Round Review – GW12

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Well that could have gone worse I suppose! If you didn’t have a big forward line then you were in trouble, and how were the top 3 captains just quietly! I think it proves that there’s no point in looking anywhere else with Suarez and Aguero 2 of the in-form players in Europe. Let us know how you fared in the following format:

Rank (Overall):

Other Comments:

Score: 57
Rank (Overall): 10k
Lords: Aguero, Suarez, Sturridge
Losers: Nasri, Ozil, Figueroa
Captain: Suarez
Trades: After making none last week I’m looking at Nasri -> Walcott until Silva returns, and Shaw -> Nastasic if fit. Kicking myself for not picking Hazard when I had the chance, but I think the short term boat has sailed.
Vent/Brag: Not much for me to brag about this week, good captain picks!
Other Comments: After next week the games will come thick and fast, so don’t just plan your trades for one or two gameweeks ahead. Plan a month ahead! More on that later in the week…

I hope you all fared as well, if not better than me! With the hectic Christmas period closing in the excitement builds. Football is with us to stay!

23 comments on “Round Review – GW12

  1. Louie.K

    Score: 66
    Rank (Overall): 213k
    Lords: Lukaku, Suarez, Cabaye and Gabbidon
    Losers: Ozil, Ramsey and Fonte
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: Nasri to Hazard or Sturridge to Aguero. Need to make a call. Could do nothing and go bang the next GW also if I decide against it.
    Vent/Brag: Happy with my Lallana to Cabaye trade. Almost did Lukaku to Remy as well for a hit, but held off. Good call in hindsight.
    Other Comments:

  2. Viper086

    Score: 71 (Vlaar to come)
    Rank (Overall): 14K
    Lords: Suarez, Rooney, Lukaku, Oscar
    Losers: Distin, all Southampton players, Rangel
    Captain: Rooney
    Trades: Lovren -> Mertesaker, have another trade stored away so thinking about Ozil for Gerrard to make some cash.
    Vent/Brag: My defence was terrible and all the southampton players look shot but my big names in the mids and fwd line helped me this week.
    Other Comments:

  3. kingcolesy

    Score: 76 (Vlaar to come)
    Rank (Overall): 10k
    Lords: Aguero, Suarez, Lukaku
    Losers: Brady
    Captain: Aguero
    Trades: Dunnoooo
    Other Comments: confused whether Rooney is worth it over Lukaku(who i bought at 7.4) for the long run. I dont think it is, plus i’d have to use 3 trades to get there..

  4. screech

    Score: 60 and Vlaar to play
    Rank (Overall): 30k>50k after this week
    Lords: Rooney, Suarez
    Losers: Mirallas first bench
    Captain: Rooney
    Trades: I am looking at taking a four point hit and going Yaya Toure> Brady & Lambert>Aguero
    Vent/Brag: Can’t believe I benched Mirallas
    Other Comments: I am 2 points behind my opponent in my main league. Vlaar cs would change that. An ordinary peformance means a draw. A poor performance means a loss…..

      • stevenfsexton

        bit concerned about brady’s gametime on the weekend, u reckon he is just being eased back into the system? if i dont go brady i will just get ravel……hmmm

        • stevenfsexton

          my team this week:

          zab, terry, vlaar (coleman, dawson)
          lallana, januzaj, toure, ramsey (mirallas :()
          lambert, rooney, suarez

          if i did that -4 point hit, i would field 4 def, bench lallana and play ravel….

          • supajeff

            Good plan man!! Ravel is a worry as West Ham look shaky without Reid the enforcer down back, big blow for West Ham man, big blow. You sometimes have to take a 4 point hit to stay ahead of future issues.

  5. Shaun Curnow

    Score: 59 (with Berahino)

    Rank (Overall): 32,950

    Lords: Remy, Rooney, Hazard, Yaya, Zab

    Losers: Walker (massive -2!), Ozil, Coleman, Ramsey

    Captain: Remyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Trades: Thinking Barkley to Coutinho (only have 8.8 & Gerrard is 8.9)

    Vent/Brag: This game is tough sometimes, can be flying then all sudden nothing goes your way!

  6. Dan

    Score: 67 (Sessegnon to come)
    Rank: 222k
    Lords: Rooney, Aguero, Suarez, Coutinho
    Losers: Baines, Boruc
    Captain: Rooney
    Trades: Waiting on Baines injury news, may do Baines> Vlaar to cash up
    Vent/Brag: Happy with bringing Coutinho in last wk, spewing I chose Silva over Hazard a few weeks back. Hazard has dominated since. Also Im the reason Ramsay has stopped scoring, sorry all.

    • Who?

      Also, my score:
      Score: 55
      Rank (Overall): 155K
      Lords: Aguero, Hazard, Suarez
      Losers: Vertonghen, Dawson, Fonte
      Captain: Suarez
      Trades: Whittingham to Mirallas? and Vertonghen to Distin?
      Vent/Brag: –
      Other Comments: Got two trades this week

  7. MattyZee

    Score: 58 with Amalfitano to go
    Rank: 839k 🙁 had several rubbish weeks in a row
    Lords: Suarez, Lukaku, Aguero
    Losers: The rest.
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: Wilson > someone and Shaw/Rangel to someone else
    Vent/Brag: Held Lukaku this week thank goodness. He’s earned himself a few weeks longer.

  8. PuraVida

    Score: 77 +amalfitano
    Rank (Overall): 438k
    Lords: Aguero, Oscar, Suarez, Remy, Koscielny, Terry
    Losers: Brady, Shaw
    Captain: Remy
    Trades: last game week i bought in remy in for rooney to free up some funds and went lovren –> terry for a hit which paid off.
    Vent/Brag: switched my captain from aguero to remy last minute for a differential that didn’t pay off.

  9. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Score: 62
    Rank (Overall): 208k :'(
    Lords: Big boiis up top
    Losers: everyone else (special mention to my defence who all returned 5 from the four of them!)
    Captain: Rooney
    Trades: Rangel to Terry probably
    Vent/Brag: Was gonna go with Suarez as captain originally, but then switched to Rooney and bagged myself an extra 4 points lol
    Other Comments: I remember at the start of the season we were all frothing at the state of the defences, clean sheets left, right and centre, look at us now….

  10. baysietoff

    Score: 65
    Rank (Overall): 68k
    Lords: Aguero, Suarez, Remy!
    Losers: The rest
    Captain: Aguero 🙂
    Trades: Dunno… Maybe Ozil or Gerrard to Walcott, or Riether to someone
    Vent/Brag: Meh


  11. Liam

    Score: 76
    Rank (Overall): 502,982…
    Lords: Rooney, Aguero, Suarez, Hazard
    Losers: Rosenior, Cissokho, Brady
    Captain: Rooney
    Trades: Just wildcarded but took punts on cissokho and rosenior who both didn’t start so may have to deal with that issue
    Vent / Brag: After a disaster of a season slowly clawing my way back up the ranks, only way is up

    Other Comments: In Form will return this week

  12. dickieray

    Score: 81 + Ridgewell
    Rank (Overall): 9k
    Lords: Mert, Mirallas, Hazard, Suarez, Studge, Aguero
    Losers: Ramsey
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: None. Saving FTs for mid-December when the fixtures will be unkind. Would need to make a double-swap to free up funds for Rooney.
    Vent/Brag: Rejected advice to captain Aguero; never thought he and the rest of City would torch Spurs defense like they did. Mate in the private league still beat me this week by 6pts so far.
    Other Comments:

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