A-League Discussion – Round 2

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For those interested, come here to chat everything a-league! A couple of interesting clashes to come today… And how about the injury disaster!

12 comments on “A-League Discussion – Round 2

  1. toasted1961

    A bit better this week with Neumann (C) and Flores. However I brought in Berisha this week. Who to get for his replacement? I have McLaren plus 25k in the bank.

    Is FRanjic worth it? What about Broich?

      • Dan

        Im going Brockie for Berisha.

        Franjic is killing it, playing right wing and playing really well, captain option imo.

        My team has started worse than my FPL team though (already WCed last wk) so probably ignore anything I say 🙂

  2. Go You Gunners

    G: Theo (Acton)
    D: Roux Goodwin Pantelidis (Caira Boxall)
    M: Flores Troisi Ferreira Mooy (R. Edwards)
    F: Berisha Jeronimo Maclaren

    Need to get rid of Goodwin, Mooy and possibly Berisha depending on injury extent. maybe Maclaren too. Wildcard time??

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