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That’s better… It’s great to have the EPL back, and what a weekend it was! I’m sure for all the neutrals the derby was a cracker, we had Man City turn it on against Tottenham and some cracks appeared in Southampton’s defence. We’ve got a solid run of fixtures all the way up to the new year so make sure your trades are planned well and with one eye to the future. I bet there’s some of us who can’t wait until the second wildcard becomes available!

Szczesny (5.5m) – Arsenal’s defence has been very solid over the past month with the only hiccup being the game against Man United a couple of weeks ago. They’ve kept 3 clean sheets from 4 games and should continue that trend with games against Cardiff and Hull coming up. However before you start spending cash on them, beware that after that comes Everton, Man City and Chelsea which is a pretty tough run. Szczesny had a good game against Southampton with 8 points from the clean sheet and a few saves.

Mertesacker (5.6m) – Like his goalie teammate, I’d be weary bringing in any Arsenal defenders if you’re looking for anything apart from short term. Mertesacker was the top scoring defender this week with 11 points from their clean sheet as well as picking up an assist and a couple of BPs

Evra (6.3m) – Evra continued his recent form by scoring another haul of points, this time pocketing 9 points. He didn’t need to rely on a Man Utd clean sheet, thankfully because they are few and far between this season. This time he was able to get a goal to his name and a couple of BPs. With Tottenham away and Everton at home to come, they may continue to struggle in keeping the ball out of their goal.

Gabbidon (4.0m) – Most of us saw this game as a good opportunity for Hull to pick up a win against the struggling Palace, but relegation matches (no matter when they are in the season) often throw up some interesting results. Palace was able to squeeze out a confidence boosting 1-0 away win which, coupled with a decent run of fixtures, could mean a good spell for them. I can’t recommend using a free transfer on buying any of them though! 8 points from the clean sheet and a couple BPs.

Navas (8.1m) –  Any time a team scores 6 goals there’s going to be some huge performances. 19 points from 2 goals, an assist and full BPs is a huge performance. Navas is a very talented player who hasn’t really done much so far in the EPL, as can be seen by the fact he’s dropped nearly 1.0m in price since the start of the season. If he can string some point scoring games together then he’s great value.

Lampard (7.5m) – Old man Lampard came back to terrorise his former club West Ham scoring 2 and receiving full BPs for a monster 16 points. Chelsea midfielders are hard to pick due to the threat of rotation with Lamps potentially being the hardest of the lot. He has started a lot of games this season however, but he has been substituted in a lot of them too. He still has the class to have a game like this from time to time, just not as frequently as years gone by.

N’Zonzi (4.8m) – N’Zonzi has had an excellent season so far but that has been largely hidden by Stoke’s poor form and his inability to get any attacking points. He got himself in some good positions against Sunderland and scored a goal, assisted one and got full BPs for 14 points. Not sure where Stoke are right now but they have been in a decent run of form. N’Zonzi historically hasn’t been a high point scorer so it’s a no from me.

Oscar (9.1m) – Oscar or Hazard, Oscar or Hazard… That was the question raised a few times so far this season and my opinion is now, don’t bother with either of them, or get both of them! Save your sanity because you just know you’ll pick the wrong one. Seriously though. 13 points for a goal, an assist and a couple BPs after a lean month has reminded us all of his ability to score points and with some great fixtures coming up he is still on the radar.

Aguero (12.0m) – More goals! In his past 8 EPL games he’s scored an astonishing 9 goals makes him the must have player in FPL right now, particularly at home. His recent run of games at home makes for some captain-lock material, 15, 18, 7, 13 and a 12 in GW1. This week’s 15 points came from 2 goals, an assist and a couple of BPs. With Swansea (home), West Brom and Southampton (both away) to come there’s going to be some more goals!

Long (6.0m) – The Shane Long of old came out to play last night against Villa and netted 2 goals and received full BPS for his 13 points. He’s far too inconsistent to be considered and I doubt any of us have a requirement for a 6.0m striker.

Lukaku (7.9m) – Huge game by the young Belgian striker in the Merseyside Derby. In spite of his youth he showed immense calmness under pressure to first draw Everton level, then to put them in front with some clinical finishing. At the start of the season I raised some concerns on how much game time he’d get based on the fact that he’s on loan, and Jelavic had a very good preseason. That’s been put to bed, I’d be surprised if Jelavic can get back into this team at all, outside of injury or fatigue. Everton do have some tough games coming up but I don’t think that will matter. He would be a good pick up if you’re in the market. He scored 13 points from his 2 goals, and full BPs.

I hope you did well this past week and congrats to those who are getting involved in the Remy train! Another goal makes it 8 from 8… Apart from that, Giroud scored a couple of gimmes for 13 points, Mirallas showed some form with 11 (should’ve got an extra BP for that tackle), and Rooney and Hazard both cracked double figures in their games. We’ve got some cracking articles coming up over the next few days so stay tuned!

16 comments on “Dream Team – GW12

  1. screech

    not sure if this is the right segment to be asking this but could you re-assess the free kick penalties pls for everton and post them here for me pls?

  2. Go You Gunners

    Thanks Baysie, traded bloody Oscar for Nasri this week after 3 blanks :/

    Just wondering here, what trade/s do you guys reckon I should be making this week?

    G: Migs and Boruc
    D: Walker, Rat, Clyne, Coleman, Williams
    M: Ozil, Nasri, Amalfitano, Coutinho, Ravel
    F: Benteke, Giroud, Suarez

    nothing in the kitty

    thanks 😀

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Mate, I don’t even know what trades to make in my own team haha… The defence looks a pretty good spread of the better defences but has some worries (will Spurs implode? Is Southampton’s run over? Everton have some tough games coming up, Swansea are a bit of unknown again, etc). I really don’t like Coutinho and Nasri but you’ve just traded both in and the strikers look fine… Maybe hold for a week and have two next week?

  3. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nnG5

    Great read Baysie, and great insight from a Toffees fan on Lukaku there, should at least score in 2/3s of the tough games I recon.
    Also, not relevant to this, but I hope one of the lesser BPL clubs sign Mohammed Salah (my Egyptian buddy :DD) during the Summer, he is a monster of player at a pretty young age with loads of potential and scoring/assisting ability. Playing at one of the lesser clubs will improve his growth, but his overall ability for the future big offers.
    I know its most likely not gonna happen but if it did, he would most likely be straight in my team, so much FPL relevance in him! I have been following him for ages and he is monstrous!

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nnG5

      Also, scored the winner against Chelsea :DDDDDD
      And the equaliser in the last one, sparking the come back 🙂 Sooo good, cant help but boastEgyptian talent, lol sorry :/

      • baysietoff Post Author

        Thanks mate. The tough games he may actually do very well, there aren’t many strikers like him anymore and the centre backs have gotten sort of soft compared to years gone by. He could easily destroy some of them. Also, with Baines off he might take free kick duties!

        It would be fantastic to see some more talent come through from the lesser footballing nations (I say that with the greatest respect). I think the last well known Egyptian player in the EPL prior to Elmohamady was Mido, and well he worked out well.

        • N1qQ45 4R3 k1nG5

          Lol I accept that, we aint that good no more (we got up to 9th a couple of years back but been down hill skiing since then)!
          Yeah, Zaki as well went to Wigan (like Mido), lead the tally for a bit and was up there for a long time. He couldve had more but stupidity (like Mido again) led to Wigan refusing to not make his deal permanent (like Mido… Again…).
          But Salah is a real talent only 21 and has shown his ability (scoring 3 in 4 against Chelsea & led the goal tally WC qualifiers for Africa, also star performances against Spurs and other big clubs).
          Coming to an Enlgish club would not only help him, but help us (most importantly lol). Hopefully!

          I really want Lukaku in but right now with Rooney monster ing along with consistency, Aguero giving and receiving (not in that way ;)) and Suarez doing what he does best, its hard to!
          But for those who get him it should be worth it, penalties as well maybe? Who knows.

          • N1qQ45 4R3 k1nG5

            Also El-Nenny doing rather decent as well, cant wait for the future <3 Not as bright as most but we got hope

          • N1qQ45 4R3 k1nG5

            (Should probably stop spamming but ohh well lol). Not one of the lesser clubs but he has been linked, only linked (but they are preparing a £20m move for him) with Spurs (the most likely ones) and ‘Pool. Seeing as Spurs’ wingers have been nothing other than terrible, I wouldnt be surprised if he got some quality time football at Spurs.
            Especially with this: http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/tottenhams-jermain-defoe-agrees-transfer-2854640 (pretty sure its true). But the German interest is strong, but from lesser sides, but he is basically demanding Champions League Football, so we’ll have to wait and see.
            Looking forward to more detail.

  4. Who?

    What do you think of my team after trades?

    G: Boruc (McGregor)
    D: Terry, Dawson, Johnson (Rangel, Fonte)
    M: Hazard, Walcott, Ramsey, Morrison (Whittingham)
    F: Suarez, Aguero, Bony

    I’m pretty happy with my team at the moment and I don’t think I will need to make trades except for injuries for a while. Thoughts?

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