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Welcome back to another edition of transfer talk. As we are nearing Thursday let’s not waste any more time!


  • Mirallas – Who ever thought we’d be saying this?! It’s fantastic that he’s finally showed what he’s capable of… PITY IT WASN’T THERE 8 WEEKS AGO KEV. I won’t be going near this one again, and I would advise that you guys don’t get tempted either. Midpricers are not the place to be this season, not yet anyway.
  • Ozil – No surprise that we’re seeing this however, what a signing by Arsenal. Like Van Persie’s was last year, this has changed the setting for the title race and could prove to be the final cog in Wenger’s long awaited plan. In any case, he is a must have in fpl if you ask me, should be the top scoring midfielder comfortably. He is now also a proven captaincy option!
  • Ramsey – Is there much more to say about this man? He has scored, and United’s title contention has been killed. Enjoy the ride while it lasts, and it’s not slowing up anytime soon.
  • Silva – He seems to be the forgotten midfield option, with all the chatter surrounding the in-form Chelsea front men. Manchester City are scoring goals like it’s nobodies business, so why not go for their playmaker? Especially as he has now become a POD! I’m not sure he will be as cheap as 9.3 again and for what he can deliver, it is a steal. Granted so are the other options so the opportunity cost is high, however I am bringing him in this week and will never worry about job security again.
  • Aguero – He is on fire at the moment, and is getting great odds at the TAB! That aside however, I’m not sure you can have more than one striker above 11, and Suarez fits that billing all too well. Unless the situation changes, I just can’t recommend Kun at the moment. However if you’re getting desperate and want a serious POD, then this could be your man!
  • Soldado – For those who kept him, well played. For those who had just traded him, unlucky. For those who own 3 of Giroud, Sturridge, Suarez, Aguero, Benteke or Lukaku… Play on. Nothing to see here. I want to see consistency before we get too rash.
  • Suarez – He is the premium forward option at the moment, and should be everyone’s captain (or vice) for the near future. He is clearly a man on a mission, and Liverpool look up for that mission! Great option.
  • Finally honorable mentions go to Lallana and Townsend, neither of which I can recommend long term. More on this in the Q&A tomorrow, however if I was after a budget midfielder, Amalfitano still looks to be insane value, whilst Morrison is the perfect M5.


  • Zabaleta – Oh how hard the fall from grace can be at times… The once premium defender is now fighting for his starting spot in the Man City XI… I’d be trading.
  • Michu – GOD DAMMIT MAN. I do apologise to my wonderful readers who took my foolish, greedy advice and chased the Sunderland feeding frenzy points. Little did I expect Michu, their main goal scorer, to not take part in ANY of their 4 goals in the rout. He is on borrowed time unless he pulls out something spectacular this week. Just not with the captains armband.
  • Enrique – Trade, trade, trade! I’m not sure expensive defenders are the way to go anyway, so I don’t think you can hold up 6.2 of your budget here.
  • Ben Arfa – The rollercoaster is on its last legs… but that’s when it can kick-off again! Sunderland may be his last chance to shine for some… I’m just happy I didn’t go there in the first place!
  • Eriksen – Happy to get this one right, not sure where all those “geniuses” have gone now for selecting him over Ozil… Will shine one day, but not yet…
  • Barkley – I fear he is running out of steam, so it’s probably time to offload him, and fast. Amalfitano still looks the goods and is an easy straight swap, whilst Morrison provides great value. 5.5 is his peak value for mine.
  • Van Persie – Finally the last nail has landed in his coffin, even with him getting on the board, albeit from an open goal. The options are too plentiful to stash 14 of your budget in one player. Thanks for your services Vanners, but we need your price to come back to earth!


Hazard – This was a hard one, usually you just get a bandwagon rolling, however the opinions on the best options are split this week. Having said that, with another goal in the Champions league making it 4 goals and 2 assists in 3 appearances (2 starts), his form is too good to ignore. So does one lay their eggs in the same nest twice (Does that even make sense)? We have all owned Hazard at some point of the season, and I don’t like to go crawling back begging for forgiveness, it rarely ends well… As I say I will be going with Silva (never owned him), I like to share the love! However I can’t deny Hazard’s form, nor his ability. His ability to keep this pace up however is questionable, as is his consistency. Is he a different player from the one who produced 5 consecutive blanks just one month ago? That’s up for you to decide… All I will say is 9.0 is a steal! You can’t say no to him, nor Oscar. More on them tomorrow… Gun to my head I say Oscar!


  • The price changes have certainly settled down as of late, so unless a player you want has gone out and done something superhuman, there is probably no point in rushing him in. I’m not finding the budget too difficult to work with this season anyway, especially with the top player in each team most likely to be priced around 11.0.
  • Ramsey, Aguero and Boruc are going up today so get onto it! There is serious daylight between them and the next most likely, Giroud.
  • Enrique is going to fall with the next set of price changes, so move him on swiftly.
  • Lovren, Lallana, Townsend and Fonte are all rising the quickest but have quite a way to go before price rises become a possibility… Ozil will like reach 10.8 before the gameweek is out also. Hazard shouldn’t go up before Friday (most likely Saturday).

So that’s it from me today, look forward to another Q&A coming your way later tonight, before we get stuck into some more captains and gameweek previews! Cheers.

29 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW8

    • Rakshit

      Im gonna stick to him for the next 3 weeks atleast. Swansea have favourable fixtures and SURELY…SURELY…he has to come good sometime. The guy has got undeniable class.

      • Shikhar

        Even i believe in Michu but i’ve to catch up on a lot of points ! Also i forgot to mention 1 thing, i’ll swap him out IF he fails to deliver in the next one even though they have favourable fixtures ahead.

          • Shikhar

            Pathetic man..Scored just 47 points in such a high scoring gameweek..Forgot to put suarez as capt before deadline..Nd RVP is out..Got in rooney last week only and look what happened there but i m glad i did it..Just can’t afford 1 unsure player in my team every week especially when that man is worth 14mil !

  1. Dan

    Had 2 freebies saved up so already done Wilson>Chico and Arnautovic (that experiment failed miserably) > Brady. Was gonna go with Amalfitano over Brady but like that Brady is on pens. and slighlty cheaper.

    Michu on his last chance, if he fails again will become one of Silva or Hazard next week.

    Im one of the few about still without Ramsay. Not really through not thinking he can continue on this form, but it just seems too much to have all 3 of Ozil, Giroud and Ramsay to me

    • MattyZach

      I’ve not got Ramsay either. Don’t think it’s worth jumping on that bus now that his price has skyrocketed in value.

    • chaitanyavkulkarni

      Me too with out Ramsey 🙂 and being an Arsenal fan I know why I have not taken him in my team yet. Ozil / Cazorla / Walcott (when he will come back) are the options to go to grab points with current Arsenal form.

  2. boges11

    Great write up Matt.
    Forward line of Suarez, Giroud and Negredo. Thinking of trading Negredo to Remy or maybe Lukaku, or just hold. Thoughts appreciated

  3. Go You Gunners

    Cheers Matt! Not taking a hit this week, had some $$ saved up so went Hernandez (Never Again) to Oscar, then have enough left to turn Remy into Benteke after his match against Sunderland and Enrique to terry after MCI

  4. Viper086

    I rage traded Zabaleta for Lovren on Monday. Southampton’s defence seems to good to pass on any longer and they have a pretty good run the next 3 weeks.

    Still have 1 trade saved from last week but think i might hold it. Otherwise Barkley could be in the gun but I suppose there are worse problems to have. Ivanovic is also in the gun but after this week they have a very easy run coming up.

  5. nburk53

    Awesome stuff Matt! I’ve got Ben Arfa…… Any more need to be said? Should I be looking to offload him this week or, like you said, give him one more chance, and trade Enrique? Have 3.7 in the bank so now shortage on cash.

  6. Who?

    I want to get in a defender for Coleman, preferably cheaper than he is. I am very light on spare cash! I already have Vertonghen, Terry and Fonte and max Southampton players.

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