The Captains – GW7

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It’s time for the weekly captains round up. Rooney was successful last week so let’s hope to keep that up!

The Contenders:

Giroud – He won’t get you massive point hauls, however he has scored or assisted in 5 of the 6 games so far this season. A reasonably safe option considering his and Arsenal’s form, however West Brom away will be no pushover. Better options out there in my opinion.

Rooney – I think considering United’s poor form and Sunderland’s buoyancy due to a new coach, we shouldn’t get carried away with how successful United will be. Having said that Rooney is on a goal scoring streak, but you have to wonder how many free-kicks he can score in a row. RVP will return and I’m shying away from Wayne this week. Captaining players from out of form teams is often a risk I’m not willing to take.

Van Persie – For those who still own him, you should really just stick him the armband and give him one last chance for redemption. I somewhat doubt many of us still do and that forces him out of the top 3, however it’s hard to deny him a goal or 2 this week.

Soldado – I get the feeling this is the week Soldado is going to explode. Then again I’ve got that feeling 3 or 4 times before so what do I know? If you still own him he might become a great captain POD, although it is still extremely risky with Defoe’s hot form.

Ben Arfa – If you want to go with a suicidal captain this week then Ben Arfa could be your man. Newcastle are on a hot scoring streak with 6 goals in their past 3 encounters, whilst Cardiff have kept only 1 clean sheet all season. However it is also closing in on the height of stupidity to captain the Hatem Coaster in one of his cold patches so I’d be playing things safe. If you own him though I’d stay patient for one more week, it could be the week he returns to form.

Just a quick final summary of the leftovers. I think Norwich v Chelsea will be a tight game, with a 1-0 outcome probably likely. Guys like Oscar, Hazard and Mata may struggle so I’d avoid captaining any if you have them. Terry could be a good shout but I’d still never be seen alive captaining him. Hopefully people learnt their lessons captaining Zabaleta last week and will steer clear of defenders in the future! Man City v Everton will be a tight game and I can’t see any captaincy options amongst it, no Lukaku isn’t viable this week. Finally Southampton v Swansea will be a tight affair and I can’t see too many goals in it. No captain options there either, including Michu.

Top 3:

1. Suarez – What can I say, he is locked in as my captain and I wouldn’t have it any other way. To put it simply, Palace haven’t kept a clean sheet all year, Liverpool will be out for blood, and their re-united striker partnership will be ready to cause havoc. This looks to be the captains game of the weekend in my opinion so I’d be getting on-board! Surely a safe bet at home…

2. Sturridge – Basically everyone owns one of the 2 so there should be no issues here. If you don’t happen to own Suarez then Sturridge looks to be your man, he was in great form setting Suarez up twice while sneaking another goal himself. All aboard the Liverpool train this week (Warning: This hasn’t turned out well for me in the past so feel free to hurl any abuse Liverpool’s way if things go tits up, I know I will)!

3. Ozil – If for whatever reason you’re shying away from any Liverpool options then you are taking a questionable risk. However Ozil has the skills to unlock any defence on any day and he finally got on the board with a goal (+ another assist) midweek against Napoli. Arsenal are the in-form team at the moment so he could be a sneaky captain POD!

The Punt:

Eriksen – It would be a serious punt, however West Ham at home will surely be a comfortable victory for Spurs. Eriksen should get on the board in some form of attacking points this week so those who hold him I wouldn’t think about knee-jerking him just yet. Could light it up! Vertonghen is another perfect option for the punt this week, and if he was owned by more players then he would be. A clean sheet looks almost certain and he is due a goal, not to mention his tendency for grabbing plenty of bonus points. He should be the goods!

So that’s it from me this week! Look forward to a final fixtures wrap up, news wrap and full GW preview to come this week! Good luck for the weekend and let’s hope for the best! Cheers.

12 comments on “The Captains – GW7

  1. Dev

    It’s nice to know that I’ve got all 3 captaincy options as well as the punt. After last week, I think I’m gonna go with the safe choice aka Suarez.

  2. kingcolesy

    My mad liverpool fan co worker has told me Crystal Palace are Liverpools bogey team, and on further inspection theyve won past 3 out of 4 since 2003 lol. But this will surely be a romp for Liverpool imo.

  3. DavidMaysMedal

    Was thinking Sturridge set up Suarez twice last week as is his tendency. Suarez is much more inclined to shoot if around the penalty area making him the better choice.

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