The Captains – GW9

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Welcome back to another edition of the captains, after Michu let the boys down last week the pressure is on to pick a winner!

The Contenders:

Sturridge – The only reason he isn’t in the top 3 is due to Suarez. However if you don’t own Suarez and are looking to make Sturridge captain, I’d place him behind Ozil in second. He is on a hot streak and it shows no sign of ending, however he has been less involved in games over the past couple of weeks. Let’s hope he breaks that trend on the weekend.

Giroud – Another one you might of expected to make the top 3, and he would of until news broke yesterday that he is a chance to be rested. Now whilst he will probably still start and score, I just can’t go past his teammate as a safer captaincy option this week. However if you want to risk it, if he starts you’ll be laughing.

Lukaku – We all learnt our lesson from last week… With the younger players, no matter how talented, there is no such thing as a sure thing. Away to Aston Villa is a definite chance for goals, but there is better, safer options out there.

Rooney – I just wouldn’t have anything relying on Manchester United games at the moment, for a team who are struggling to score at the best of times Stoke will be no easy matter. Hold onto Rooney, but not a captaincy option in my opinion.

Soldado – He is not showing the consistency to warrant captaincy just yet, however another goal against Hull does look likely. He was rested midweek and will be keen to keep up a run of scoring, so expect him to get on the scoresheet also. One outside the box, but a decent shout nonetheless.

Top 3:

1. Suarez – For some reason I backed out of picking him at the last second last week, so I won’t make that mistake again. Well maybe I will, but it would only be for another super premium! West Brom at home looks too good to ignore and he is in amazing form. After missing out last week he is sure to be keen for a goal or two and surely you can’t deny him that. Great pick.

2. Ozil – I am 50/50 with the top 2, because Crystal Palace away looks ripe for the picking for an in-form Gunner side. Add to the mix probably the worlds best central attacking mid, and you have yourself a captain mix to rely on. Will surely return some kind of points and is very favourable to bonus with the chances he creates. I am just leaning towards Ozil this week, but only because I already have money on Suarez! Both should be great.

3. Benteke – I think he is almost a shoe in for a goal this week, however it would take a brave person to captain him over the previous 2 options. Should be great, but still a far riskier pick than Ozil or Suarez. Nice pick if you’ve got him back early though…

The Punt:

Michu – Well I wouldn’t be seen dead captaining him this week after his effort last gameweek, but he is surely due a goal and West ham should oblige. A very risky pick but we all know he has a massive upside when things go his way.

So that’s it from me this week! Good luck with all your transfers and captain selections! As always feel free to ask away in the comments if you have any queries. Cheers!

19 comments on “The Captains – GW9

  1. Shikhar

    Ramsey as the punt..? Something is telling me to go with Ramsey this time and i guess i’ll stick to that decision no matter what the consequences are..i hope he starts though 😛

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Nope I said last week don’t like picking those kind of players as captain… Massive derby, Sunderland at home with a new coach… be very careful!

  2. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Ozil it is this week! Cant deny a German monster in form, plus he did get an inform over the week, so all is looking goooood!
    Thanks again for the amazing info mate 🙂

  3. mattcraigdt Post Author

    Guys getting more word of a possible Ozil rest and whilst it is all speculation, it would make sense with Chelsea in the League cup midweek. If I’m going to shy away from Giroud I might have to do the same with Ozil if we don’t get more info from Wenger! Suarez is locked on and may be a safer option, will confirm who I go with tomorrow 🙂

    • CommanderX

      I feel the gains here outweight the risks, considering the fact that we cud see Arsenal score 3-4 goals vs Palace & if Giroud / Ozil starts, they wud defo get a bucket load of points. But If ur confident abt Suarez scoring, then go ahead & put the armband on him, but here’s a stat that might surprise u.

      Liverpool hv lost the last 3 EPL matches vs West Brom by a scoreline 0-2, 3-0, 0-1, where W.Brom kept a CS in all 3 matches. & yes Suarez played in all 3 & got a Yellow card in 2 of them.

  4. Rakshit

    Soldado shall get the armband in my team. Being dropped against West Ham really fired him up. I can forsee a goal scoring spree against Hull at the Lane! (Hopefully)

  5. CeG

    I’m going for Lallana this week despite owning Ozil, Giroud and Sturridge. Last time I had a gut feeling like this was Lukaku v Newcastle. That being said, the previous gut feelings tended not to even bloody start. Captain Lallana v the Fulham has assists written all over it.

  6. templetontherat

    Have Suarez on my ESPN fantasy team so going that route there. I am going to hope the Giroud rumours about him getting rested aren’t true and I will captain him in the FPL game with Sturridge as my vice captain

  7. Dev

    I had locked in Ozil as the capt for the whole week but now with all these speculation about him being rested, probably gonna go the safer choice and pick Suarez. Really wanted to pick Ozil though =/

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