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Woweee, boy oh boy… Whatever personal opinion you have of Suarez and his antics, and general “shit blokedness”, you have to admit that he knows how to play football. A grandiose performance last night helped most of us post some super FPL scores. My thoughts go out to those that didn’t listen to Matt’s captaincy advice! Let that be a lesson to you all… There were some other great performances which under normal circumstances would receive a lot more plaudits, some of them are…

Speroni (4.5m) – Tony Pulis is starting to weave his magic on this mob! 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-0 the scoreboard will show from the past 4 games which is the kind of form that warrants a little bit of attention. For those of us looking at a trade target for Boruc you could do worse than checking out Speroni. If you’ve already moved on Boruc then maybe have a look at their bargain basement price defenders. None of these will work out long term for you, but could be a stop gap or help facilitate an upgrade elsewhere on your team. 8 points from the clean sheet and 2 BPs

Jenkinson (4.1m) – There was a slight concern that with Sagna out injured the introduction of Jenkinson in his place may slightly disrupt the defensive harmony. That didn’t happen, Jenkinson actually put his hand up for his spot full time with 12 points from the clean sheet, an assist and full BPs. If he does secure the right back spot full time, he may become the highest traded in player in FPL history.

Chiriches (5.1m) – Chiriches was one of my potential PODs a few weeks ago but a busted nose temporarily halted that idea. Now that he’s fit again he’s right back into consideration. 5.1m is super value for a spot in one of the best defences in the EPL, and one that has a pretty decent run of fixtures coming up. Although he didn’t score any clean sheets points this week, he did score a goal and 2 BPs for 10 points. Spurs have a heap of clean sheet games coming up and unless AVB is going to start to let his team attack a little more I would be all over Chiriches like white on rice.

Kolarov (5.3m) – We can’t really take too much out of this performance. One thing we need to take notice of is that Man City conceded way from home again which is a continual worry… With the only home games coming up in the short term being against Arsenal and Liverpool I am advising that you stay well away from their defence until Christmas at least. Kolarov has always been a good attacking left back so his 9 points, from 2 assists and 2 BPs, wasn’t a huge surprise. What is a surprise is that he played at all.

Hazard (9.5m) – You’d think this is the point where the Oscar / Hazard decision gets put to bed. Hazard has been on fire over the past 4 GWs with only one of them not ending in double figure points. This weeks performances netted him a huge 17 points from 2 goals, an assist and full BPs. Chelsea’s next 2 fixtures seem easy enough with more than enough potential for a few goals. Don’t hesitate making this your transfer of the week.

Yaya Toure (9.6m) – Yaya was due one of these. He’s been slowly accruing some attacking points over the past couple of weeks without really jumping on anyone’s radar. A couple of assists here, a BP there… This week he busted out a 15 point effort on the back of 2 goals and full BPs. You’re going to be in one of two camps when it comes to Yaya Toure. 1. You have him in your team and happy to have him. 2. You had him once and you will never, ever buy him again. I’m in the second camp.

Shelvey (5.3m) – 5.3m is an awkward  price to deal with… If he was sub 5.0m then he would really come into calculations as a solid cheapie but he’s encroaching on midpricer territory. Jonjo has had a couple of massive games this season but they’ve been intertwined with mostly nothing games. It’s a nope from me. This week he scored a goal, an assist and received full BPs for 14 points.

Delph (4.3m) – One good game does not make an FPL player. His only additional points scored this season were from clean sheets so his 13 points (goal, assist, full BPs) this week is a major deviation from mediocrity. Don’t get me wrong, good player in the real world, just not our FPL world.

Sterling (4.9m) – Like most high scoring games there are going to be a few players who have days out. Raheem Sterling was another Red that got involved in some attacking shenanigans. He scored 12 points from a goal, an assist and 2 BPs. His game time has been horribly inconsistent however so he can’t be considered at this time.

Suarez (12.4m) – Boom! I’m sure there has been enough written about this performance without me going into it too much… He scored a rather impressive 24 points (or 48 for most of us…) from 4 goals, an assist and full BPs. Liverpool do have an uncertain set of fixtures coming up with historically miserly West Ham (h) and Tottenham (a) to come, then Cardiff (h). Following that are some blockbuster away fixtures against Man City and Chelsea. They don’t immediately jump out as high scoring games, but with the form Suarez is in you never know…

Agbonlahor (6.7m) – This is the first goal he’s scored all season which immediately shows his worth as an FPL player. Horribly priced considering the calibre of players he has to compete with for our FPL love and a huge no from me. 11 points from a goal, an assist and 2 BPs.

So that’s it…There’s quite a few players that aren’t on our radars but some that should be strongly considered for the run through to Christmas. Some other performances of note; Lampard scored big again with 12. Ozil backed up his effort on the weekend with another 11 points and Oviedo had another huge game with 10 points.

5 comments on “Dream Team – GW14

  1. N1qQ45 4R3 k1Ng5

    Basically a basic (wert??? Lol) rookie/premo combination in this weeks Dream Team, happened last week as we’ll I am pretty sure….

    Also, I know it’s only a day after fixtures were played but the next games are on Saturday! So… I have 2 FT this week and I am planning on using them both (most likely taking a hit as well), what I was thinking was (keep in mind I have 0.3m to start with in the kitty) Boruc to Gazzaniga (for the cash but. I probably would have gone Speroni), plus Terry to Distin (rash maybe but they did play Sunderland, and conceded….. 3), and then Lallana to Gerard, that leaves me with 0.1m

    Everton do have a very enticing run by the looks of it until mid-Jan, then it’s kinda 50/50 from there, so that’s why I am getting in Distinct (as well as Coleman who is currently in).

    Might be annoying, but here is the current team:
    Mignolet (Boruc)
    Coleman, Terry, Dawson (Clyne, Rosenior)
    Ozil, Ramsey, Lallana, Morrison (Whittingham)
    Suarez, Rooney, Aguero
    Do you think these are good trades??
    Really sorry for the long post hahaha, I just have all the time in the world now seeing as Year 12 is gone!

    • baysietoff Post Author

      I don’t mind those trades, not sure Everton can get a cleanie this week though… It’s a shame you can’t upgrade one of those cheap mids as opposed to Lallana, I still like him, and have just personally dumped Gerrard haha. But there’s not many mid-mids doing much at the moment. I can’t think of any changes apart from maybe getting rid of Clyne for an upgrade to give you some depth.

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        Maybe leave that and do Boruc to Gazzanigga and Clyne to Distin?? Was just thinking that Stevie G had an alright run coming up, and as long as Suarez is there then you have got some chances for Stevie G attacking returns.

        • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

          Also, if I do upgrade Whittingham (Morrison doing well enough for that price) I will only have 7.6m and I cant think of many worthy ones that I dont have….

          • baysietoff Post Author

            Nothing too much wrong with Gerrard, I just upgraded him to Hazard… 🙂

            That’s the problem with the midprice midfielders, there’s bugger all to pick from. I guess dumping one of the ones you have could be good long term? An idea might be to do your original trades but hold the mid trade for a week and see how Walcott goes. He can’t be too far away from 90 minutes (=points).

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