The Captains – GW13

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It’s time for this weeks captains, and to be honest it’s fairly straight forward… Let’s get straight into it!

The Contenders:

Remy – He is on fire at the moment, however we must remember he hasn’t scored for 2 months now. A great point of difference to own, however not a captaincy option.

Giroud – Solid and steady wins the race in some situation… But not to the fpl armband. Cardiff away will be by no means an easy task for Arsenal and guys like Ozil haven’t shown the consistency required to become legitimate captain options.

Rooney – Even though Spurs conceded 6 goals last week, travelling to White Hart Lane is still going to be a tough grind for opposition teams. They will be looking to bounce back strong against United and Rooney could still be banned for that kick anyway. Not this week.

Hazard – He is gaining confidence after a slow start to the season, and is a great option in midfield. However I maintain that he is not worthy of the armband with consistency still to be improved upon. Not for me.

Sturridge – He is firmly in Suarez’s shadow at the moment, and if for some reason you don’t own Suarez, you surely own Aguero. No from me.

Top 3:

1. Aguero – Let’s be honest, the contenders are a waste of time at the moment. Really anything other than the top 2 is a risk not worth taking. The real question that needs to be posed week in week out is Suarez or Aguero? Man City at home are delectable at the moment, banging in another 4 midweek. That means they average almost 5 goals a game in front of their home fans this season. Incredible. Aguero was subbed at half time midweek with no injuries to worry about, all the more reason to think he is being saved for another massive haul this weekend at home to Swansea. He is too hard to ignore at the moment and an easy captaincy pick for me this week.

2. Suarez – If you want to go for a differential, or simply don’t have Aguero, look no further. He is also in untouchable form at the present time and will surely get on the scoresheet yet again. He is looking likely for even more goals in every game he plays, but it’s not quite falling for him. Hull have been in poor form defensively and conceded against a 10 man Crystal palace last weekend. Liverpool should cruise this one home, with Suarez at the centre of most attacks. You can hardly go wrong with him.

3. Lukaku – I’m not going to waste too much time here because to be honest, no matter how well Lukaku (or anyone for that matter) is playing, they won’t be matching it with the top 2. The reward for captaining him does not seem to be worth the risk. Still a great option though!

The Punt:

Benteke – If anyone else is too explode this weekend, surely it’s Benteke. If I wanted to gain a risky POD then I would be trading in the Belgium owned by just 11.5%. However if you want to go a step further, captaincy is an option. Just prepare to be disappointed. He has it in him to simply destroy Sunderland, and his return to form is only a matter of time. I think this could be the week. Bear in mind I’ve said that for 3 weeks running. Very risky, but a high level of reward if it succeeds. By no means am I saying you should take the punt this week, play it safe!

So that’s it from me this week. Let’s hope the big trio upfront continue to do the business! Cheers.

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