In Round Discussion – GW9

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With the Crystal Palace and Arsenal teamsheets in, the round has kicked off! Feel free to discuss any issues or thoughts you have over what should be a great weekend of football. Good luck everyone!

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    • Dan

      You certainly did, i read the captains article…:)

      gonna be a painful 90 mins if u didnt follow ur own advice though…lookn so deadly!

  1. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    as soon as i trade you out Arnautovic… Not even joking, the week i do! after 5 weeks, you do this! WHY?!
    As well as not having Suarez… yep I know 🙁
    So I rage traded him for Rooney who happens to be doing well but less than Suarez… Probably gonna regret this.
    Knowing my luck as well, Lallana gonna give me a big blank this weekend… I can feel it coming

  2. CeG

    Still feeling good abou Captain Lallana now that my Ozil omission appears to be justified. 3 frontmen all scored, clean sheet for Coleman. Only Migs and Ozil have let me down so far with Yaya, Lallana (c), Fonte and Dawson left to play.

  3. MÃ¥ns

    Having a really good round so far with my 3 strikers all scoring, including captain Suarez! Only person who has let me down is Özil. I’m now on 43 points with 7 players yet to play 😀

  4. screech

    currently on 57, coleman cleansheet on the bench. went with zabaleta and terry on the field, will see how that defensive move turned out tomorrow. rooney, lambert, suarez (c) and ramsey all providing. im thinking of making boruc my main keeper ahead of mignolet…if only he had saved another penalty…..

  5. stevenfsexton

    69 with Dawson, Ben Arfa, Terry, Zabaleta and Yaya Toure to come. Mirallas, Boruc benched 🙁
    Ben Arfa is on notice. If he doesn’t perform Trade him to Lallana?

    • stevenfsexton

      …and this would allow me to go Barkley>Townsend (if he doesn’t rise in price, ie 0.0 in the bank)

  6. Rakshit

    45 points with Soldado (capt), Michu and Rangel to go. I thought I did reasonably well, but with such high scores going around,…I was wrong. Desperately want my captain to repay my faith in him. Reither burned me this week as I had Turner on my bench. Lallana flopped, Ozil flopped. Thats about it I guess. *gloom*

  7. Dan

    76 with Dawson, Chico and Michu to come. Lowest score of 3 to Whittingham and Ozil, everyone else has come to the party this week.

    Finally climbing the rankings a little.

  8. Go You Gunners

    Missing 11 points in ALeague because R. Edwards and Roux’s points haven’t been subbed on for Mooy and Jeronimo not playing

  9. Dan

    Finished on 94 in highest non DGW score. The whole backline and forwards fired bigtime. Mids were disappinting (3 scores of 3) bit cant complain too much

    • Go You Gunners

      😮 Nice! My mids sucked too ~ Ozil, Michu, Oscar n Amalfitano but back 4 of Coleman, Clyne, Walker and Boruc were amazing!! 😀

  10. Viper086

    Poor captain choice has let me down again. Should have gone Suarez or Rooney like my head told me but my heart said Ozil. A big score could have been a monster score!

  11. George

    Fernando Torres is a superstar! He played unbelievably brilliant against City and was rewarded with a tap in!! 🙂 GO CHELSEA!

  12. screech

    87 points, wow what was i think fielding Terry and Zabaleta over Coleman and Reid. Likewise Mignolet instead of Boruc. Ohh what could have been.

    Thinking of trading out Ben Arfa, Zabaleta. Or even going Mignolet>Harper for cash…..Any thoughts?

  13. Rakshit

    71 points. Had captained Soldado. Almost ended up being a disaster until that fateful penalty and a full BPS haul. Anyone who didnt have Suarez as their captain has a reason to be agrieved. Im just glad I had him in my team. Also, my bench had Boruc and Turner sitting nicely while Riether and DDG bombed. Ahh well…

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      Didn’t have him captain, didnt have him in the team, but still managed 70 points with Ozil captain and thats pretty good I guess.
      Probably stupid trading Rooney to Suarez but I only had Sturridge and Giroud and couldnt afford doing that trade, a tired me is never usually a good me but hopefully it pays off!
      BTW if he does badly please only throw a couple of eggs at my house? Thanks

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