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Transfer talk is back to stay! We’ve almost made it to December and the festive period is fast approaching, so let’s take a detailed look at the winners and losers from last week, along with some views on the upcoming month…

It’s important to state that from deadline this weekend, a period of 8 gameweeks in just a month will begin. The return of midweek and fixtures and most importantly, plenty of football. However we must change our tactics slightly. Going from 3 GW’s in a month to 8 requires some adjustments, and we must spend some time looking closely at the fixtures ahead and planning carefully. Short term plans could get out of hand very quickly! With Baysie’s team of the week covering most of the weeks winners, I’m going to look at the hot buys and sales instead, taking more into account than just their previous scores! Let’s get into it.


These guys are obviously the bandwagons to be jumping on, based on a few weeks of form, fixtures and other potential fitness factors.

  • Koscielny – A lot of people are chasing Mertesacker, however at 0.3 cheaper Koscielny has been just as important for Arsenal’s turn around in defensive form. Either option should be solid, however I think Koscielny could be due a goal sooner rather than later, he’s my pick of the two!
  • Hazard – Looking back 2 weeks and that Silva injury, it was clearly a sign… The perfect opportunity to pick up Hazard at a bargain price. 2 weeks later and here we sit, Hazard 23 points better off and Nasri just 4, how he did nothing in that drubbing is beyond me. I can’t deny, Hazard is great value for money and clearly a fantastic investment for the next month. In my opinion you can only pick one of him and Oscar, and Hazard is my hot buy at the moment. However if you’re confident these two can keep this up through rotation, feel free to invest in both (*Warning* Potential side effects may include excessive yelling, swearing and urges to kill Mourinho)!
  • Giroud – Arsenal’s midfield has had a quite 2 weeks, and that’s because their frontman has taken charge once again (And perhaps a lack of finishing). Giroud is as solid as they come with job security as safe as your house. There may be some more adventurous, exotic picks out there but Giroud is the man to get the job done. Great buy, and decent fixtures to come.
  • Lukaku – He was a beast in that crazy Merseyside derby, however his inconsistencies can get the better of him at times. Nonetheless, Stoke will be shivering in their boots and Lukaku provides awesome value! Everton’s next 3 fixtures do put me off short term investment though, whether Lukaku is fixture proof or not is a question we are yet to answer. However if you want a turn on, check out Everton’s fixtures from GW 16 onwards… Hello. Watchlist.
  • Remy – Remy now has 8 goals in 8 games and can do no wrong. I will never touch him as I feel Newcastle could capitulate at any minute, however if you want to look elsewhere from the big 3 strikers then Remy could just be the man. Just like Lukaku he is a very risky pick, and you should only own one of them… In fact neither of their next 3 fixtures make for great reading. You’d be backing him in to continue this form, which I think could be unsustainable. One for the risk takers.
  • Rooney – Any Rooney owners out there? Perhaps a few who had him captain? Go and buy yourself a lotto ticket, because instead of having a -4 next to his name (like the tackle deserved) he now has 22. Kissed on it. However you must ride your luck in this game! United are starting to find their attacking groove and whilst Suarez and Aguero are ahead of him, why not have all 3?!
  • Suarez – No questions asked, you must have him. He did us proud at number 1 in what proved to be a difficult week outside of the big 3. He honestly could have had a lot more, especially if Allen didn’t take Average Joe to a new level. That was without a doubt the dumbest piece of football I’ve seen in a while and probably cost Liverpool the game. I’m not bitter at all.


The players who just aren’t cutting it, or by the same token those you should avoid if possible.

  • Baines – Injured toe. 6 weeks. The perfect excuse to return your budget allocation to its rightful state, take the cash and run! Coleman could still provide value as an Everton defender with some enticing fixtures aside from 2 difficult away trips to Arsenal and United. How Everton’s defence will fair without their marquee left-back is another question. Baysie, any thoughts?!
  • Shaw – You should push ahead with one Southampton defender no question, but 2 is overkill I reckon. Clyne gets the nod of approval for me, so it’s time for the injury riddled Shaw to go! He has rotation written all over him for the next month.
  • Vertonghen – Defenders schmenders. Benders? I don’t know, but they’re not what they were at the start of the season. It will only get worse during the festive period, so find some bargain options! Rat, Williams and Chester name a few who will come into contention. Oh yeah Vertonghen, Tottenham have had their defensive run, I think it’s time to quit whilst your ahead. Dawson is the perfect option to push ahead with.
  • Townsend – I hope you all listened when I said this punter wouldn’t keep it up. What was he keeping up actually? One goal? Lennon returned on the weekend and was great, sell sell sell! (Queue English hate)
  • Soldado – If the team can’t score, then how is their marquee striker supposed to? There’s so many great options going around up forward Soldado is just a dead weight. Keep an eye on his form for later in the season though, or if injuries hit during the next month.
  • Nasri – Never, ever, EVER… Again. Oh he scored midweek? God dammit, just the tease I needed ahead of what is sure to be another Etihad slaughter this weekend. Hold for this week I reckon, then it’s time for Samir to go. Pulling the trigger early will undoubtedly end in more tears. Walcott and Hazard my targets.


Aguero – Could it be anyone else? He is seriously taking the piss at the moment, and to think we baulked at that 11.0 price tag to start the season. Lock and load boys and girls, we have our main striker for the rest of the season. If he’s playing at home, captain him. Simple. If he’s away, you can probably just do the same. Incredible player in incredible form, just a joy to watch. Enjoy the ride while it lasts! If you don’t have him yet, I don’t care what the hit is, take it.

So that’s it as far as transfers go this week! Feel free to pose any queries in the comments and I’ll make sure to help you out! The captains will be out tomorrow, until then! Cheers.

31 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW12

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Way too inconsistent for my liking, having said that midfielders in general have been similar. Still he’s nowhere near guys like Oscar and Hazard and I think Walcott will pass him as well. As soon as Silva comes back get him if you want to hold Nasri until then.

  1. Shikhar

    “if you want a turn on, check out Everton’s fixtures from GW 16 onwards” hahaha..this was hilarious..Got mertesacker in place of shaw on sunday itself..he rose by 0.2 in 3 days..surely that’s a win..And i still dont have aguero in my strike force..Suarez, Rooney and Lukaku can’t do anything wrong at the moment..Hopefully, hopefully aguero gets injured 😛

  2. nburk53

    Awesome article Matty! What are your thoughts of Swansea’s defense at the moment? Have a few horrendous fixtures over the next month but some half decent ones as well. Do you reckon its worth going Chico>Koscielny & Wilson>Terry?

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      There aren’t m(any) defences with a brilliant run for 8 gameweeks, so rotation is a great option. Everton have 7 good fixtures in the next 9 for clean sheets, so they should definitely be on the radar. Swansea have a few good fixtures to come so I think you should hold Chico before looking for an Everton defender in GW16/17. Liverpool also have a couple of good fixtures and Johnson is an absolute bargain if you don’t own 3 Pool players. Arsenal have a torrid run soon so I’d avoid Koscielny. Villa could be a decent shout if you want Baker as a bench option. Finally if you want to play it risky, Crystal palace may actually tighten up with Pulis in charge and have some very favourable fixtures to come 🙂

      • juramentardo

        Would you recommend with 5.3m, trading Shaw to Dustin(instead of Koscielny) with bench cover of Baker and Gabbidon?

  3. baysietoff

    Bainesy is no doubt a big loss but I would assume Oviedo would slip in to the left. He’s a quality player, just doesn’t get the chance. He’s not as strong defensively but great going forward. The other option is playing a 3-5-2, which I’m sure we’ll do at some stage this season. You could put a Gary Barry on the wing, or even Pienaar. We played a bit of it in preseason and looked ok. Stones or Alcaraz then comes in as the 3rd centre half. I just hope they don’t play Distin on the left ala #MoyesOut. Baines never misses games so it’s a bit of a guess haha.The fact we have Stoke at home is a blessing and we should be fine.

    P.S. Great article Matt!

  4. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Ive gone Rangel to Terry. I know they have a few a few decent fixtures coming u0 but Swansea looked shocking in defense whereas Chelsea have better fixtures, look that tad more reliable and hold up well. I would get Koscielny as wel but Coleman and Dawson seem to have theor places locked down and Clyne seems to be doing well enough and I just dont have the cash to go from Rosenior and up.

    Will be interesting to see what Everton do, but as Baysie said Oviedo might get a couple of chances, basically the reason they have him there anyway!
    cheers for the read Matt! Quality as usual

  5. Rakshit

    Need a mid within the 7.5 range. Im thinking Frank Lampard as I already own lallana and Ramsey. I know I know. He is likely to get rotated and is not guaranteed 90 minutes. But Chelsea do have good fixtures coming up and this guy….SOMEHOW… does manage to score.

  6. Dan

    Baines> G Johnson for me…Liverpools fixtures look too good to me and hes such value at that price.

    Frees up funds to upgrade the midfield (Coutinho, Ramsay, Sessegnon, Whittingham, Morrison) next GW.

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