In Round Discussion – GW8

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With most of the round complete, discuss how you’ve all fared here. We cannot mention Michu’s name……. But get in there Ozil!

17 comments on “In Round Discussion – GW8

  1. Go You Gunners

    fcking Hernandez and Wilson…. at least I had Ravel Morrison on the bench to replace Hernandez…

    Remy > Benteke and Hernandez > Hazard or Oscar next week?

  2. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    So all my attacking players scored… My VC, all three strikers and 3/4 of my MIDs, except for one player who happened to be my captain, who happened to take part in a 4-0 walloping, against Sunderland, at HOME. He scored me an amazing 6 points as captain!
    Its time for you to go Michu, it might be not fair but thats just a terrible performance son.

    • kingcolesy

      Hah man, keep him. I’d only strongly consider shipping him if he was gonna to drop value. On the other hand my boy Chico, get on!

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        He might be gone for Hazard, maybe a bit too soon but I have a feeling (I know it sounds absolutely retarded haha) that with upcoming fixtures and some decebt form, I recon he could be good. And I know they are facing West Ham at home, but they just faced Sunderland at home and didnt get a part in ANY of the FOUR goals!
        But ive already narrowed down ny options to three trades. Arnautovic to Lallana.
        Michu to Hazard. Or Dawson to Chico. Might even consider taking a -8?

  3. screech

    59, with dawson to come(substituting zabaleta who fell victim to the mancini roulette). might trade out zabaleta now, and am looking at getting rid of hba, lambert as well….. ramsey did the job as did captain suarez and patience in mirallas paid off. going to have to seriously look at getting ozil in my team, maybe next week for hba…..

  4. kingcolesy

    Good week for me, got 72. Lots of popular players I dont have failed to score well this week, particularly the defence. Also many people misfired a capt on Michu and Lukaku which is win for me.

  5. Dev

    Any hopes for a high scoring game between Villa and Spurs?

    I’m down by 11 pts with only Eriksen left to play.

    Personal hatred towards Lukaku right now. >=(

  6. Dan

    62 with Dawson playing…finally a half decent wk. Ironically the first wk this yr I didnt make a transfer too haha

    Ozil finally repaid the faith in a big way, Michu and Baines still completely stinking since I bought them in. Suarez perma captain status for me till he fails.

  7. MattyZach

    How did I know the week that I trade out Soldado for Lukaku it’s the week that their forms swap.

  8. Viper086

    Toure captain, what was i thinking??? Would have had a great score with just about anyone else in my team as skipper

  9. Rakshit

    61 with Michu (c). Thats an acheivement eh!! Owe it all to Ozil, Suarez and SOLDADO! And a cheeky little assist from Riether as well. How that guy has just 2% ownership, I shall never know. A great POD!

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