference perhaps is that Ramsey is playing a much deeper role then the former Spanish playmaker. Ramsey is featuring in a holding midfield role that is notoriously inconsistent for constant fantasy returns. The likes of Diame, Mikel, Medel, Mulumbu, Lucus, Parker and even the free kick specialist of late Yaya Toure occupy this role that often supplies more yellow cards then goal threats.

This situation does present some stark differences, a rejuvenated arsenal outfit, a resurrected Ramsey, a strong brand of counter attacking football. The man who had his leg snapped in half has after a number of seasons broke the shackles of his trauma to become a top-flight talent. The psychological aspect is one of opinion but if you can factor it into fantasy decisions your transfers will be borderline genius.

To the statistics Ramsey is leading the OPTA indicators in a number of areas in the midfield he is quite simply the in form midfielder of the league at the present time. His goal conversion is a rather strong 25% a full 10% above the league average. Additionally his shot accuracy is at a rather high 41.7% again a full 10% above the average rate from strikers let alone midfielders.

As you can see Ramsey is well exceeding the expected model of returns all from a deep lying midfield position. The question of whether to pick up the Welshman lies in two aspects, are the current returns sustainable and how much money can possibly be made in the situation. The astonishing run put together by Raul Meireles a few seasons ago lasted about 8 matches, Michu’s superb opening season was largely based in goals from the opening 19 matches. The length of a patch is difficult to measure such is the nature of form.

The Arsenal midfielder certainly provides an intriguing option to fantasy sides this season. That is widely accepted, the run we can expect from the Welshman is largely unknown. It would be rather brave to write him off at the current time but by the turn of gameweek 10 it will be best to look for the next ‘purple patch’.

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