Round Review – GW7

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The less said about last round the better. I’m sure you guys have some better stories than I did! Leave your responses in the regular format below, and enjoy the break!

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I’m still sitting in the top 40,000 but dropped a massive 25k after 40 (-8). Enough said.

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  1. Dan

    Score: 37
    Rank: 700,000+
    Lords: Boruc and Suarez. HM to Morrison and Clyne on my bench.
    Losers: Everyone else combining for 15 points!
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: None, gonna hold till after the internationals
    Vent/Brag: Just about to toss it in…avoiding points like the plague this year. Bought in Baines, Ozil and Michu on WC two wks ago, costing about a qtr of my total team value, and theyve combined for 9 points in 2 wks! Meanwhile, Morrison at 4.4 sits last on my bench with 11 points on his own in one wk.

    Other comments: Anyone starting Fantasy ALeague this weekend?

  2. George

    Score: 42
    Rank: 537, 969
    Lords: Suarez, Toure, Hazard
    Losers: Coleman, Shaw, Ramsey, Ozil, Giroud
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: Coloccini to Terry
    Vent/Brag: Traded Boruc a few weeks back for Mignolet and regretting it now! Brought in Ramsey this week for a good let down. I trust him to go on a bad run because I have him now!

    My two private league codes for the FOXSPORTS one are:
    – 534-204
    – 534-195

    Please join and goodluck. 🙂

    • kingcolesy

      joined 😛 I think they moved Ramsey to wing instead of centre mid so you might find he will have a bad run haha. bad luck

  3. Snoidz

    My worst week ever!!!
    Rank: 1000000+
    Lords: No one.. lukaku my best with 6. Everyone else got 2 or else
    Losers: Everyone expect lukaku
    Captain: Rooney
    Trades: Ben Arfa – ?? Got 9.8mil
    Vent: Soccer fantasy is too low scoring..

    What is wrong with my team?
    Shaw, Zabaleta, Coleman /Chester, Brayford
    Ozil, Ben Arfa, Ramsey, Mirallas /Koren
    Giround, Lukaku, Rooney

    • kingcolesy

      Nothing too wrong except for the injuries, Chester seems a bad smell that wont go away. Barkleys good value in mids but Michu has probably best chance of points for next 5

  4. baysietoff

    Score: ugh 40
    Rank (Overall): 112,746
    Lords: REMY, Boruc
    Losers: The rest but in particular Whittingham for refusing to be good enough to get onto my first XI but always scoring points while he’s there… Reither, no that’s not fair… Fulham for being so unpredictable.
    Captain: Rooney 🙂
    Trades: Suarez for one of Rooney, Giroud or Remy. Might even take a hit to get rid of Ben Arfa. Haha “might”…
    Vent/Brag: Defo no bragging here… But a vent. Check out the second most valuable team, “sandy”. Value 109.1m. Rank 2.5m… 5th is “Random” ranked 2.1m. Guys like these are ruining the game by intentionally inflating prices to make themselves look good in some stupid side competition that FPL seems to want to give time to. Get rid.
    Other Comments: Sorry, just frustrated. Need a break 🙂

  5. MattyZach

    Score: 36
    Rank (Overall): 339194
    Lords: Sturridge (C) scored half my points.
    Losers: The rest. 3 points was my highest scoring mid, forward and back apart from Sturridge.
    Captain: Sturridge
    Trades: Kneejerked Ward-Prowse to Amalfitano because he was losing me value like it was going out of fashion. Will hold the rest of the break before I consider any more moves. Will probably have to look at Soldado to someone else now that he’s lost his starting spot. However, I only have minimal salary cap spare so I will have to take hits in order to facilitate another upgrade,
    Vent: This season sucks! haha

  6. Higgz

    Rank (Overall): 816,953
    Lords: Sturridge,lukaku,toure
    Losers: Coleman,vidic,Ben arfa,Rooney
    Captain: Sturridge
    Trades: Chester to shaw and giroud to lukaku
    Vent/Brag: shit score
    Other Comments:

  7. Viper086

    Score: 42
    Rank (Overall): 15,673
    Lords: Toure, Lukaku, Toure, Clyne, Suarez
    Losers: Zabaleta, Ivanovic, Barkley, Ramsey, Ozil, Rooney
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: Thinking of getting rid of Zabaleta for Fonte or Lovren and Rooney for Remy
    Vent/Brag: Had Reid and Boruc on the bench but to be honest if i am playing those 2 blokes over the guys i have on the park i will be losing out more than winning.
    Other Comments: Topping the 2 leagues i am in so can’t complain too much. Coming from AFL fantasy for the first time this season it has been interesting to notice the fluctuations from one week to the next and it can be quite hard to take. I suppose it just isn’t as stats driven so it is harder to find consistency in players scores. It is very tough not having a Gary Ablett or Dane Swan running around who you know will pump out a big score every week but maybe that is also a positive as means that it is less predictable.

    Rant over!

  8. daidawg

    Score:24 (-4)
    Rank (Overall): 453,562
    Lords: None really. I suppose Jose enrique and Amalfitano. Clyne on the bench with my team’s top score!
    Losers: Coleman, Collins, Ramsey, Soldado, Rooney, Giroud
    Captain: Rooney
    Trades: Soldado to Sturridge
    Vent/Brag: Worst score I’ve ever had! Pathetic!
    Other Comments: I’m terrible

  9. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Score: 36
    Rank (Overall): 242, 491
    Lords: Sturrdige & Enrique
    Losers: no one else scored above 2
    Captain: Sturridge
    Trades: Chester to Clyne
    Vent/Brag: Maybe Rooney to Suarez/Lukaku
    Other Comments: International break came at the wrong time! I just wanna get straight back in there!

  10. kingcolesy

    Score: 40
    Rank (Overall): 72101
    Lords: Yaya Toure
    Losers: Coleman, Collins, Ramsey
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: Next move will likely be Whittaker up to A.Williams. Otherwise Brady/Ramsey to Michu.
    Vent/Brag: Crystal Palace goal costing me about 10 points sucks. Having Whittaker from GW3 WC was a stupid move. But Im lucky to have almost every other bandwagon in the team other than Sturridge, making my team look decent(up to 106m)
    Other Comments: Yaya Toure has been about the only reliable mid Ive had shamedly 😛

  11. Dev

    Score: 44 (-4)
    Rank (Overall): 1,720,208
    Lords: Suarez, Sturridge, AMALFITANOOOOO and Clyne
    Losers: Baines, Eriksen, Ozil, Rooney, EVERYONE.
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: Lukaku in, Rooney out. Januzaj in, Arnautovic out.
    Vent/Brag: I mainly play head to head so I’m not really bothered about ranking and all coz I constantly take point hits. Oh and Amalfitano won this week for me. =D
    Other Comments: Brought in Januzaj because I’ve a feeling he’s gonna get me a couple of points but mainly because there’s gonna be a bandwagon. KA CHING (Risen by 0,1 already)

  12. Jared Koch

    Score: 42
    Rank (Overall): 368381
    Lords: Sturridge (C), Reid, Lukaku
    Losers: Everyone else scored 2 or less
    Captain: Sturridge
    Trades: Not sure will wait until after International break. Probably Ben Arfa out.
    Vent/Brag: Fluke with Reid. Was thinking of getting rid of him 🙂 I beat third in my league and I was 14th.

  13. Rakshit

    Score: 40
    Rank (Overall): 456,473
    Lords: SASCHA RIETHER, Suarez, Clyne
    Losers: BEN ARFA, De Gea, Michu, Ozil and other usual suspects
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades:Lambert > Lukaku
    Vent/Brag: Boruc on my bench. Frankly, I expected the Swans to score atleast one. They always score. So cant lose sleep over that. Ive had it with Ben Arfa. He has to go.
    Other Comments: Im so glad to see my persistence with Riether finally paying off. I suffered heartbreak with him conceding late a couple of times. Just look forward to getting some attacking points from him now. Go Sascha!

  14. JHart

    Score: 64 (-4)
    Rank (Overall): 562,600
    Lords: Boruc, Riether, Gerrard, Suarez, Bent
    Losers: Nastasic, Ramsey
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: Gonna wait until after int. break. Probably Bent –> Lukaku.
    Vent/Brag: Riether and Bent as POD.
    Other Comments: Where is Suarez BPs?

  15. Go You Gunners

    Score: 57 (-4 so 53)
    Rank (Overall): 286k
    Lords: REMYYY, Sturridge, Amalfitano, Clyne filling in for Hernandez (Missed again!!!), Enrique
    Losers: Michu, Ozil, Bloody Walker/Tottenham, Wilson, Giroud
    Captain: Sturridge
    Trades: Last week were Zab > Clyne and Fer > Amalfitano, maybe Ward-Prowse > Lallana? have 4.8 in the kitty
    Vent/Brag: Solid week
    Other Comments: is FoxSports the website for Fantasy A-League?

    • Brayden

      FoxSports is for Fantasy A-League

      Score: 42 (-4 so 38)
      Rank (Overall):1,896,709
      Lords: Suarez, Sturridge and maybe Fonte thats how badly I went
      Losers: Ben Arfa, Baines, Eriksen, Ozil, Giroud and Ramsey (let them off)
      Captain: Suarez
      Trades: Eriksen ana Arfa out, Yaya and Januzaj leaving me with 1.4 to upgrade Whittaker to someone at 5.5. Not sure who though and need help. Was 0.1 of Coleman
      Vent/Brag: Pretty good week for me as you can see from my ranking
      Other Comments: Loving the help on the website and will be better prepared for my second year.

  16. inv3station

    Score: 35 (-12)
    Rank (Overall): >1 000 000
    Lords: Suarez, Fonte, Jose Enrique
    Losers: Begovic, Mertesacker, Davies, Walters, Barkley, Ozil, Rooney, Giroud.
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: OUT: Zabaleta, Evra, Gayle, RVP; IN: Davies, Jose Enrique, Rooney, Suarez
    Vent/Brag: VENT: Evra 5pts, Gayle scores and earns 5pts. Rooney in for Gayle and does nothing. Gave Begovic the nod ahead of Boruc, enough said. Brought Davies in rather than Lovren. BRAG: at least ManU bagged 3pts. Suarez
    Other Comments: none.

  17. GoWednesday

    Score: 27
    Rank: Practically dead last
    Lords: Suarez, Rooney
    Loser: Moses, Ozil, Michu, Ramsey, Dawson, Nastasic, Baines, Wilson, Mignolet
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: Moses > Januzaj, Rooney > Sturridge, thinking about spending 4 on Aluko > Lukaku as I have 3.3mio in the bank
    Vent/Brag: Unbelievably bad week. My 9 losers scored 9 points between them. I think my team’s good. It just isn’t working. Was so angry I made 2 knee jerk trades and now have to pray for no injuries over the international break.

  18. Lenh191

    Score: 44
    Rank (Overall): 286113
    Lords: Sturridge (c) Sahko
    Losers: Arfa, Girroud, Soldado, Ozil
    Captain: Sturridge
    Trades: Nolan to Ramsey
    Vent/Brag: I survived the week…
    Other Comments:

  19. DaBomb

    Score: 39
    Rank (Overall): 281,466
    Lords: Sturridge (C), David Silva
    Losers: Mignolet, Shawcross, Mertesacker, Walker, Davies, Paulinho, Michu, Giroud
    Captain: Sturridge!!
    Trades: Used wildcard this week, everyone underperformed
    Vent/Brag: Had Lukaku, Clyne, Amalfitano and McGregor on the bench which combined for 25 points!! Couldve had them on field to get a score of 57!
    Other Comments: HOW DID MOSES MISS THAT SHOT THAT HIT THE CROSSBAR??? He was a metre away, and cost me an easy 5 points right there.

    • Pritchy

      That Moses shot was actually one of the worst misses I’ve seen. And that’s not just at first class level!

      • DaBomb

        As a Manchester United fan, i rarely support a Liverpool goal when there is a chance of a loss, but they were easily winning that game. And just seeing that hit the crossbar, it was the worst miss i have ever seen, there haven’t been too many worse than that. He has to justify my choice of picking him as a cheap mid. Hope it wasn’t a mistake!

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      I’ll write something up on my team and some players to watch out for if you want. Haven’t looked at making my team just yet though… I’m not the biggest expert but it might help!

      • Go You Gunners

        That’d be great mate, atm I’m looking at something like

        Theo – ?????
        Leijer Roux Polenz – ????? ?????
        Broich Garcia De Silva ????? – Brillante
        Henrique Jeronimooo Cunningham

        Really don’t have much idea haha

      • Dan

        Would love an ALeague fantasy column too…

        Do most play the Fox game or the sportal one? I played the Fox one last year and will again, but didn’t really like how it runs through the finals series

  20. baysietoff

    Ok, so done my A-League team… That’s not easy especially when you know bugger all!!!

    GKs – Theo, Acton
    Defs – Zullo, Polenz, Leijer, Pantelidis, Adams
    Mids – Mooy, Emerton, Troisi, Zahra, Brillante
    Att – Twat (sorry Barisha), Cunningham, Maclaren

    It’ll be luck if I do any good with this team haha.

      • Go You Gunners

        G: Vukovic, Duncan
        D: D’Apuzzo, Roux, Neville, Caira, Boxall
        M: Broich, Flores, Troisi, Mooy/Nichols, Brillante
        F: Cunnigham, Cirio, Maclaren

      • Dan

        Gotta be the only way to go with the keepers..too hard rotating and trying to pick CSs imo (and too expensive)

        Ive gone with the Brisbane combo too. My team:

        Theo Acton
        Goodwin Anderson Cole Watson Broxall
        Sanchez Troisi Zahra Brillante McFlynn
        Berisha Duke McLaren

        Whose this Cunningham u guys have picked?

        • Go You Gunners

          Costa Rican signing for Wellington, would have gone Henrique but not sure about his JS?? And injuries of course..

          • Go You Gunners

            hmmm I’ll probably go with Zahra then if he’ll start more.. it’s hard when you have no idea about which players have good JS haha.

          • baysietoff

            Yeah there’s far too much guess work for my liking! I’ve read some of the Glory preseason write ups on Zahra and he sounds promising.

  21. keysnskis

    Score: 37
    Rank (Overall): 990k
    Lords: Sturridge (C), Fonte
    Losers: Özil, Giroud, Mignolet, Baines, Dawson, and the rest
    Trades: -Van Persie, +Lukaku (Finally convinced myself to drop RVP)
    Vent/Brag: I benched Boruc, who could have gotten me up to 45, which isn’t bad compared to some of the scores I’ve seen.
    Other Comments: Sturridge and Fonte were the only two on my team to score more than 2…not much else to say. Hopefully next week will be better.

  22. kingcolesy

    My A League team based off Fox website, and % owners for 75kers. Also wikipedia’d Sydneys keeper to say Necevski, which is the only 200k GK.

    Necevski (Italiano)
    Leijer, Polenz, Roux (Petkovski, Boxall)
    Germano, Ono, Flores, Brilliante (Kamara)
    Ifill, Del Piero(C), Henrique

    Got the moneyball team right here! 😛

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