The Captains – GW14

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We weren’t lying, it really is a quick turn around. I hope nobody is caught out and everyone gets their teams sorted! Let’s get straight into some more captains shall we…

The Contenders:

Giroud – He is definitely a viable option this weekend for those who still own him, however he usually isn’t a player who goes huge so I’d still be looking elsewhere.

Ramsey – He will get a mention during the punt and he is exactly that, however I will forever maintain that you should not be captaining a central midfielder, yet alone one in his breakout season. Just enjoy the ride without the burden of an armband!

Gerrard – He is certainly becoming a very viable midfield premium target, however he cannot match his forward teammate as far as captaincy options go. Especially this week.

Lukaku – Yes he did manage to score a hat-trick in his last outing against United and we can’t forget that. However that 5-5 was completely crazy and I’m sure Moyes won’t be looking for one of them. I can see at least a goal in it for Everton, however let’s agree to not be rash and captain the Belgium.

Lallana – Midpriced midfielder, no go zone! Yes he has a tasty looking fixture, however Villa haven’t been looking too bad down back with just 6 goals conceded in their last 7 outings. They have conceded 2 three times though and I can see something similar happening tomorrow. Regardless, no armband options to see here!

Hazard – Sunderland are just pigs waiting to be slaughtered at the moment, and I expect Mourinho’s men to do just that this week. However Chelsea’s array of attacking options showed the issue with Hazard last week as he was relatively quiet in their 2-1 home win, with Mata and Ba stepping up to the plate. Don’t captain him, but still a great player to own.

Top 3:

1. Suarez – Usually in the Premier League, history against past opponents means relatively little. A side can change it’s best XI, play style and manager in under 12 months these days. However Suarez at home against Norwich is a party not to be missed. He has 7 goals in his last 3 clashes against them, including 2 hat-tricks. The form Liverpool are in this season you can’t deny them a goal or three this weekend, disregarding last weeks slip up. I won’t be looking anywhere else this week that’s for sure!

2. Rooney – His form became undeniable with yet another brace last week away to Tottenham. I’ve brought him in to now own the big 3 and I can’t say it doesn’t satisfy me! At home to his old club he will surely be on the scoresheet yet again, especially with RVP still seemingly in the injury wilderness. A great captaincy option.

3. Aguero – We can let him off last week guys. He hasn’t gone 2 starts without a goal since GW3 and I’m sure that trend will continue away to West Brom. Man City’s away form is quite concerning, and as a result Aguero has averaged almost 4 points less away from home than he has at the Etihad. However his 16 point haul away to West Ham is enough to prove he can still get the job done, let’s just hope the right Man City show up!

The Punt:

Ozil – You only need to take a look at Ozil’s form at home against weaker opponents to see why he stands out as a captain differential this week. Whether you can call Southampton weak is debatable, however his 14 point haul at home to Stoke and 15 against Norwich show what he is capable off. He will be keen to get his name back into the limelight after a poor few weeks and I’m almost certain the return of Walcott will help him out immensely. He will no longer be required on the right wing and can use his incredible passing to find Walcott’s runs behind the defense. Definitely a decent shout if you’re willing to take the risk! Walcott and Ramsey also come under the same category.

So that’s it from me today, don’t forget that lockout is tonight so make sure your teams and trades are prepared! We’ll we back on Thursday to wrap up the weekday’s action and look ahead to yet more footy this weekend. Cheers!

4 comments on “The Captains – GW14

  1. brian

    ive been thinking, with the return of Walcott, could it possibly make him a better option over ozil? If ozil were to find walcotts runs on the wing, and walcott scores off ozils passes, he is already getting 2 more points than ozil will be for his goal. if walcott doesnt score, ozil will also get nothing. if walcott puts in a cross from ozils pass, than walcott will get the assist while ozil will get nothing. jst my opinion, and i did trade out ozil for walcott this week, partly so that i can trade nasri out for silva when hes back, but also for the reason stated above.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      I’m looking closely at Walcott as well, but not for Ozil. 3 Arsenal mids would be heavy but you could re-assess when Silva returns. Walcott over Ozil is a call I wouldn’t be willing to make, yet

  2. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    I have been drooling over this fixture for a while, hopefully Suarez can live up the expectations! Although, I do recon recon Rooney will get another double-figure point haul, but I dont wanna jinx so I am staying safe with Suarez!
    Also, do you think its worth it to go Boruc to Gazzanigga and then Rosenior/Clyne to Johnson (LIV’POOL)?? Or should I just start Clyne this week and hope for the best?? Pretty stuck with this.
    Thanks again Matt.

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