In Round Discussion – GW11

Discuss all your thoughts on the current gameweek and possible transfers for the next! Let’s hope we all stuck with Suarez captain!


24 comments on “In Round Discussion – GW11

  1. Jman says:

    Mignolet (Boruc)
    Clyne, Dawson, Terry, Coleman (Faye)
    Ozil, Ramsey, R.Morrison (Silva, Barkley)
    Aguero, Suarez, Lukaku
    0.8 in the bank.

    Im looking to offload Silva, Barkley and Faye as they are injured or not getting game time. Thoughts on possible transfers?

  2. Dev says:

    75pts with Aguero, Ozil and Williams to play. If Williams doesn’t play, Townsend would come in.

    Suarez captaincy, Lallana, Baines, Coleman, Johnson and my only Soton defender, Clyne. =D

    Only disappointment was Sturridge. So glad I played Lallana over Townsend, it’s a good… goooooood week. =D

  3. kingcolesy says:

    I dont think Im going to have a good week and im 20points over par 😛 (so far)

  4. Dan says:

    Thinking of bringing in Coutinho and Sessegnon for Silva and Brady. I know Coutinho didnt score last night, but looked real dangerous. Nice fixtures coming up, should get a heap of gametime, worth a punt imo.

  5. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5 says:

    Wow. Such Corner. Much skill. Very cul. Wow. ROONEY!!

  6. Louie.K says:

    Only 7 points from 4 players last night. Tough going!

    People’s thoughts on Lukaku? Has Liverpool, Man Utd and Arsenal in 3 of his nest 4 games. I think it might be time to jump ship?

    • Viper086 says:

      thinking the same thing. He does have the ability to bang them in even if they are losing. Everton don’t score many goals but he is usually on the end of them if they do

      • kingcolesy says:

        my thoughts is to scrape money in my next trade to upgrade to benteke when he vs Sunderland. Everythings looking pretty dicey…

  7. Viper086 says:

    Has Hazard gone past Oscar FPL wise? If i trade out Oscar for Hazard i feel like Oscar will go bang and Hazard will go sh!t. The midfield is so hard to nail at the moment. Might get a cheaper option and upgrade lukaku to aguero. Already have Ramsay, Yaya, Ozil and Kasami.

    Chelsea are a rabble at the moment but they have a very inviting 5 weeks coming up and there should be goals galore. Might be worth having both Oscar and Hazard and getting rid of Ozil.

    Too many possibilities!

    • Louie.K says:

      Hard to pick between Hazard and Oscar.

      I’m considering a Lukaku to Benteke move. Benteke is an elite scorer, he’s just down on a bit of form at the moment. He only has one difficult fixture (Man Utd) in his next nine games as well.

  8. Go You Gunners says:

    hey fellas, seriously need some help with the team for this week: been sliding down the rankings

    G: Boruc (Migs) – No problems here.
    D: Clyne Coleman Williams Walker Rat – No problems here either, can rotate all five. As with the goalkeepers its just a matter of who I play
    M: Ozil Coutinho Oscar Morrison Amalfitano – Thinking Oscar might need to go, maybe Amalfitano too but tm Morrison is doing fine on field
    F: Benteke Girous Sturridge – Benteke will come good I think, Giroud as lone strker will have plenty of chances but i think Sturridge may need to go.
    1.8 in the kitty.

    So all in all i think Oscar > Lallana/Mirallas type (What are your thoughts on this choice?) and then Sturridge > Suarez could be the best options. Open to other ideas

    Thanks, help much appreciated

  9. Rakshit says:

    Score: 70 points
    Lords: Suarez (c), Gerrard, Lallana, Clyne.
    Losers: Lukaku, Soldado, Ivanovic, Rangel
    Other comments: I need some suggestions here. Im done with Soldado for good. Who do you guys suggest I get in place of Soldado? I have 0.0 in the bank. Im thinking one out of Benteke and Remy.

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