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I hope you’ve got your seatbelt on! It’s going to be a rocky road of quick fire games coming up so make sure you have your trades done and your team picked. With GW13 out of the way we have another round of games during the week, and then the normal weekend round after that. Don’t worry, we’ll be here every step of the way… On to the round just gone, how many of us had a stormer on Saturday only to be left seriously disappointed after Sunday’s games? I know I did!!! With Suarez and Aguero both firing blanks it was left up to Rooney to show the way.

Mannone (4.2m) – There’s something very “Boy’s Own” about a quality Italian footballing name. It lends itself to thoughts of exotic, far flung worlds and exquisite football skills we’ve only dreamed about or seen on some grainy television station at our grandparents house. “Vito Mannone” has that name. Gianfranco Zola does too, but that’s where the comparisons end. In reality, Vito is no better than any other 2nd choice keeper currently plying their trade in the lonely world of the EPL bench. To his credit, he has had a run in the first team of late with Sunderland’s first choice Westwood out injured, a situation that should resolve itself fairly soon. Sunderland’s defence has cleaned up their act in the past month or so but not quite enough for us to be putting too much thought into them just yet. Instead of shipping 3 or 4 goals they are only letting in 1 or 2 with 2 cleanies in the past 3 games. Chelsea and Spurs this week should show how far they’ve come under Gaffer Poyet. Vito scored 10 points from that clean sheet and full BPs.

Coleman (5.6m) – Nearly all of us have had Coleman at some stage this season, I hope you still have him. He has had a relatively quite period in relation to attacking points but he’s got plenty in him, particularly when the opposition let him do what he wants. He scored 13 points from a “sensational” goal and a clean sheet. As we all know, Everton do have some tough games this week, but it’s smooth sailing after that…

Zabaleta (6.0m) –  Man City continued their excellent home form with another load of goals and another clean sheet. They definitely look the goods at the moment but I’d want to see them start showing this sort of form away from home before I look too closely at their defence. They’ve conceded at least one goal in every away game except one, but that was against Stoke during the time when they couldn’t score a grope from “that” girl at the pub. Zab has always had the knack of getting attacking returns so when they do start performing on the road then he should be high on your list. The one concern is that Richards is starting to make noises about not getting enough games… Man City should be doing everything they can to keep players like Richards happy, ones that have come through their own ranks (and English). Also a contract on the table as well means he may start getting minutes. Zab got an assist, a clean sheet and a couple of BPs for 11 points.

Terry (6.5m) –  Chelsea are at the mid point of a relatively easy run of games, one which we would expect some good defensive point scoring. It hasn’t really worked out that way with only 1 clean sheet in the past few. The upcoming games do suggest that may change, but I’m done with Chelsea. There’s more reliable defences out there and even though they have Sunderland, Stoke and Palace on the trot, I just can’t see them keeping it tight at the back enough to spend this sort of money on a defender. I know that may sound harsh but I’m not convinced they have the cattle to implement Mourinho’s defensive side of the game plan regularly. Terry got amongst the points again with 11, but it was on the back of a goal and full BPs as opposed to any defensive prowess.

Nasri (8.1m) –  There was some discussion on here about drafting in Nasri as a direct replacement for Silva when he got himself injured, and for those that followed through with that plan well done! This guy’s as talented as most, he’s just not as good as Silva! On the weekend he got 16 points from 2 goals and full BPs. It might be too late to consider buying him now with Silva due back relatively soon, and I doubt they’ll both play in the same team.

Ramsey (7.4m) – Still waiting for that form dip… Yet another 2 goals from Ramsey to go with full BPs scored us all a handy 15 points. Well I assume you have him… I hope you have him. I’d be wary of him being rested over the next few weeks and over the busy festive period. Just make sure you have good bench cover just in case.

Oviedo (4.3mm) – Baines who? Oviedo has sat patiently waiting for his opportunity and it’s the sign of his professionalism that he was able to grasp that chance when it finally came. Stoke let Everton play far too much however, it will be interesting to see how he goes against proper opposition. I won’t recommend buying him, even as a short term measure as disappointingly, he’s a midfielder and won’t benefit enough from Everton’s defensive efforts to make it worthwhile. He scored 14 points from a proper sensational goal, as well as getting an assist and full BPs.

Meyler (4.3m) – Talk about “Boy’s Own”! David Meyler has barely played this season for Hull… Start against Liverpool? No worries! Score a goal AND an assist? No bloody worries. 13 points from the goal and assist plus full BPs. Can he do it again? Not a chance.

Barry (5.3m) – Another Everton player who was a beneficiary of Stoke’s poor performance. Barry has been very good so far this season but generally plays too deep to bother the FPL scorers too much. This week he got himself a couple of assists and BPs to amass 10 points.

Rooney (11.1m) – Where would Man Utd be without Rooney right now? It’s pretty concerning how much they rely on his goals to remain competitive, and the game against Spurs would have helped pad out the new contract a little. For those of us that still have Rooney then you’ll be cock-a-hoop! He scored another 2 goals and received full BPs for 13 points. The worry is that he is one yellow card away from a rest and with a visit of his boyhood club Everton this week there’s a good chance of him getting that card!

Ba (7.5m) – If you were so way inclined you’d nearly feel sorry for Demba Ba. He chucked in his job at Newcastle United, where he was playing great football and loved by the Toon Army, in search of relative fame at a “bigger club” (or maybe a bigger pay cheque?). Unfortunately for him it’s turned pear shaped because of the depth Chelsea have at their disposal and their unwavering faith in playing one striker. On his day he is still as good as any going around and he should be considering what he needs to do to get more games. A goal, an assist and full BPs for 11 points off the bench sure is one way of going about it. If he can fight off the threat of rotation and make himself the number one striker at Chelsea then he’s pretty good value at this price. He’d fit into the Lukaku/Remy price range and would at least pose some new questions for anyone who has that team structure. If he doesn’t get that game time, which he probably won’t, then he needs to go somewhere else. Depending on where he goes to might make him FPL relevant again…

That’s that then… Some other notable performances are Deulofeu tormenting Stoke’s defence, Sissoko turning back the clock to the start of the year and Diame feasting on Fulham’s rotting football carcass, all with 10 points.

Good luck to you all this week!

16 comments on “Dream Team – GW13

  1. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    A few surprises this week, thanks Baysie, great as usual!
    Also, with Coleman facing Man U away do you recon it would be better to leave him on the bench for Dawson (Fulham-Away)? Or just gi with the flow??

    • Viper086

      i’m having similar thoughts. I’m thinking about benching Distin and Lukaku and playing Cahill (v Sun) and Clyne (AVL). Is that crazy?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks mate! If I was able to I would bench Coleman and play Dawson I would. Coleman will be up against a much stronger left side than Stoke had so won’t be able to attack nearly as much, and I see the game ending in a score draw. Fulham although have a new boss are still shite and Tottenham, if you take out that blip against City, look good and more likely to keep it clean.

      • Viper086

        it is a risk either way. Generally what are your tactics when you have a lot of players playing against each other? Do you bank on one team winning and bench the opposing players, play the best players you have available and hope that the good cancels the bad or take it as a different situation each time?

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Because I play a 3-4-3 every week, the strikers and mids basically picked themselves with the cheaper mid 1st sub… The defence and keeper then rotate depending on whoever is playing at home with only minor thought into the opposition. Simple philosphy that I decided preseason to stick to no matter what…

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