In Round Discussion – GW7

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How did we all fare yesterday? Discuss your thoughts below! There’s plenty of action still to come tonight, let’s hope for more goals!

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  1. goonerdan

    I don’t understand the reason why Suarez didn’t get the bonus points for the goal he scored. I mean Sturridge and Gerrard scored the goals and they got 3 points for that. And Sakho? For what he did? There wasn’t even a clean sheet in the game, and the new bonus points system has awarded him bonus?

    I don’t understand the logic. Please could you clarify this buddy?

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      I don’t understand what happened and it really gave me the shits, cost me a lot of ground. Chased Suarez to get his points as captain and he was comfortably on 3 bonus points after the game and named MOTM. Nek minnit they were re-adjusted and he got none, and was nowhere near them actually. Sakho got subbed off after 66 minutes so he got a clean sheet, but it’s a serious issue that a guy who gets a clean sheet and gets subbed get 3 more bonus than the MOTM. Stupid bloody system.

      • Dev

        Exactly, I saw 11 on the BPS and then next thing I know, he’s on 7, Really needed those bonus pts considering Rooney’s disappearing act.

        • Pritchy

          Yeah, the weird thing is I watched the whole game and suarez was everywhere, clearly motm. Worked out well for me though. Have Sakho but no Suarez!:)

      • goonerdhanesh

        Yep. Sakho apparently was subbed off. That part I missed. But it doesn’t change my view on what is happening in this stupid bonus points system.

        I mean Suarez was involved more in the game than Sturridge. Had more passes received and passes given to other players than Sturridge. Had more penalty area touches than Sturridge. Had 2 goal attempts whereas Sturridge had 5, this presumably the only area where Sturridge outscored Suarez yesterday.

        I still don’t know whats happening there. It was kinda similar last week, where I thought, Suarez and Sturridge will get 3 bonus points, but it ended up with LS getting 3 points and DS getting 2. To me, the old bonus system was way better than this stupid system, which I find hard at times to understand.

        • Dev

          If I’m not mistaken, they deduct points for offside calls. Which Suarez somehow found plenty of.

          Either way, I sent in a formal complaint asking for answers on this Suarez-Bonus Points issue.

          Probably won’t get a reply though. P.s : I was polite as hell even though I was fuming inside coz my opponent’s captain was Sturridge.

  2. Go You Gunners

    How did I fare? Well, one word – REMYYYYYY. Oh and Sturridge (C) n Enrique were solid too. 😀
    39 (-4) with Michu, Hernandez, Amalfitano, Walker, Giroud and Ozil to come.

  3. Go You Gunners

    Quick wrap on SOU/SWA first 45. SOU 1 – 2 SWA. Lallana outstanding early – Deservedly scoring first goal, faded out a tad as half went on. Boruc made 3-4 saves that could have easily been goals. Dyer been brilliant on RW, also hit post later on in 1st half. Bony/Michu looking very dangerous in box (3 great chances missed). Lambert playing well. Davies looks a promising talent, Should be 1-1 or maybe even 1-2. Also NO HERNANDEZ AGAIN. Great spectacle, should be a good second half.

  4. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Also, could anyone give me some thoughts on Michu and Lallana, watch listed Lallana a couple weeks back, he seems to be on a streak against good opposition as well.

    • goonerdan

      Sure he had a decent 2nd half against Sunderland. But I don’t think he is a nailed on starter at least for now. For now, he looks like a rotation risk. I would rather put him in my watchlist rather than picking him up straight away.

      • kingcolesy

        Ya, the way I see it, it will be an 8 point bop to trade him in and trade out, for a .1m sell. Like goon said he doesn’t seem a nailed on starter. Id rather have Brady sit in my team with the buy price of 5m 😛

  5. kingcolesy

    Basically all my defence options for a hit got less than 2pts. Lucky I didnt do that! Its going to be a long couple weeks holding off trades me thinks.

  6. Viper086

    Are Southampton going to keep up the great defending? Fonte and Lovren still have such low ownership but they keep pumping out the points, definitely a lot more than ivanovic and zabaleta at the moment. Are they worth getting in? already have Clyne so dont want to be too Southampton heavy

  7. Shaun Curnow

    What a horrible gameweek! Only scored 42 and that was mainly due to Sturridge (captain), Yaya & Fonte… Rest of team sucked! Hurts more when u have 10 as keeper on bench and Nolan’s score on bench.

    Despite him scoring ok, still think ill trade Nolan. Would have 9.1 to spend and tossing up between Michu & Oscar, slightly leaning towards Oscar at this stage.

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