The Dream Team – GW6

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This was the week some of our popular picks continued to score well, and some new possibilities put their hand up. It was also the week of some rather unexpected results! Man Utd lose at home, Man City lose away to a Benteke-less Villa, Cardiff travel to Fulham for a win and Stoke lose at home to Norwich. The EPL is a tipster’s nightmare!

McGregor (4.5m) – I wouldn’t expect Hull to get too many clean sheets this season. West Ham have really struggled to score anywhere without Carroll and Nolan going through a barren spell so were ripe for the picking. McGregor was the highest scoring goalkeeper with 9 points from a clean sheet, a heap of saves and a couple BPs

Caulker (5.0m) – I think we were all a bit surprised Spurs let this guy go as he seemed like one of the better young English centre backs going around. 11 points from a goal and full BPs. I don’t like Cardiff’s chances in the next month or so to get a clean sheet and definitely not his chances of scoring enough to make picking him worthwhile.

Terry (6.0m) – Old man Terry does it again! 11 points via a goal and full BPs meaning he has scored decent points from 4 of his past 6 games. Chelsea have a very winnable run of games up to towards the end of the year with their only difficult game (on paper) being Man City at home in 3 GWs. The only way he would be a bad choice is if the Champions League campaign requires some rotation, or he gets injured. Safe bet.

Martin (4.8m) – He was part of the defence that kept Stoke a bay on Sunday with a priceless away clean sheet. Hughton does like to play a slightly more defensive style of play but they took the game to Stoke and went home with the points. Norwich have a horror run of games so I would pass on their entire team for a while. He got a couple of BPs on top of the clean sheet for 8 points.

Ramsey (6.2m) – No way… He didn’t do it again did he? Of course he did. 13 points. 1 goal. 1 assist. Full BPs. I’d like to think you’ve all got him, if you don’t then you need to think to yourself… When will this run end? They’ve still got a couple of relatively easy games before a tough run including Liverpool and Man Utd… Thoughts?

Amalfitano (5.0m) – Hands up who is impressed, because I sure as hell am! He was on my radar after last week’s game, but that was against Sunderland. No worries, we’ll just do it again at Old Trafford shall we? A second double digit points total from a goal, an assist and full BPs gave him 11. He’s as serious option and might be one of my trades this week.

Bacuna (4.6m) – What a great freekick! He is a very talented winger who is finding his feet at Villa. 11 points from a goal, an assist and couple BPs. I’d suggest just shortlisting for now, but if he can recreate this again then he’s very handy at this price.

Howson (4.9m) – This is his first decent points total for the season with 10 from a wonderful long distance goal and full BPs. Similar to Martin however, they have some tough games so would have to pass.

Sturridge – (9.6m) – This was his highest scoring game of the season so far with 14 from a punched goal, 2 assists and a couple of BPs. Before I suggest the Sturridge / Suarez combination is going to work I wouldn’t mind seeing them do it against a better team than Sunderland, despite the fact they were away. Unfortunately they have Palace (h), Newcastle (a) and West Brom (h) before they get a test in Arsenal (a). There’s going to be a few goals in those games… If you haven’t got Sturridge then you might need to get him, or…

Suarez (10.9m) – Too easy eh? First game back since that incident last season, he puts away a couple of goals and didn’t look like he was away at all! He looked hungry. The rationale is similar to Sturridge but Suarez has a higher points scoring ceiling so if you can scrape together the extra money he’s a better option. 2 goals and full BPs for 13 points.

Weimann (6.0m) – Weimann could be one of the main benefactors of Benteke’s injury. So many of Villa’s attacking moves go through Benteke that with him gone for a while, he might get some more chances to show his undoubted talent. A very good 12 points from a goal, an assist and full BPs. Hard to confidently recommend long or short term, they have some tricky games coming up, but just watch out for him.

Edit Lukaku (7.6m) – Massive score by Lukaku to dominate Newcastle. He scored 2 goals, an assist and full BPs for 16 points. He might just start a few more games now!

Some other notable mentions; Davies with 8 points to give 3 high scoring games in his past 4, Southampton picked up another clean sheet with Fonte (again) and Shaw both getting 7 points each, Brady scored again for 11 points, Gnabry with 10, everyone’s favourite Fantasy player Yaya Toure scored 9, as did Sigurdsson. For the strikers, Osvaldo showed his worth with 12 points, Rooney scored again for 8 points and Lambert got a much deserved goal for 8 points.

We’ve got one more game to go with a potentially very good one in Everton playing Newcastle. The likes of Coleman, Barkley, Ben Arfa and my boy Remy will be firmly in the spotlight and I hope I can make some additions to this article tomorrow.

14 comments on “The Dream Team – GW6

  1. Dev

    Tis the season of knee jerks,

    In : Suarez, Amalfitano
    Out : Giroud, Moses

    Was down 19 pts and thanks to Sturridge, Moses and Mignolet, I’m ahead by 2 pts now.

    Unfortunately, my opponent has Lukaku, Barkley and Coleman. I’ve only got Baines left.

    Praying for some of that Baines love from last week. Lukaku (Loan) and Barkley(Gibson return) may not play… would they? Please say no.. =(

    • baysietoff Post Author

      I hear you brother! I’m thinking Eriksen to Amalfitano, and then either Remy or Giroud to Suarez depending on what happens tonight. Or I might wait a week on that one. Barkley may be pushed out by Gibson but it depends if he wants to play Osman or not. Osman’s form may not warrant it… Lukaku will play, may even start.

      • Dev

        Oh what a coincidence, I was thinking of Eriksen to Amalfitano too but had to drop Moses due to already having 3 LFC players (Sturridge,Mignolet,Moses) as well as Moses being a complete hit and miss for the past week or so. Which is surprising because he actually does a decent job in attack.( Well, the bar was set pretty low by Henderson” =P )

        Both of Remy and Giroud look like they could score in their next 5 fixtures but Giroud looks like he could score more considering there’s West Brom, Palace and Norwich coming up. Matt would probably say Giroud as well won’t he… xD hahahaha

        Oh curious, I’ve had Coleman since GW1. Should I sell him and fund my midfield considering the goals are finally starting to flow or keep? My others are Rio, Clyne, Baines, Jenkinson.

  2. auguidub

    I am quite tempted to drop Giroud for a double Suarez – Sturridge partnership, and leave that 3rd Gunner’s spot to Gnabry who seems a better choice than many dirt cheap MF out there…

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