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Southampton v Swansea City - Premier League

Last night’s games signal the start of a break in the FPL world. We’ve got some international games this weekend so we can chill out and take stock of where we are at, while we pray for no injuries! This week’s Dream Team;

Boruc (4.6m) – Artur Boruc has got to be one of the best FPL goalies available. He’s scored extra points in 5 out of the 7 games so far but this was his best. 10 points from Southampton’s clean sheet, a massive 7 saves and full BPs. He’s the highest point scoring goalkeeper in front of Mignolet by 1 point, but at this price provides much better value. Southampton are more than just a good shout to pick up clean sheets in 3 of the next 5 games. Recommended.

Reid (5.0m) – Did anyone pick West Ham to beat Tottenham, away, by 3 goals, without a striker? It doesn’t really sound possible does it? Well it happened and they’ll thank Winston Reid who was a big part of that win. He scored a massive 15 points on the back of a goal, a clean sheet and full BPs. I’m not sure what to take away from this. West Ham do have some very good players coming back to fitness but they have been a bit up and down so far. At their best West Ham are a decent team and are good value for some defensive points. I’d like to see more before I invest, particularly as they have Man City up next.

Riether (5.0m) – This was only Fulham’s 2nd clean sheet of the season so Riether hasn’t been scoring as many points as we’d hope when he was spoken about here a few weeks ago. His 9 points came from the clean sheet as well as full BPs. Fulham have a mean run coming up on the horizon so I wouldn’t suggest looking at Fulham defenders too closely.

Sakho (5.6m) – This is annoying. Call me old fashioned, but I like it when the man of the match plays the whole game. Maybe getting subbed off in the final few minutes is ok but Sakho was subbed off after 66 minutes… Spare me. Yadda yadda yadda he scored 9 points. Sort it out FPL. Sure the Bonus Points system would have shown he deserved it, but the model is wrong.

Clark (4.5m) – FPL has found a way to make nil/nil draws sexy! It means there’s going to be points galore for usually 10 players, being all the defenders and goalies from both teams. Ciaran Clark won the bonus point sweep stakes on his way to 9 points. Villa are a little unpredictable defensively however so I wouldn’t suggest loading up on them.

Januzaj (4.7m) – Lets just calm down shall we… Before you start jumping on the bandwagon here just think about how many games he’ll play going forward. It’s true he has looked good but I don’t know if a kid, no matter how talented, will win a regular spot in this team. He could very well prove me wrong but there are more viable options at this price range who are guaranteed game time. He scored a massive 14 points from 2 goals and full BPs.

Lallana (6.0m) – Lallana had to come good sooner or later. He’s sort of snuck under the radar a little in that he’s scored extra points in his last 3 games, largely from assists. This week he scored a goal and was given full BPs for his 11 points. The lack of point scoring midpriced midfielders means he should be an option for trading in. Maybe for Hatem “Never Again” Ben Arfa?

Yacob (4.4m) – Pass. This is his first extra point scoring game so far this season. He’d need to show more to be considered. His 10 points came from a goal and full BPs.

Morrison (4.4m) – The irrepressible Ravel Morrison does it again! He’s been getting some regular game time the past few weeks and this is his 2nd extra point scoring game from 3 full games. Not to mention that those 2 games were against Everton and Spurs so it’s not like he’s a flat track bully. If he does it again then he’s a very good choice for his price. 10 points from a goal and a couple of BPs.

Gerrard (8.9m) – It’s difficult to recommend Stevie G. He comes at a premium price but isn’t scoring points regularly enough to warrant trading him in just yet. He scored a goal and received full BPs for his 11 points after scoring 5 points last week from an assist. I guess if Liverpool continue to score goals he’ll be involved but whether it’s as a scorer or assister may not be as regular as years past.

Remy (7.6m) – Boom! My rather bold statement of 20 goals by the end of the year is starting to look a little less of a pipe dream… Newcastle does have a pretty tough run of games coming up but they have the talent to create chances against anyone and Remy has more than enough talent to put them away. I did say in my POD that he goes on hot streaks however so be wary. 5 goals in the past 3 games is white hot and the come down from that can be long and painful. If he manages to stay out of jail however, an extended run of form will set up his career…

That’s it from me for another game week. Although the EPL has a week off, make sure you stick around FPL Addicts and get involved… And hold off on those trades!

P.S. Thanks for all the kind comments the past few weeks. It gives us the fuel to keep burning our way through the season!

10 comments on “Dream Team – GW7

  1. kingcolesy

    Cant help think an injury will come in the next two weeks for those who traded in Januzaj 😛 And shame Shaw didnt get up due to illness. Fonte or Shaw decision at WC GW3 has had a bit of an impact since.

  2. goonerdan

    Unlucky for Shaw not to be in the team yesterday. Anyways I still think he can be better than the central defenders of Southampton by the end of the season.

  3. Dev

    Made the Januzaj transfer the moment he scored the 2nd coz figured he’s probably the only MU winger who seems to be able to do anything this season and where there’s a performing MU player, there’d be a bandwagon. Ka ching.

    Doesn’t hurt to have 5 in the bank either 😉

    • goonerdhanesh

      All seems good. But is he a nailed on starter? If yes, then good for you and the ones who took him. I would rather have him in my watchlist for the next couple of gameweeks [at least for the next gameweek] before thinking of any trade.

      anyways good luck to you Dev.

      • Dev

        I doubt I’d even start him on my team actually. hahaha

        Picked him up mainly for the financial aspect of the game. Next week MU are home against Soton so I’ll probably go with Clyne ahead of Januzaj. Maybe I’ll try him out against Stoke or Fulham. =P

  4. MattyZee

    You know you had a rough FPL week when the only player that you had featuring in the dreamteam was on the bench..

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