In Round Discussion – GW7

How did we all fare yesterday? Discuss your thoughts below! There’s plenty of action still to come tonight, let’s hope for more goals!


37 comments on “In Round Discussion – GW7

  1. RhydianL says:

    Have to get rid of Ben Arfa now, who would be the best option with no extra cash?

  2. Rakshit says:

    Same here! Ben Arfa has to go! Look no further than Ramsey! Although Hernandez is not a bad option as well.

  3. goonerdan says:

    I don’t understand the reason why Suarez didn’t get the bonus points for the goal he scored. I mean Sturridge and Gerrard scored the goals and they got 3 points for that. And Sakho? For what he did? There wasn’t even a clean sheet in the game, and the new bonus points system has awarded him bonus?

    I don’t understand the logic. Please could you clarify this buddy?

    • mattcraigdt says:

      I don’t understand what happened and it really gave me the shits, cost me a lot of ground. Chased Suarez to get his points as captain and he was comfortably on 3 bonus points after the game and named MOTM. Nek minnit they were re-adjusted and he got none, and was nowhere near them actually. Sakho got subbed off after 66 minutes so he got a clean sheet, but it’s a serious issue that a guy who gets a clean sheet and gets subbed get 3 more bonus than the MOTM. Stupid bloody system.

      • Dev says:

        Exactly, I saw 11 on the BPS and then next thing I know, he’s on 7, Really needed those bonus pts considering Rooney’s disappearing act.

        • Pritchy says:

          Yeah, the weird thing is I watched the whole game and suarez was everywhere, clearly motm. Worked out well for me though. Have Sakho but no Suarez!:)

      • goonerdhanesh says:

        Yep. Sakho apparently was subbed off. That part I missed. But it doesn’t change my view on what is happening in this stupid bonus points system.

        I mean Suarez was involved more in the game than Sturridge. Had more passes received and passes given to other players than Sturridge. Had more penalty area touches than Sturridge. Had 2 goal attempts whereas Sturridge had 5, this presumably the only area where Sturridge outscored Suarez yesterday.

        I still don’t know whats happening there. It was kinda similar last week, where I thought, Suarez and Sturridge will get 3 bonus points, but it ended up with LS getting 3 points and DS getting 2. To me, the old bonus system was way better than this stupid system, which I find hard at times to understand.

        • Dev says:

          If I’m not mistaken, they deduct points for offside calls. Which Suarez somehow found plenty of.

          Either way, I sent in a formal complaint asking for answers on this Suarez-Bonus Points issue.

          Probably won’t get a reply though. P.s : I was polite as hell even though I was fuming inside coz my opponent’s captain was Sturridge.

  4. Go You Gunners says:

    How did I fare? Well, one word – REMYYYYYY. Oh and Sturridge (C) n Enrique were solid too. 😀
    39 (-4) with Michu, Hernandez, Amalfitano, Walker, Giroud and Ozil to come.

  5. Go You Gunners says:

    Bloody hell Hernandez 😦

  6. Go You Gunners says:

    Quick wrap on SOU/SWA first 45. SOU 1 – 2 SWA. Lallana outstanding early – Deservedly scoring first goal, faded out a tad as half went on. Boruc made 3-4 saves that could have easily been goals. Dyer been brilliant on RW, also hit post later on in 1st half. Bony/Michu looking very dangerous in box (3 great chances missed). Lambert playing well. Davies looks a promising talent, Should be 1-1 or maybe even 1-2. Also NO HERNANDEZ AGAIN. Great spectacle, should be a good second half.

  7. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5 says:

    Amalfitano it is! Amalfitano in Whittingham/Arnautovic out.
    Amazing talent!

  8. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5 says:

    Also, could anyone give me some thoughts on Michu and Lallana, watch listed Lallana a couple weeks back, he seems to be on a streak against good opposition as well.

  9. Dev says:


  10. Brayden says:

    For the questions above of who to trade Ben Arfa to, maybe that United 18yo who scored to goals?

    • goonerdan says:

      Sure he had a decent 2nd half against Sunderland. But I don’t think he is a nailed on starter at least for now. For now, he looks like a rotation risk. I would rather put him in my watchlist rather than picking him up straight away.

      • kingcolesy says:

        Ya, the way I see it, it will be an 8 point bop to trade him in and trade out, for a .1m sell. Like goon said he doesn’t seem a nailed on starter. Id rather have Brady sit in my team with the buy price of 5m 😛

  11. kingcolesy says:

    Basically all my defence options for a hit got less than 2pts. Lucky I didnt do that! Its going to be a long couple weeks holding off trades me thinks.

  12. Viper086 says:

    Are Southampton going to keep up the great defending? Fonte and Lovren still have such low ownership but they keep pumping out the points, definitely a lot more than ivanovic and zabaleta at the moment. Are they worth getting in? already have Clyne so dont want to be too Southampton heavy

  13. Shaun Curnow says:

    What a horrible gameweek! Only scored 42 and that was mainly due to Sturridge (captain), Yaya & Fonte… Rest of team sucked! Hurts more when u have 10 as keeper on bench and Nolan’s score on bench.

    Despite him scoring ok, still think ill trade Nolan. Would have 9.1 to spend and tossing up between Michu & Oscar, slightly leaning towards Oscar at this stage.

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