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It felt like just a week or two ago that we were cursing the football gods and thankful that an international break had passed, well we have another one. Just like before, we urge you to keep hold of your trade, or trades! These breaks are well known for providing injury headaches and the last thing you want is your squeaky clean new recruit to get knackered in some meaningless friendly… Back to the week passed, we had some amazing performances to go with some bizarre results. We’ve also got a sneaky little addition for those Aussie FPL Addicts amongst us towards the bottom.

Krul (5.0m) – Wow. Just, wow. One of the best goalkeeping displays I’ve seen in a long, long time. Tottenham could still be taking shots at goal now and they wouldn’t be able to put one past Krul in the form he was in. A massive 14 saves to go along with his clean sheet and full BPs for 13 points. Although Newcastle have been very good in recent weeks in not conceding goals, you always have the feeling that they will so I would be wary of drafting in any of their defensive players.

Bardsley (4.4m) and Brown (4.3m) – Sunderland eh… or is it Man City eh? I doubt anyone would have tipped this result and from an FPL perspective I doubt anybody thought that Sunderland would keep a clean sheet against the might of Man City’s attack. Any of us who have Man City attacking players should see this as merely a blip and normal service should resume after the break. The other side of the equation is whether this was effected by the lack of one David Silva? Silva has largely been the creative heartbeat in this team in recent times and his absence could have an impact. Both Bardsley (15 points) and Brown (11) profited from this result from clean sheets and BPs, with Brown getting the assist points from the Bardsley goal. There is absolutely no recommendation to even consider Sunderland defenders just yet.

Skrtel (5.4m) – Liverpool reverted to 4 at the back on the weekend and Skrtel was able to keep his spot in the heart of the defence. I’m not sure if this gives an insight into the pecking order in the Liverpool defence, if it was a “horses for courses” decision by them or purely a reward for some solid form. Either way, it’s difficult to recommend picking up any Liverpool defenders due to the depth in these positions and the propensity to change up tactics without notice. Skrtel scored a goal and got the clean sheets points for a total of 13.

Hazard (9.2m) – Beware a player on a mission! Hazard was dropped midweek due to missing a training session, was reinstated for the weekend and rewarded his FPL owners with 13 points. Granted the goal he scored was a dodgy penalty, but he also assisted their first goal and got full BPs. As we said a week or two ago here on FPL Addicts, Hazard has the potential to go big when he has one of his point scoring games but can be a little up and down. There’s some goal scoring games on the Chelsea’s fixture horizon so don’t be scared to take the plunge on Hazard over some of his teammates.

Lallana (6.7m) – After a couple of quiet weeks, Lallana got back into the swing of things and in some style. He scored a goal, an assist and a couple of BPs for 12 points to celebrate his call-up to the England squad and to show that he’s easily the best mid-priced midfielder going around. The only way he can get better is if he adds some consistency, but then there aren’t many mids going around showing that so it might be an unfair expectation. Southampton has some stupid tough games coming up however which will show just how far this team has come and if they are overachieving or not… If they do well, Lallana will be a big part of that.

Gerrard (8.9m) – Stevie G can’t be ignored. He’s got attacking returns in 5 out of 6 games and has been everywhere during those games with his range of passing reminding us of the Gerrard of a few years ago. The only problem may be the return of Coutinho and if he steals any of his recent attacking points? This week, he set up 2 goals and got a couple of BPs for 11 points

Bacuna (4.6m) – Big fan of Bacuna. Not a big fan of him playing right back however… Hopefully Lowton can get it together so he can get back to the wing where I think he could be a sneaky shout at this price. He scored against Hull and received full BPs for his 11 points.

Suarez (11.8m) – It was Suarez’s turn this week! He scored a brace, got an assist and full BPs for his 16 points. In all honesty he could’ve had a couple more goals against the poor Fulham defence but we’ll settle for this! Liverpool’s fixtures open up after the Merseyside derby in a couple of weeks but even then Suarez has historically enjoyed the games against Everton so he is pretty close to captain lock for the time being. If you don’t have him yet, find a mirror and have a good hard look at yourself.

Lambert (7.2m) – Another excellent performance from Lambert, after a 12 point haul in GW9. Him and Lallana dominated Hull and it showed in the 15 points he took home with him. This week he scored a goal and assisted 2 more as well as getting full BPs. Like Lallana though, the Saints have tough games coming up but the difference with Lambert is he has much more competition in his price range. It’s a no for me based on that.

Bony (7.4m) – Keep a close eye on this one… We’ve all been waiting patiently for Bony to start scoring goals and this may prove to be the kick start to his EPL career he/we needed. We all know how prolific he was back when he was playing in Holland and that even if he did half as well for Swansea he could be a valuable addition. He scored 2 goals in their 3-3 draw with Stoke overnight and got full BPs for his 13 points. I hope this is just a coincidence with Michu being sidelined as I think we’d all love to see them dominating together!

A-League Players of the Week

I thought I’d add another piece to the fantasy football intelligence puzzle this week and see how it goes. There’s quite a few of us who are taking part in some of the other fantasy football league’s such as the Champions League and the A League but neither get a whole lot of blog love! This week the A League rolled past with some quality games and I’ll take a look at a few quality performances…

Shannon Cole ($169,000) – Popa and the West Sydney Wanderers have started the season just like they finished the last, with a strong defence and quick attacks. One aspect of Popa’s management style is keeping his players on their toes by rewarding strong training performances, but at the same time surprising the opposition and fantasy managers with some unexpected selections. This week Cole got the opportunity to start his first game of the season and rewarded his boss by scoring the only goal of the game, receiving the clean sheet and full BPs to top the charts with 13 points, 5 more than the next best player. Wanderers defenders will be gold this season, but pick the right one as there’s a lot of rotation possibilities.

Jack Hingert ($224,000) – It was kind of difficult to invest too much money in our defences this season and players like Hingert haven’t been on many radars. We should really be looking at Roar defenders but they are a little awkwardly priced and most of us would gravitate towards the excellent Franjic (bankroll pending) or the cheaper Smith. Hingert assisted the only goal of the game as well as profiting from Roar’s 3rd clean sheet of the season from 5 games to score 9 points.

Alessandro Del Piero ($372,000) – The first half of this game was as entertaining as any you’ll see in any league in the world! 5 goals and a sending off punctuated by the type of toing and froing football the A-League powers hope happens in every game. Even the tense second half where Victory were trying to get back on level terms was good value. It does hide the fact that Sydney have been woeful up to now, with the only high point being the win against Newcastle in GW1. It’s no coincidence that the return of ADP to the team from the start brought a much better performance from Sydney FC. He’s the man. This week he scored a handy 9 points from a converted penalty and full BPs. If you can fit him in your teams at this price then you’ve done well, but it is a risk at his age to expect him to play every game this season.

Adios for a week! I’ll try and come back with something over the weekend but if I can’t then I hope you don’t get any injuries this weekend… Like I said, hold off on that transfer button unless you’re 110% sure of what you’re doing… If you’re only 100% sure, come and have a chat to us!

43 comments on “Dream Team – GW11

  1. juramentado

    Thanks Baysietoff,

    Appreciate the A league info as well (Bonus!)
    I would love any comments or advice for the upcoming game weeks
    My teams below Cheers,

    FPL > GW12

    Chester, Evra, Terry
    Sessegnon, Ramsey, Brady, Özil
    Agüero, Suárez, Rooney(C)
    (Januzaj, Shaw, Baker)

    Silva > Sess
    Whitts > Evra

    A League > GW6


    Leijer, Polenz, Roux, Jason Geria, Boxall
    Ferreira, Flores, Troisi, Abbas, R. Edwards
    Juric(C), Henrique, Nuemann.

    42,000 in the bank

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks mate!

      To be honest, I’m not a fan of your defence but that said I do have a different mentality in that I like to spread around the money there. There’s so many decent defs that are in that slightly cheaper bracket… The thought of playing Chester on the field makes me a little ill, Chelsea are not great defensively even though they should be and Evra is on his way out. The rest look fine however and I like Sess as a trade. I’d lower your sights with the Evra trade and save some cash to upgrade one of the other defenders.

      A-League team looks fantastic! Loving Polenz, Flores and Troisi. I had Juric, but traded him out for Duke. Right before he scored that double a couple of weeks ago, great… Will need to get him back in. I used this weeks trade up without realising there’s a bye so my team’s stuffed for this GW haha

  2. kingcolesy

    Im thinking my trade this week will be Mignilot to Guzan, I find he and boruc go well for a long time, including this week. all the way to near end of season?

    Regarding this derby with liv and eve this week, is it well documented, or a sure thing, that there will be plenty of goals? If not, it might sway my decision to look at a different trade as mig and boruc do go well together for a fair bit of time in itself.

    guzan away against wba aint all too inspiring too but id play it.

    This is also all to gain .3m to do a lukaku to benteke trade. Id probably reinvest into lukaku in gw16 :S

    My one other idea would be to trade Lovren to vlarr/baker, but lovren is good for bps and shaw my other SOU defender is my other source to rid of for money, but only would do for baker, who im not sure will be in starting 11(i think when luna comes back). so thats not ideal! I do like Lovren but will only use him a couple games in the next 2 months it seems.

    Dont like southampton def at all for a while now. anyway sorry for long winded post.

  3. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Thanks Baysie 🙂
    Looking at Wilson (yep… That experiment worked out amazingly) to Rosenior just to free some coin (Wilson was on the bench anyway), so I can do Dawson to Terry. Chelsea have very enticing fixtures and should get most of them done!

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Haha yeah Wilson was a flop wasn’t he… Don’t forget we thought Chelsea had a good run about a month ago and that went belly up too? At the moment I can’t trust any teams to keep cleanies, like bloody Swansea…

      • Go You Gunners

        I had Wilson for a bit too… absolute shocker… i find it easier having five defenders you can rotate

        • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

          So should I just keep Dawson for the time being and see over the next 1-2 weeks how Chelsea will fare?? Yeah Gunners I like that and I thought Wilson was coming in to help with that but obviously not hahaha. But I usually have 3 defenders at least with a decent enough chance of getting a clean sheet.

  4. Richey

    Wanna try and phase out my Southampton defenders, I have Shaw and Clyne. So 4.8m and 4.6m respectively. Any suggestions?

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        Ramsey didnt look comfortable when he was made to play on the right against Man U for most of the game, and with Walcott coming in to take that spot (hopefully), then he should be allowed to go back to the CDM position, but hold off still and see what happens.
        Mirallas is too up and down for my liking and hasn’t really shone yet.
        Lallana looks to be high on confidence now but his fixtures arent too pleasing.
        Dont really know much about De Guzman :/
        But Nasri however may get an opportunity to shine with Silva out for at least 3GW’s, also form isnt too shabby either with attacking returns in 2 of his last 3, I would take the risk but I just dont have the funds to do so, but I would say Nasri.

          • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

            An option if Lallana stays on form, but just see how how he does when he comes back because he last two games Nasri and Silva were in the same team, Nasri did get some attacking returns… Wait and see

  5. Rakshit

    I need some suggestions here. Im done with Soldado for good. Who do you guys suggest I get in place of Soldado? I have 0.0 in the bank. Im thinking one out of Benteke and Remy. Its a real conundrum!

    • baysietoff Post Author

      I have Remy and will keep him for now, but can see more benefits in getting in Benteke as I think Remy is due for a down spell and Benteke has been unlucky.

  6. screech

    Lambert withdrawn from England side to play Chile. Listed as 75% chance to play this gameweek. Surely he would be allright by then? Have to wait and see if he plays Germany. After that who knows, right? Osveldo has recovered from injury and youd think, be waiting for a starting berth in the S’hampton side….

    Options include holding, baring in mind his current form. Or cut my losses, take a four point hit and trade in Remy…


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