Dream Team – GW9

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          Tim Howard

This was the week of the haves and have nots, you either had Suarez as captain, or you didn’t. Let’s just say I won’t be trying my captain armband on anyone else again!

Howard (5.5m) – Huge game by Tim Howard who basically kept Everton in the game throughout the first half v Villa and finished off the game with a well deserved clean sheet. He also saved a penalty, had a heap of saves and got full BPs for 14 points. Everton’s next block of 6 games aren’t going to be conducive to clean sheets, unless he keeps pulling these performances out!

Vertonghen (7.1) – Vertonghen was one of Spurs’ better players in their 1-0 win last night against Hull. He scored 12 points from the clean sheet, full BPs and an assist. Spurs are another team with a very tough run of games on the horizon so I wouldn’t consider trading in any of them right now, especially a premium priced player like Vertonghen.

Caulker (5.0m) – That Norwich didn’t score a goal in this game was more down to their own finishing as opposed to Cardiff’s good defending. Still, Caulker got a 9 point haul from the clean sheet as well as full BPs. I’m not going to suggest picking up promoted team’s defenders so no.

Koscielny (5.3m) – This was only Koscielny’s second additional points scoring game this season and was on the back of their decent defensive performance in keeping Palace at bay. The clean sheet plus full BP’s got him 9 points. Arsenal’s defence hasn’t been great this season and they have some tough games in the near future so it’s a no from me.

Williams (4.8m) – Ashley Williams came back from injury a little earlier than expected and would have made the owners who held him very happy. Swansea and West Ham played out a nil all draw overnight to start off their run of good defences performances on the right note. Williams got himself 9 points from the clean sheet and full BPs. Definitely look at Swansea defenders in the near future.

Osman (6.2m) – Ossie came on in the second half and turned the game. He must have been rather annoyed about being kicked out the first XI by Pienaar because he looked a man on a mission! He had a hand in both goals, scoring one and assisting the other, as well as a BP. It’s a no for Leon right now, he hasn’t looked the same player as last season. That is unless they decide to rest Barkley and he comes straight in. If that happens, just keep an eye on him.

Schurrle (7.3m) – Oscar? No. Hazard? Nope. Mata even? Ha nah. Schurrle!  This might start to get annoying, trying to figure out which of Chelsea’s plethora of attacking players is going to have the better game. I don’t recall anyone mentioning Schurrle’s name on FPL Addicts yet so he’s probably not on many radars. Due to their high number of players in these positions, chance of rotation and the fact he’s only finished one game prior to this one means he shouldn’t be now after one good game. 8 points from his goal and a bonus points. Watch is the best I can suggest.

Suarez (11.5m) – Suarez took home the game ball on the weekend and on the way scored 1 7 points (34 for those that captained him). He’s pretty close to being one of the best strikers in the world right now and you’ve got the be silly to think he can’t keep this up. Away games to Arsenal and Everton are the only really difficult ones coming up but he’s shown in the past that big games don’t phase him so I shouldn’t see that as an issue. Matt’s captain articles might seem a bit similar in the future!

Torres (8.3m) –  Now don’t get sucked in by this… Torres has actually been in decent form, after scoring a couple against Schalke midweek in the Champions League he scored another, as well as getting an assist and full BPs for 12 points. But, he does this every now and again then he goes back to spudding it. He’ll probably have another good game or two in the next 4 but he’s not long term material.

Lambert (7.2m) – Rickie Lambert’s been pretty unlucky so far this season but he put it together this GW, he scored a goal, an assist and received full BPs for 12 points. Be wary still as this was his first full game for a month and only his third additional points scoring game all season. I’m definitely keeping an eye on him at this price however.

Other notable performances; Cardiff keeper Marshall had a huuuuuge 10 saves to help him to 12 points, Rooney got back in the big points with 12 along with RVP on 11 and Rodriguez pocketed 11 points as well.

So that’s all for another game week, are any of those tickling your fancy?

8 comments on “Dream Team – GW9

  1. George

    Torres has found his pace and skill again. He said a few weeks back that he wants to show his 50million price tag was worth it for Chelsea. I am backing him to continue to perform well and with easy opposition for Chelsea he might play into great, consistent form! 🙂

  2. Dev

    It’s funny how the media reacts to Torres having a good game. They consistently over react every time he scores a goal by stating that he has returned. To which he replies by slumping back to the form that you’d expect from an injured player or Soldado. There but just not there.

    That being said, he does seem a lot more likely perform yet job security is still unlikely due to Eto.

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