Round Review – GW13

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Discuss all your thoughts on the round that has been, along with your scores in the following format! It all turns around again in 2 days time so let’s get straight into it…

Rank (Overall):

Other Comments:

Score: 78
Rank (Overall): 5,237
Lords: Ozil, Ramsey, Nasri, Coleman
Losers: Aguero, Benteke
Captain: Aguero
Trades: Gave Benteke a chance at redemption and failed miserably. Going Benteke -> Rooney, Collins -> Chester frees up the necessary cash.
Vent/Brag: My team scored 78 points, with my strikers (including captain) totaling for only 6… Basically any other week and I ton up!
Other Comments: The strikers will be back, with vengeance…

There’s plenty of football in front of us, so don’t panic just yet… Hope all went well!

25 comments on “Round Review – GW13

  1. Måns

    Score: 65
    Rank (Overall): 545 000
    Lords: Rooney Gerrard and Nasri
    Losers: Agueroooo and Suarez
    Captain: Aguero….
    Trades: Gerrard and Distin
    Vent/Brag: Kind of mad about my captain choice but I guess nobody’s captain did great this week. Happy that I kept Nasri on my squad and what a form Rooney is in!

  2. MattyZach

    Score: 59
    Rank: 809000.. Not good!
    Lords: Ramsay, Ozil, Coleman, Lukaku, Vlarr
    Losers: Mignolet, Dawson, Lallana, Aguero, Suarez
    Trades: Did Wilson to Vlarr this week, which ended up as a bit win. Thankfully I can just send him back to the bench now. Looking at moving Rangel on, due to his injury and Swansea’s weak form.
    Vent/Brag: Was on 50 overnight with 5 players including my captain to play. Pretty crappy finish to the GW!

  3. screech

    Score: 82
    Rank (Overall): 17k
    Lords: Terry, Zabaleta, Yaya Toure, Ramsey, Rooney, Coleman
    Losers: Suarez C
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: Januzaj> Meyler?
    Vent/Brag: What could have been if I had of captained Rooney. I don’t have Aguero yet but might have to re-structure my team a bit in case I choose to get him in mid-def
    Other Comments: Massive jump up the rankings this week, awesome effort that.

  4. dickieray

    Score: 37
    Rank (Overall): 32k
    Lords: Ramsey, Mert
    Losers: everyone else, but specifically Suarez, Aguero and Giroud
    Captain: Aguero
    Trades: dealt Studge just before the deadline. No trades this week.
    Vent/Brag: I posted here last week after a good week. I might as well share the bad.
    Other Comments: No cheapie midfielders are attractive. Need to get someone so I can sell off Mirallas and buy Rooney.

  5. Viper086

    Score: 79
    Rank (Overall): 6700
    Lords: Ramsay, Rooney, Gerrard, Szczesny, Distin, Vlaar, Mertesacker, Yaya, Lukaku
    Losers: Suarez, Oscar
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: No trades this week. Team is pretty settled
    Vent/Brag: My whole team fired except for my captain which i imagine will be everyone’s story. Climbed 5000 places this week overall which was nice!
    Other Comments: Rooney is a god and literally carrying Man U at the moment

  6. Dan

    Score: 54
    Rank: 250k
    Lords: Rooney, Ramsay, Terry
    Losers: the rest
    Capt: Aguero
    Trades: Davis> Pantilimon
    Vent: Boruc and Davis both out…wtf? And 4 pts from my 3 Pool players against Hull lol

  7. kingcolesy

    Score: 77
    Rank (Overall): 3753
    Lords: Terry, Coleman, Ramsey, Ozil
    Losers: Aguero and Suarez 😐
    Captain: Aguero
    Trades: Probably do Yaya Toure to Oscar, just before deadline cos hes getting shipped out alot.
    Vent/Brag: Highest rank ever!
    Other Comments: Is Hazard worth the extra, will Oscar get 90mins now? Is Hazard susceptible to rotation now that hes just done 90? Can Oscar play a different position if Mata takes his position?

        • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

          Teach me your ways!
          I think I gotta spend more time then, ahaha.
          You came first in our league last season, and it looks like youre coming first on this site!

          • kingcolesy

            hey, try this rough guide for planning trades, its where teams have generally 6 games in a row with max 1 top team to play in em.

            Arsenal: 19-24 & 33-38
            Aston Villa: 11-20
            Cardiff: 14-19 & 32-37
            Chelsea: 11-16
            Crystal Palace: 10-15
            Everton: 16-22
            Fulham: 33-38
            Hull City: 22-28
            Liverpool: 26-31
            Manchester City: 25-31
            Manchester United: 15-21
            Newcastle: 27-32
            Norwich: 13-18, 28-34
            Southampton: 21-26
            Stoke: 29-35
            Sunderland: 19-25
            Swansea: 7-16
            Tottenham: 14-19 & 33-38
            West Brom: None
            West Ham: 19-27

            That should help!

  8. Shaun Curnow

    Score: 93
    Rank (Overall): 5779 (thats up from 33K before this GW!)
    Lords: Ozil, Ramsey, Rooney, Coleman, Zabaleta, Walker, Yaya
    Losers: Coutinho, Hazard, Mignolet
    Captain: Remy
    Trades: At this stage none for this mid-week gameweek and since its such short turn round fixtures. Will then use 2 for weekend.
    Vent/Brag: Wasnt confident going into this gameweek but wow did my team fire up! Only 3 guys failed to score 5+ and everything just fell into place. Only downside was trading Barkley to Coutinho for him to only play limited minutes! What makes it worse was I was only 0.1 short on being able to get Gerrard! He then goes and scores 9 🙁

  9. Go You Gunners

    Benteke to Negredo, Remy or Lukaku looking at the next 4-8 GW’s? Already have Giroud n Suarez and can’t afford Rooney or Aguero. Thanks

  10. Rakshit

    Score: 56
    Rank (Overall): 509 189
    Lords: Gerrard, Ramsey, Ozil, Lukaku.
    Losers: Suarez, Benteke (NEVER AGAIN), Entire Defence
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: Benteke–> Giroud
    Vent/Brag: Strikers bombed astonishingly! However I feel I lost out this week on the defensive front with a quite a few of them scoring heavily.
    Other Comments: Highly optimistic for midweek! The cannibal shall return with a vengeance!!

  11. baysietoff

    Score: 73
    Rank (Overall): 41k
    Lords: heaps but Ramsey, Coleman and Ozil in particular
    Losers: Aguero and Ratboy
    Captain: Aguero…
    Trades: Redmond in for Amalfitano 😉
    Vent/Brag: Was looking sensational on Saturday night!
    Other Comments: Looked shite on Sunday night…

  12. Louie.K

    Score: 75
    Rank (Overall): 133k
    Lords: Nasri, Ramsey, Ozil and Coleman
    Losers: Aguero and Suarez
    Captain: Aguero
    Trades: Sturridge to Aguero last GW. None for the mid-week round planned. Will do a double for the weekend.
    Vent/Brag: Dissapointed the talk is now Rooney won’t be rested. I stayed away based on a ‘rest’ over the coming month – hence went to Aguero instead.

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