Transfer Talk – GW9

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Welcome back to yet another edition of transfer talk! With some new heros popping up over the weekends games it’s time to assess who is the real deal, and who isn’t!


  • Williams – Swansea’s defence is looking rock solid as Baysie pointed out last week, so to be able to get their captain at just 4.8 is a bargain. He could be a great rotational defensive option if that’s the route you’re taking.
  • Suarez – No matter what Aguero does, he seems to better it. His hat-trick was incredible and laughed in the face of those who didn’t captain him… *gulp*. I think he’s the must have of this season, and if for some reason you haven’t got on board yet I’d be scrambling to avoid the numerous price rises to come.
  • Rooney – Whilst he’s not been pumping out massive scores, he’s still very much rewarding his owners patience and trust. Even though there are so many striker options out there, he still seems to be the third best option if you can fit him in.
  • Lukaku – There was a lot of pressure on him to score this week, from an fpl perspective that is. With all the premium forwards pumping out massive totals, the need to be going for a value forward option doesn’t seem viable. However he is showing that he’s capable of consistent returns and whilst he’s in-form, there’s no need to be trading him at all.
  • Sturridge – Quite a few people are against having both members of the new SAS, however this weekend may have proven that there is no reason you can’t go with both. Both have perfect job security, and even when Suarez dominates Sturridge still manages to pop up for his goal a game. I’m not one to complain at a goal a game. Great option if you can fit in him and Luis.
  • Forwards – 10 players reached double digits on the weekend, 6 of them were forwards. They are asserting their dominance as the highest scoring, and most importantly the most consistent scorers this season. 3 of the top 4 scorers for the season are forwards, enough said. The power forward line is the way to go.


  • Midfielders – They were the polar opposites of the forwards this week. It was only last week we were boasting about the return of the mids, they featured highly amongst the captain options and many switched to an extra premium mid. I think this week has confirmed for me the most important point of all. You won’t find consistency in midfield. From ANYONE. Last year we had guys like Mata who gained 14 attacking returns in 15 games, now we can look back on that and realise how special he was. Then you consider how good Bale was, this season is a little different. There was 2 midfielders who scored over 6 points this week, compare that to 12 forwards. Case and point, the premium value looks to be in the lock and load forwards. Whoever can crack the midfield code will have found their route to success.
  • Remy – Even though he will hit form occasionally and have everyone turning heads, there is too much quality in the forward line to be risking it with a guy like Remy. As I said a couple of weeks ago, he can be compared to Ben Arfa in the way he will be a serious roller coaster ride to own. If you were to pick one of the two, I’d take the risk in midfield.
  • Barkley – I dumped him last week and as I said a couple of weeks ago, he has certainly peaked in value. Ross, thanks for your efforts, but it’s time to go! Amalfitano is still a great option if fit, whilst Brady has the capabilities of great returns. I’m still not convinced by Townsend however if you’re a spurs fan you may just lean that way! Morrison still provides fantastic value and would be my pick of the bunch to free up some cash.
  • Michu – He has seriously let down those who took the punt with his great fixtures to come. For some reason I’m looking to give him a few more weeks to prove himself, however you couldn’t be blamed for aborting and bringing in someone like Oscar or Hazard, both of them carrying risks of their own. Silva is a great option if you still don’t have him.
  • Eriksen – AVB looks to be saving him for Europe, either way you can’t own him for his 30 minute cameos at his price!
  • Amalfitano – A half time substitution was not what his owners were after, and with West Brom still sweating on his injury concern his owners should monitor his progress closely throughout the week. If you need to trade I still like Morrison as a value midfield pick. Don’t write him off for the season though.
  • Negredo – Quite a few were talking him up as a forward POD a few weeks ago, however it has been proven that the forward line is not the place for PODs. Get him out before you fall further behind.
  • Benteke – I am absolutely ropeable that he missed that penalty, and it’s not for fpl reasons. Betting aside, it was not what his owners were looking for after taking a punt on bringing him in early. You give a guy like Benteke 2 golden chances and he usually bags one of them, I think he’ll still be a great option long term and should be monitored as his price falls to even more bargain levels. If it becomes a straight swap for Lukaku, I’d be making that move!


Aguero – The biggest winner of the week was clearly this man. It would have to be a toss up between him and Suarez for the best player in the epl, either way there’s no harm in owning both! He can’t stop scoring away from home, and who would be brave enough to deny him this week at home to Norwich! Champions league rotation would be his only downfall, but he will play every minute possible as he is crucial to City’s title hopes. I’ve made the move by bringing him in for Giroud, and whilst I wouldn’t recommend that to everyone, I just think his scoring and captain potential is too good to ignore. This flavour shouldn’t be going anywhere for the rest of the season!

I Hope this helped everyone! If anyone has questions to do with price changes you can ask away in the comments. We’ll be working on getting a Q&A together for tomorrow, before we turn our focus onto GW10! Cheers.

37 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW9

  1. toasted1961

    Thanks Matt. Good read as usual. A few conundrums for me.
    I still have Barkley – Brady or Morrison?
    I have Vidic – dud of the century – Williams or Rat?
    Michu??? – swap to Hernandez???
    I also have Giroud, Sturridge and Lukaku on the forward line – I am considering Aguero and or Suarez???

  2. Go You Gunners

    Cheers matt, went Wilson > Williams and Remy > Benteke then will probably offload Mignolet and Enrique next week unless Pool switch to 4 at the back which seems unlikely with Suarez n Sturridge form atm

  3. Dan

    Nice read as always, couldn’t agree more on the midfielders as losers. Almost worth going an all cheapo midfield I reckon. I currently have Brady, Whittingham and Morrison, with Ozil and Michu as my “big guns”.
    Very tempted to do Michu> Ramsay and Giroud> Aguero for a hit, but am learning that patience is a very good thing this year.
    Will most likely hold for a week and do it next week (if Michu fails again) with 2 FTs.

  4. Rakshit

    I am planning no transfers this gameweek. Gotta agree with Dan above, jerk trades and hits have not paid dividence for me this season. Pretty happy with my forward line of Lukaku, Suarez and Soldado (who is quietly climbing up the points chart). My mid filed quartet of Ozil, Michu, Ramsey and Lallana require no alteration for this GW atleast owing to the unpredictability in this dept. Holding on for now!

    • Shikhar

      Haha..You are defending soldado here as well..even i am making no changes to my midfield and forward line but would be getting in williams in place of zabaleta..will free up some cash and i see no point in investing big in defenders (atleast that’s what i’ve learned so far this season)

        • Shikhar

          Actually i just realised what a torrid set of fixtures tottenham i guess dawson would be the one getting the axe and that gives me the money to upgrade zaba to terry next week..!!

      • Rakshit

        And yeah… why should I be ditching Soldado now that he is firing… he has outscored Giroud, Sturridge, Remy, Lukaku, etc. in the last two GWs! Cmon Roberto!

  5. Dev

    I’m thinking of getting rid of Ozil because with Cazorla back, he looks like he’s gonna be last season’s Wilshere. You know, the guy who assists the guy who get’s the assist. Could get a +0.4 off him but I’m not sure who to bring in. Silva perhaps? =D

    This is my current team :

    Boruc, Harper
    Baines, Coleman, Ashley Williams, Ferdinand, Clyne
    Amalfitano, Januzaj, Townsend, Ozil, Lallana
    Aguero, Sturridge, Suarez

    Bank : 3.0

    Januzaj and Townsend were bought extremely early for bandwagon purposes and they’re doing exactly that with their prices steadily rising. Probably get rid of Townsend and keep Januzaj because he looks like the only way into MU besides strikers. Should I go Ramsey or SIlva?

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Ozil is not the guy who assists the assist. He has the most assists in Europe for 5 seasons for a reason, Cazorla is more likely to fall into this curse. Certainly hold him. If it was me I’d be going Baines to Rat and use that cash to upgrade Januzaj and Townsend. Silva and Ramsey?

      • Dev

        Well, I hope that’s the case because it looked like Cazorla kept hogging the forward positions in the Palace game. Yeah, been looking to offload Rio and Baines but just never got the chance to as I was too busy rebuilding my midfield and attack and now I doubt I’d offload Rio in hopes that Moyes would play him instead of Evans and Baines is just.. Disappointing. Probably give Townsend another week and Baines till the Palace game. Am I too late for the Ramsey show?

        Oh and thanks =D

  6. Andrew Willcox

    Current team

    Mignolet (Mcgregor)
    Lovren, Ivanovic, Shaw, Williams (Coleman)
    Ozil, Ramsay, Lallana (Brady, Amalfitano)
    Giroud, Rooney, Suarez

    Ivanovic has been poor, but has a good run of fixtures to come, thoughts on downgrading him to free up some cash? Also, looking at bringing in Aguero, should I trade Giroud or Rooney?

    • Shikhar

      that’s one solid defence you have..even though he has been poor, he’ll still be worthy of the 6 cs points in atleast 6 of chelsea’s next 7 fixtures..As far as aguero is concerned, get him as soon as you can..giroud would be the ideal replacement since you already have ozil and ramsey !

  7. Viper086

    Looking at offloading my Everton boys this week with a seriously tough run of games coming up the next 6 weeks. Coleman and Barkley thanks for the service and the money. Obviously most are getting rid of Barkley but thoughts on getting rid of Coleman?

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        Unless you don’t have any Swansea defenders or Chelsea as well (despite recent form), I would go for them, if not then stick with him.

  8. juramentado

    I would not downgrade Ivanovic, but if you need the cash maybe look at Johnson. Also Giroud for Kun as Podolski and Walcott returning could mean rotation for Giroud.

  9. screech

    Boruc Mignolet
    Zabaleta Terry Reid Dawson Coleman
    Barkley Ben Arfa Yaya Toure Ramsey Mirallas
    Rooney Lambert Suarez

    0.0 in the bank

    I have an important match up in my main league this week and my POD are my strikers who all hit form last week. Opponent will have Suarez though.

    I have one free trade.

    Any suggestions? Was thinking of going with a punt on Januzaj this week, who I could do a straight swap with Barkley….

    • stevenfsexton

      that might be a waste of money though, if i wait till next week and do two trades. though, i wanna have the best advantage possible in my match up this week

  10. Dev

    Januzaj has a pretty tough run coming up after this Fulham match so you’re probably better off keeping Barkley till next week against Palace but since you’ve mentioned that you’ve got an important match this week, perhaps go for Morrison (West Brom) as they’re playing Palace at Home. I think he’s 5.5 or 5.6.

    Why not drop Ben Arfa instead? Could swap for this week’s mid pricer, Sessegnon.

    Besides Sessegnon, there’s Lallana/Ramsey/Pienaar.

    • stevenfsexton

      ive got ramsey and also mirallas, so probably wouldnt get pienaar as well. last week lambert was scoring the goals for s’hamtpon not lallana and ive got lambert in my team already. hba>sessegnon would be pretty cheeky, but i might still hold. newcastle have two home games in a row coming up against weaker teams….might see how he goes in those ones before i trade him out, but thanks all the same for the advice. yeah i want to beat my opponent badly this week…

  11. pryose

    Boruc Migs
    Rangel Dawson Fonte (Coleman, Whittaker)
    Ozil Lallana Ramsay Silva (Shelvey)
    Sturridge Remy Giroud
    1.3 in the bank

    Any tips fellow trade addicts? 0 trades this week so far

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