The Captains – GW12

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Ok, we’re back again! After a good couple of weeks off it’s time to turn our attention back onto fpl. So who are the best captaincy options this week? We’ve been a roll recently, so let’s hope to keep that up!

The Contenders:

Giroud – Going off his recent form you just can’t justify captaincy, not against a rock solid Southampton defence anyway. Not enough up side in my opinion to justify the risk.

Remy – If you are lucky enough to own him, then this may be the best week for to take a risk with the big names all facing tough opponents. Norwich have been poor of late and will be looking to turn things around. Quite a few will look towards him but I don’t like it, too inconsistent!

Hazard – If inconsistency puts you off, then I wouldn’t be touching this guy. He fired last appearance thanks to a dubious decision, and I’m not sure captaincy is the right thing to be doing with Eden. West Ham will put up a good fight so expect a relatively tight game, just think back to last seasons win for the Hammers in the same fixture. Not for me!

Van Persie – If you own him for whatever reason, then this looks a good week to captain him. Irrelevant for many.

Benteke – If you own him then hold tight, however you can’t captain him with his current goalless streak.

Top 3:

1. Suarez – To be honest… When in doubt, always play it safe. Aguero and Suarez have provided us with brilliant captain options all season, and should be again this week. But who do we pick?! Aguero has been fixture proof, whilst Suarez didn’t perform against Arsenal. Man City at home have been outstanding, scoring 20 goals in 5 games so far this season. Having said that Spurs defense has also been brilliant, conceding just 6 goals all season, 3 of those in a 15 minute burst against West Ham. Whether attack or defense wins out is anyone’s guess. Suarez loves a Merseyside derby, having bagged 3 goals in the past 3 clashes between these teams. Then you need to consider that Suarez plays early on Saturday and played the full 90 minutes on Wednesday night, only arriving back Thursday. Aguero came back early and has until Sunday to recover from another 2 goal haul. They are almost impossible to split this week. However I have split my decision on one man, David Silva. Man City were nowhere near as fluent, nor damaging without him in the line-up and Spurs will not roll-over easy. Suarez will certainly start and his class and ability should be too much for the Everton defense. It may be a tight scoring gameweek, but Suarez should grind us out some points.

Aguero – I think I have gone into enough description above for my reasoning here. Still very much capable of his usual magic and will make this weeks captaincy choice ever so important.

Rooney – If you want to go down the path of easier fixtures, then Rooney should be a decent bet. Cardiff won’t hold out United and Rooney is looking as dangerous as ever this season. Should be great!

The Punt:

Ozil – I really think this could pay off this week. If you think Arsenal can break down the Southampton defence, which I think they can, there could be a gold mine of captain options. I think the return of Walcott is vital for the Gunners, otherwise they can become very one dimensional. We saw the best of Ozil in his first game, playing 3 gorgeous balls through to Walcott, even though he couldn’t finish. If they can get someone willing to run in behind the defence Ozil may just pay off in grand style. A risky option, but could bring huge reward! If I was to sway anywhere away from Suarez, Ozil would be it.

That will do me for this week. Good luck to everyone! We are coming into the hectic Christmas period so things will heat up on the site from now on. Look out for Andy’s preview and Nick’s News Wrap to come. Cheers!

9 comments on “The Captains – GW12

  1. Rakshit

    Suarez and Aguero come up against two of the most water tight defences in the Premier League. Impossible to split. Man City are a bipolar though, being brilliant at home and pathetic away from it. Plus Aguero has this knack of scoring against the big teams. So I would prefer Aguero over Suarez this week… the funny part is that I dont own Aguero! So Suarez it is for me!! :p :p

  2. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Well then, I have not 1, not 2, but all three of those top captain choices, add to that the punt in Ozil and I am basically stuffed. Aguero did score twice but it was against Bosnia, without Messi which can be argued as a pro/con for him.

    But Suarez leading the South America pack on goals, leading the league in goals, best form in the world now and amongs the best ever in his career, confidence and motivation are with him, I recon he should do well, and for that reason I am going with Captain ROONEY! Because Suarez is probably gonna break a leg after I said that.

    Thnks for the read MATT (got it right :D), quality as always.

  3. Go You Gunners

    Thanks matt, suarez for me. Just one question – Lallana or nasri? Can go Nasri for 3-4 GW’s then switch to Lallana/Silva when he’s back?

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