In Round Discussion – GW6

Discuss your thoughts on the on-going gameweek right here! Manchester is neither Red or Blue this week…


65 comments on “In Round Discussion – GW6

  1. screech says:

    Currently on 29. copped a hit this week and made new recruit rooney captain. boruc cs, yaya goal and lambert goal(finally) have got me up there. still have a few to go including other new recruit ramsey on now. have downgraded rvp to suarez already this week in order to free up some cash and fix up my defense. also looking at getting brady and ozil in at some stage in coming weeks as they look likely to continue some good form….

  2. Dan says:

    Geez, week of the cheapo mids. Youd be laughing if u had a midfield of Ramsay, Amalfitano, Brady and Whitingham.

    Sorry to anyone with Ozil and Michu, I broke them by WCing them in this wk,.

  3. Go You Gunners says:

    14 with Sturridge Migs Enrique Wilson Coleman and Remy to come. Ozil capt a let down, as were Zab and Walker

  4. Billanova says:

    Who would you bring in this week, Brady or Whittingham? Or is it a flip of a coin?

  5. MattyZee says:

    Struggling this week! Only 26 so far. Soldado, Giroud and Shaw my only players above 2 points.

    First though this week would be to finally offload Nolan, and get on the Ramsay bus finally.

  6. screech says:

    I traded Benteke> Rooney & Valencia> Ramsey this week. Am on 54, with -4, 50. Whittaker (probably will get Dawson’s 1 point), Coleman, HBA, Mirallas to come. Have already traded RVP> Suarez this week to free up some much needed cash to fix up my defense…..

  7. Sooraj rawat says:

    Hazard replacement mata or oscar or ya ya or ramsey or siggurdson or silva

  8. screech says:

    with bassong a 50/50 chance of playing surely whittaker will get the nod in his place if indeed he doesn’t play?

  9. Rakshit says:

    28 points. Suarez, Barkley, Ben Arfa and Marc Wilson left to play. Brady (11) and Riether (4) sit nicely on my bench :/.

  10. Go You Gunners says:

    Oh god…Need an assist or something now Wilson..

  11. baysietoff says:

    Dunno if anyone is watching the Stoke v Norwich game but an update – 0-1, Howson scores… Whittaker out, no Bassong or Redmond, Snods plays. Pieters and Arnautovic play for Stoke. Stoke can’t get their passing game together at all, Norwich pressing high and doing very well. Wilson booked and they concede so good luck for those with him. Fer showing glimpses of absolute class. Surely with Tettey in the team he can be released up the field at some stage. Stoke need to drag Adam and bring on Ireland. I’m not sure what the point of Kenwyne Jones is… Stoke need to get their shtuff together.

  12. boges11 says:

    All the writers on here do an awesome job. Please stop feeding the troll. He’s just trying to get reactions, just ignore him.
    On a better note I am at 48 with Barkley, Baines and Mignolet to come.

  13. mattcraigdt says:

    Suarez is back on the floor again

  14. mattcraigdt says:

    I could watch that Gerrard pass 1000 times and still giggle. Sturridge and Suarez feed of each other, fpl gold!

  15. Go You Gunners says:

    Sturridge ❤

  16. Go You Gunners says:

    What a save Migs!!!

  17. 67 with Coleman & Barkley to come, now up into 5000 spot! Took 4 point hit to bring in Yaya & Rooney this week & chucked C on Rooney, Well worth it in the end.

    Now to get rid of that spud Nolan. Have 7.7 to spend, any suggestions? Thinking maybe Sigurdsson

    • Go You Gunners says:

      Stuck in the same situation. Quite tough to find the right one. Ben Arfa/Sessegnon/Amalfitano/Arnautovic/Paulinho maybe? Then there’s a stack of players around 5.0 you could choose from. I can either go Fer > 7.9 or below player OR take a -4 point hit and go Zabaleta/Enrique > Clyne then Fer > 9.8 or below player. Thoughts?

    • Liam says:

      I wouldn’t call him a ‘spud’ they really need Carroll thats when Nolan plays his best the partnership between the two.

      Sigurdsson is a strong option and it great form just don’t be surprised if he doesn’t play the full 90 minutes or gets rotated in the next 3 or 4 league games.

  18. Brayden says:

    Is Rvp to Suarez silly or not? Thinking Suarez is in great form and cheaper

  19. Go You Gunners says:

    Thoughts on Eriksen?

  20. Pritchy says:

    Thoughts on Jenkinson + Hazard to Walker + Ramsey also leaves me with some cash in the bank

  21. PuraVida says:

    Hey guys, really nice site you have here. Currently have rooney/suarez/lambert and seriously considering taking a -8 hit (lambert–>sturridge, zabaleta–>wilson) to double up on the liverpool duo for the next three games. alternative line is to replace lambert after wba(h) for lukaku and zabs–> chelsea def in two weeks.

    kosielny, dawson, shaw (wilson, coleman)
    oscar, ben arfa, michu, brady (barkley)
    rooney, suarez, sturridge

    would save FT for gw10 to do coleman–>chelsea def and sturridge–>benteke/soldado/giroud making wilson mid-term ish. given fixtures commits me to 3-4-3 next 5-6 weeks which i am ok with i think.

  22. Pritchy says:

    Sounds like you’ve got it well thought out there. Although you could be kicking yourself if you trade out Lambert and then see him scoring some more goals. He’s been looking good recently and I’m personally holding onto him myself atm. I would definitely be trading out Zab though, I wouldn’t want any Man City def in my team for now.

  23. Go You Gunners says:

    G’day lads, some thoughts much appreciated 🙂

    G: Migs (Boruc)
    D: Walker Zab Enrique Coleman (Wilson)
    M: Ozil Hernandez Michu (Fer Ward Prowse)
    F: Remy Sturridge Giroud

    1.9 in bank

    Would take the -4 hit if it’s needed to fix up

    thanks 🙂

    Fer > Amalfitano maybe. Happy to roll with both Michu and Hernandez for a bit after looking at Swansea’s upcoming fixtures. Can then Go possibly Zab > Clyne this or next week and rotate players in MIDS n DEFs

    Sorry for long post :p

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