Transfer Talk – GW6

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After what was another exciting gameweek full of goals, it’s time to review and start planning for next week. Injuries are coming thick and fast so trades are on the cards, who should we be trading to? Time to find out!


  • Sturridge – For some reason there was a lot of hype surrounding Suarez’s return and its affect it may have on Sturridge. Those who watched Liverpool last season knew that they fed of each other, and feed of each other they did. In fact Suarez was quite average in my opinion, both his goals were brilliantly set-up by Sturridge for a simple tap in. It meant that even though Suarez wasn’t fully in the groove, he still had some great success. Sturridge is still playing the lone forward role with Suarez becoming his partner in crime, and boy will they perform some crime this season. Short term I’m happy to own both.
  • Suarez – Yes, both. I don’t think you can afford to miss out on this guy. He was the top striker for over half of last season, I think he was better than RVP at times. His brilliance seems to show no boundaries and 11.0 is a bargain. Get on now whilst you can, Crystal Palace at home is basically writing on the dotted line for a double figure haul. Hopefully we will have our go to captain back, it’s great to have him around again!!!
  • Ramsey – This guy is now basically a must have, his form is ridiculous and he bagged another assist in Arsenal’s 2-0 win again Napoli last night. Arsenal are the in-form side of the competition and their fixtures remain favourable. Get on board now, and worry about the return of Arsenal’s other top players later. He should leave your budget with plenty of room to maneuver him up to a premium if need be. Happy days.
  • Barkley – I denied him at the start of the season, however after another fantastic performance last week I can ignore him no longer. Brady’s injury (Which I will get to later) means I’m in the market for a cheap mid and Barkley fits the bill perfectly. Will rise in price along the way, so if you’re after a budget mid or a Brady replacement then look no further.
  • Rooney – He did the job with a slice of luck, but as my number 1 captain I’ll take the points however I can get them! I wanted Suarez over him but had to settle for Rooney with 3 Liverpool players already owned, that has changed this week and Rooney is now Suarez. That’s only because I personally can’t like my team without Suarez, however Wayne is yet to put a foot wrong. Don’t be afraid to back him in!
  • Remy – Boy is he a man in-form, Baysie’s POD was at it yet again. Another goal and 2 bonus has him firmly on many radars for a mid-price forward, however with Lukaku’s form and potential he may well have to miss out.


  • Brady – A few people were looking to get him in this week, however I hope they listened! The fears of him needing a hernia operation were true and unfortunately it couldn’t wait until after the international break. As I’ve said Barkley seems a smart option for a sideways trade, whilst Ramsey is a little more upmarket. You shouldn’t need more than 2 budget mids on your ground so if you own both, I’d perhaps look at a 5th mid bench warmer such as Morrison.
  • Enrique – He hasn’t done anything spectacularly wrong, however with most people owning Mignolet and one of the Suarez/Sturridge combo, the opportunity cost of having him seems too great. I traded him to Vertonghen with my ridiculous amount of cash in the bank, however Walker could be a smart short-term sideways trade, whilst Davies is quickly becoming a great option with a nice set of fixtures on the horizon.
  • Ben Arfa – He was the flavour of the week 2 GW’s ago, and he remains a flavour, just not of the tasty kind. I warned everyone of his huge form spikes and troughs, so it might be best to wade through the storm. If you’re not up for the roller-coaster ride then jump off quickly!
  • Nolan – Without Carroll in the squad he is a quarter of the threat, I’d be dumping him for Ramsey/Barkley ASAP until big Andy returns. Remember it’s ok to have spare cash in the bank short-term! My teams been on fire with 2.0 sitting nicely there for me.
  • Van Persie – Is it time to dump last year’s hero? I’d give him this week to impress. Sunderland away should be a great chance for goals and as long as he doesn’t get injured tonight, he will most certainly be playing. Keep an eye out for how he goes in the Champions League but I’d say he’s on his last legs at 14.0. One more failure may spell the end, for now at least.
  • Aguero – Rotation was always going to be a concern with Champions League around the corner, and with guys like Rooney and Suarez nailed on at a similar price I can’t really justify owning Aguero.

The lines between knee-jerks tend to blur as we get deeper into the season. Most of the amateurs tend to form ghost ships so the volume of poor knee-jerk trades decrease. However if there was one guy I’d be careful this week it’s Sigurdsson. He’s definitely in a hot patch, however when he goes cold he drops off the face of the planet. With the competition for spots in the Spurs team extremely hot I’d be avoiding jumping aboard that bandwagon. And of course I’m still not going to touch Toure, regardless of his handy ability to pop up for a goal every now and then. I’ll fight until the very end…


Lukaku – If only you guys could see the horror on my face when I awoke to see Lukaku had nailed 16 points. Huge! He has that kind of game-deciding power and ability to completely split teams apart. He might struggle away to Man City so I wouldn’t go dropping everything to get him, especially if you own 3 of Giroud, Suarez, Sturridge or Rooney. If he becomes too good to deny then he can easily come in at any price, he is worth upwards of 9.0 in reality! Our budgets are not exactly stretched this season with many premiums struggling, so it might be best to give him time. Then again those who took the leap of faith are just laughing in my face so I guess if you’re really desperate for him then I can’t say no! Will be a great option again this year, honestly Mourinho must be smoking some of Walt’s meth judging by some of his decisions this season, but let’s give it time…


  • Ramsey is going up yet again and will certainly reach his maximum 0.3 rises by tomorrow morning, leaving him at 6.5 for the rest of the week.
  • Ozil is the only other player certain to rise tomorrow, with Sigurdsson and Lukaku looking likely to go up as well.
  • Suarez and Barkley will certainly rise again before the week is out, whilst Terry, Toure, Giroud and Remy also look likely for a rise at some stage.
  • Lampard is the only notable player to decrease tomorrow morning, whilst guys like RVP, Welbeck, Brady, Fellaini, Nolan and Ben Arfa are also at risk of falling sometime this week, depending on how things pan out.

So that’s it from me today! I should have the captains out on time tomorrow whilst enjoying some holiday time! It’s good to be free for a while, I wish you all luck with your transfers this week! If you have any questions then feel free to ask away in the comments down below. Cheers!

30 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW6

  1. jakemoz

    great article cheers guys!
    how long should I be holding eriksen for? looks really dangerous but Tottenham aren’t the best at scoring from open play.. thoughts?

  2. jakemoz

    also went Collins to Dawson (cheaper than walker and Vertonghen)
    and Soladado to Suarez.. have a feeling soldado will find some form though

    • CommanderX

      Am also in the market for Collins’s replacement. Am looking at Terry with excellent fixtures for Chelsea till Dec. But Tottenham’s def is also an option, but probably not long term as their fixtures tighten up after next 3.

  3. CommanderX

    Hv a defense of Nastasic, Toure, Coleman, (Collins, Chambers) & 2.3m in bank.
    My rank is 1 million-ish & i want to climb up the rankings desperately after 5 straight red arrows.
    A) Collins -> Terry for a hit
    B) Play Coleman vs Man City (A) & Pray for Toure not to be benched.
    My best option ?

  4. George

    I am not sure whether it is a good option to sell Soldado for Suarez this week? They both have favourable draws and I already have Enrique and Mignolet. But if I do, I will probably sell Enrique for Terry next week? Is this good?
    Thanks. 🙂

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  6. Viper086

    I knee jerked earlier yesterday and got rid of Oscar for Suarez and and Gayle for Kassami as i was .4 short, regretting it now a little. My midfield doesn’t look half as strong anymore. Hopefully Suarez lives up to the hype and can support Rooney and Lukaku

  7. kingcolesy

    Hey, does anyone have any spare leagues? I’m only in one. Even a head to head, is it possible to join?

    Interesting week since everyone’s traded Fwds before there’s Brady issues and a few in defence missing.

    A two week break soon might alleviate some trade problems tho

  8. Rakshit

    Astonishing week really. All strikers scored attacking points in one form or the other. It becomes almost impossible to select three out of the whole lot. I have Suarez, Lambert and Soldado for now. Not going make changes here as all 3 of em have favourable fixtures this GW.

    Have to replace Brady now. Whittingham a good option? Cardiff play newcastle at home. Also, I already own Barkley and no money in the bank to upgrade to Ramsey. Any other viable options apart from Whittingham?

  9. MattyZach

    I traded early to avoid price changes; Nolan to Sigurdsson. I wish I had have done Moses to Ramsay at the same time. He’s gone up twice now and I can’t afford the swap now! Grrr.
    I may have to make another trade this week to free up some funds, to allow me to get on the Ramsay bus very late next GW and give me the opportunity to upgrade on of my 3 strikers to Suarez.

    There’s already been so many ups and downs this season. I swear more than last year!

  10. Jared Koch (@kochi_koch4177)

    Which mid up to 7.2m is best? Thinking Whittingham as a good option. And Suarez + 7.2mid, or Michu + Lukaku? Thinking Suarez might be too good to miss but liking Lukaku’s price and potential. 2nd option gives me 1.6m in the bank. 1st could give me more depending on who my new mid is.

  11. nburk53

    Great write up Matty! As soon as Brady scored last week I raged traded him in, knowing full well of his problem. This has been a horror start for me!

  12. Jacob Pope (@Popey_99)

    Bit of a defensive conundrum in my team. I have 4.4k but 3 blokes who aren’t providing down back in Collins, Reid and Chester. Which one should I trade and who to? I’m thinking Chetser to one of Vertonghen, Walker, Zabaleta or a Chelsea bloke. Also still have Hernandez, worth a -4 to trade him?

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