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Boom! It’s hard to believe a few GWs ago we were discussing the possible demise of the high scoring midfielder. I hope this week shatters those thoughts? There were some massive points scored by some favourites, unfortunately a few of them were ones we had to let go due to their lack of form… Do they come back into consideration? We’ve still got one game left to go and will update this tomorrow if need be.

Myhill (4.5m) – A team’s defensive capacity shouldn’t really be judged by a game against Stoke. They’ve scored 4 times, but that included 2 against Palace in the first game of the season, leaving 2 in the past 7 games. West Brom hasn’t been that bad, but there are better options at around this price. Myhill scored 9 points from a clean sheet, a couple of BPs and a few saves.

Rangel (5.4m) – Rangel was looking the goods last season and was very high up on my shortlist throughout preseason. He seemed like he was going to become one of the preeminent attacking full backs in the EPL, but it didn’t quite work out that way towards the end of last season and the beginning of this one. He profited from Swansea’s clean sheet as well as picking up an assist and full BPs for 12 points. Definitely one to watch if Swansea can keep it clean down back and based on their next few games, that’s very possible.

Chico (5.0m) – Another Swansea defender that benefited from their clean sheet, he was also one of their many goal scorers which helped get him to 9 points. I’d still prefer Rangel over Chico (or Williams) if you are looking for a way into their defence due to Rangel’s attacking potential.

Ridgewell (5.0m) – Similar to Myhill, Ridgewell profited from Stoke’s fear of scoring and again wouldn’t be a long term proposition. 9 points from the clean sheet and full BPs.

Hazard (9.0m) – About. Bloody. Time. Nearly every single preseason FPL article had Hazard as one of the main beneficiaries of Jose’s return but he hasn’t done much up until now. He was a 9.0m white elephant standing in the corner of the room winking at you up until recently. That’s an expensive elephant… Is he back, or is he just messing with us? I don’t really have the time or energy to deal with any mind games from you Eden, but I do have some money in the bank and a Ramsey waiting to be traded out (if he ever stops scoring). Anyway, he flirted with us last GW by scoring a goal but he’s back this week showing off some serious bedroom eyes with 2 goals, an assist and full BPs for a massive 18 points.

Ozil (10.6m) – Mesut scored 10 goals from 53 games at Madrid last season, 7 from 53 the season before that and 10 from 53 the one before that. His last season at Bremen he got 11 from 44. We may have spent more time on his massive assisting ability and over looked his goal scoring threat? Maybe it’s just me… Let’s hope his 2 goals on the weekend are the start of being able to set the big C on him and forgetting about it. He got 15 points from the goals and full BPs.

Mirallas (7.2m) – Hands up who started the season with Mirallas? Ok, now everyone put their hands back down. Hands up those who still have him? Oh… Not really sure what to take out of this to be honest. To be fair, his goal probably shouldn’t have stood but he did provide a nice assist. Pienaar’s return to the left wing may actually benefit Mirallas in the long run. He seemed to be a little lost being a permanent right winger and the ability for him and Pienaar to roam a bit might get him in the game a bit more. Goal, assist and full BPs for 13 points. Watch.

De Guzman (5.7m) – I can hear a faint chorus of “why couldn’t Michu have done this?” De Guzman is a very good player but he hasn’t been able to get on the park enough to string some performances together. If he can however, he could be quite handy. Last season he scored 5 goals and had 7 assists which is pretty good for his first year in the EPL. This week he scored a goal and had full BPs for 11 points.

Wilshere (6.1m) – Decent goal or what? This is the sort of performance a lot of us had hoped for since he got back to full fitness, although he has been excellent at times most of his performances were not consistently in direct goal scoring or assisting areas of the pitch. He scored THAT goal, as well as an assist and a BP for 11 points. Get the man a ciggie!

Aguero (11.1m) – What do you do with a problem like Aguero? He is easily one of the best strikers in the EPL, probably the world, but such is Man City’s attacking depth that he has only finished one game this season. Granted he’s generally doing the job in the minutes he is playing but it would be great if in those games he’s not quite performed, he gets left on the pitch! Yeah, that’s pretty selfish but if he finished games, and we were certain he was going to start on the pitch at all, he would be an FPL lock! He got a couple of goals, an assist and full BPs for 16 points. Do we wish for a swathe of Man City striker injuries?

Soldado (9.2m) – Every now and again we here at FPL Addicts make a statement and it comes back to bite us in the bottom. I definitely said a big fat no to Soldado when the striker conundrum reared its ugly head last week (and I’m sure others did too). I’m not fully convinced just yet that he is better than what we have, but if he gets into the goals regularly I’m happy to change my mind. A goal, an assist and full BPs for 12 points.

UPDATE Ruiz (5.6m) – Just the one update from the game last night. Ruiz gets a mention due to his huge game clocking up 3 assists and full BPs for 14 points. I vaguely recall him going through a fantastic spell at the start of last season so I guess we should keep an eye on him to see if this isn’t just a flash in the pan.

Who else was there that could have made this team? Ramsey (again) with an 11 points, Eto’o had his first decent game for Chelsea with 11, Silva got in the points again with 11, Suarez made those who captained him happy with 10 points, Townsend converted all his hype into FPL points and Liam’s in form Lallana scored another bag of points with 10.

Are any of us going to be shoehorning any these guys into your teams?

21 comments on “Dream Team – GW8

  1. MattyZee

    I had Soldado all season up until this GW, and backed him in every week to do his thing until this week I got fed up and traded to Lukaku. Rubbish result! haha

  2. nburk53

    Nice one Baysie! Finally some luck for me, was that close to clicking the trade button this week on Soldado but thought I’d hold off and bank my trades 😀 Happy days… Wait… Still lost my main league…Been a shocking start for me!

  3. kingcolesy

    This GW poses the question who is the better pick still, Hazard or Oscar? Oscars had it in the bag all season and probably still does, he only got limited minutes this week cos of international duty and still scored. Im pretty sure I’ll be getting one from GW11 onwards.

  4. pryose

    I posted in the wrong place last time, but out of Nastasic, Eriksen + Shelvey, who should be the first to be punted (if any)?

  5. Rakshit

    The only reason I stuck to Soldado this week was cuz I had to offload Ben Arfa. Plus, he had a couple of favouable fixtures coming up. Im not complaining! Id be looking to make him my captain against Hull next GW. It was only gonna be a matter of time before he raked in the moolah! Hope this is the start of a golden run!

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