Round Review – GW14

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Well I hope we didn’t have any smart arses who didn’t captain the party man against Norwich! Any takers? It was probably the best 4 goals you’re ever likely to see, but how did the rest of our teams go? Let us know in the following format!

Rank (Overall):

Other Comments:

Score: 95
Rank (Overall): Not updated
Lords: Suarez… Ozil?
Losers: Rooney!
Captain: Suarez
Trades: Hazard has to come in for me and I think Nasri will be sacrificed. Also looking at Shelvey for Lallana
Vent/Brag: Best captains score ever. Pity the rest of my team was completely average.
Other Comments: Rooney’s stupid yellow costs him a home game against Newcastle and leaves me looking like an idiot!

There will be some massive scores this week so let us know how you went!

54 comments on “Round Review – GW14

  1. nburk53

    Score: 107 (Could be higher if Aguero/Ramsey/Koscielny get bonus points)
    Rank (Overall): Yet to update
    Lords: Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaarez (c), Hazard, Ozil, Ramsey, Aguero, Clyne, Koscielny
    Losers: Pantilimon (Hahah he was looking good for a cleany until the last five minutes!) Terry, Remy
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: Terry>Johnson. Pantilimon>Howard. Brady>Someone. That’s my plans over the course of the next few gameweeks.
    Vent/Brag: First ton in FPL ever!
    Other Comments: Hazard is a machine + United lost 😀

    • Viper086

      Score: 88
      Rank (Overall):
      Lords: Suarez, Yaya, Mertesacker, Szczesny, Ramsey, Lukaku
      Losers: Oscar, Cahill, Vlaar, Rooney
      Captain: Suarez
      Trades: Going to give Oscar one more chance this week. If he doesn’t start I will get rid of him. Will be looking at trying to get hazard and aguero in the next few weeks.
      Vent/Brag: Can’t complain too much but I feel i will lose some places in the overall rankings. Should get to 100 after BP’s
      Other Comments:Going to be some monster scores out there for anyone with a combination of Arsenal defenders, Ozil, Yaya, Hazard, Suarez (c) which is a pretty high possibility!

  2. screech

    Score: 90
    Rank (Overall): surely wont drop for 17k, surely…
    Lords: Suarez cappers, Yaya Toure
    Losers: Rooney suspended, Morrison suspended, Vlaar injured, staring in the face of some rotated donuts this week
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: already went boruc> panti, FT used
    Vent/Brag: If you didn’t captain Suarez then good luck to you!
    Other Comments: Ramsey and Lukaku also provided, Zab should have gotten me a cs Mirallas gets a lot of shots on target but fails to deliver a lot of the time, might eventually have to upgrade him to Ozil or Hazard

  3. snoidz

    93 yet to be updated
    Lords: Hazard, Ozil, Suarez!
    Losers: Shaw, Lovren, Brady
    Cpatain: Suarez!!!
    Trades: Looking at trading shaw to Johnson? and brady
    Vent: Suarez is KING

  4. kingcolesy

    Score: 91&14bp to come(115)
    Rank (Overall):
    Lords: Suarez – monster , toure, Ozil
    Losers: lovren terry Morrison
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: Gerrard in for Ozil
    Vent/Brag: should of done lovren to mertsacker weeks ago, and well done Chico
    Other Comments: Rooney out hey! Can’t wait to watch highlights of games 😮 shame I missed hazard

  5. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Score: 85
    Rank (Overall): 131k… solid 10k movement on thw right direction 😀 (not sure if its updated yet cos its been like that since the West Ham Palace game
    Lords: Suarez, Ozil, Ramsey & Aguero
    Losers: Rooney and Morrison for getting suspended, Dawson & Terry for letting shit teams get past them (lol). Me also for benching Coleman 🙁
    Captain: Who else but thr chosen one??
    Trades: Not sure yet but maybe try and get Toure/Hazard/Gerard? Dont know yet, but I have got 2FT so we’ll see…
    Vent/Brag: team is doing well, should probably sort out my defence though, maybe take a risk on Zab/Man City defender?
    Other Comments: Oviedo might be a sneaky trade in this week, and I think Coleman deserves a permanent spot on the field, no matter what the fixture. Everton defence seems to pull out the cleanies all the time.
    Also, I think thats the highest score by a player in a single GW, not sure though?

  6. Shaun Curnow

    I didnt have Saurez as captain!! 😀 Mainly cos I dont have him, but it didnt hold me back!

    Score: 88
    Rank (Overall): 8979
    Lords: Hazard, Yaya, Ozil, Ramsey, Coutinho, Walker
    Losers: Rooney, Remy
    Captain: Hazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard
    Trades: Fonte to Gabbidon or Mertesaker or another Arsenal defender. Time cash Saints players in.
    Vent/Brag: Scored 88 without any my forwards firing a single shot and managed to score pretty much same as everyone with the “must have Saurez”…… Whats annoying is I had Coleman on bench for Fonte, who scored -1. Switch them around and would have scored 97 🙁

      • Shaun Curnow

        I dunno, cos it would ruin entire structure of my side. Bit like why I refused to change everything up last year for RVP. Will look into bringing him in if I can though….

      • Shaun Curnow

        Just having look is it worth taking 4 point hit and going Rooney & Fonte to Saurez & Gabbidon? Would still have 0.3 in bank… Otherwise may need rely on couple spuds on my bench!

          • Shaun Curnow

            Yeah that’s true, isn’t quite as much as RVP was… Yet! Haha.

            Might pull trigger on that trade, I’ve got where I am on gut feels so may as well go out all guns blazing!

  7. eplfanforlife

    Score: 98 (net 90)
    Rank (overall): 1,156,724 (shhhh)
    Lords: King Luis, Prince Eden
    Losers: City 85-90+ minute defence
    Captain: Suarez the Great
    Trades: Prob moving Nasri out for Ramsey or someone similar
    Vent/brag: Can finally breathe again..have felt like a total loser for way too long. 98 pts!
    Miscellaneous: This blog/site fuckin’ ROCKS.

  8. Rakshit

    Score: 89
    Rank (Overall): Did not check
    Lords: Luis “Ze Magnificient Cannibal” Suarez, Ozil. Hon mentions to Clyne, Gerrard, Ramsey and Lukaku.
    Losers: Giroud (Wenger), Lallana, Ivanovic
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: Keeping hold of my mid field of Gerrard, Ramsey and Ozil. Might trade out Lallana.
    Vent/Brag: If only I had either one of Hazard or Yaya.
    Other Comments: Should really have hit 100 this time.

  9. Nathan

    Score: 123
    Rank (Overall):Finally into the top 200k
    Lords: Suarez, Hazard, Yaya Toure, Oviedo
    Losers: Fonte and the inability of Liverpool to keep a clean sheet
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: Looking to trade Fonte out, but not too sure who for yet.
    Vent/Brag: Traded in Oviedo in last minute for Januzaj, to add an extra 9 points to my score.
    Other Comments: Thanks to all the writers here, makes managing my side so much easier.

  10. Viper086

    What are all the Rooney owners doing, holding or trading? i personally think i will hold him but i dont have aguero (currently have suarez, rooney, lukaku) so maybe this is my chance to get him in.

  11. Dan

    Score: 74…terrible week for me
    Rank: slipped 70k to 310k
    Lords: Suarez
    Losers: Pantilimon, Rooney and Morrison for their suspensions. Me for benching Chico whilst my four playing defs didnt collect a CS amongst them.
    Capt: Suarez
    Trades: Boruc> Speroni and Clyne> Ward
    Vent: seasons going downhill rapidly ever since I chose Silva over Hazard 4 wks ago. Struggling to field 11 this wk if Sessegnon misses again.
    Other comments: midfield needs a massive revamp!

        • Dan

          Haha cheers Matt. It actually it was just a punctuation error. Meant to be a full stop after Pantilimon. As in:

          “Losers: Pantilimon. (for scoring minus 2)
          Rooney and Morrison for their suspensions.”

          At least I can spell his name correctly though. ..not sure who Pantimillion is 😉

  12. Shikhar

    Score: 113
    Rank (Overall):
    Lords: Suarez, Yaya and SHELVEY
    Losers: Mignolet, Terry and Rooney!
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: IF oscar will not start this week, i’ll bring in hazard. But to make that happen i’ll have to replace barkley with someone cheap..Thinking of el ahmadi..I’ve not seen him play but he has been giving decent returns !
    Vent/Brag: Brought in shelvey and joel ward this gw and look how that paid off

  13. MattyZee

    Score: 74
    Lords: Suarez, Aguero, Ozil, Ramsey, Coleman, Lukaku
    Losers: Vlarr, Dawson, Lallana, Amalfitano, Me for missing the deadline and leaving Aguero as captain.
    Captain: Aguero
    Trades: Rangel to Zabaleta and Boruc to Myhill for some dollars.
    Vent/Brag: Missing the deadline by 10 minutes screwed my round really. Lost more ground in my leagues.

  14. Brayden

    Score: 112
    Rank (Overall);
    Lords: SUAREZ, Ozil, Ramsey, Lukaku, Yaya Toure, Clyne, Augero, Koscieiny, Jagielka
    Losers: Fonte, Mgnolet
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: –
    Vent/Brag: If Liverpool could keep a clean sheet and Fonte didn’t have a shocker, could have been a lot higher

  15. LachyZam

    Score: 117
    Rank (Overall): 8th (WEEWWWW!!!!)
    Lords: Suarez, Hazard, Ozil, Yaya, Coleman
    Losers: Rooney
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: Rooney to Aguero
    Vent/Brag: Became the number one player in Australia at the conclusion of the weekend and now am in the top ten overall!

  16. Louie.K

    Score: 93
    Rank (Overall): 113k
    Lords: Suarez, Ozil, Aguero and Gabbidon.
    Losers: Fonte
    Captain: Suarez
    Trades: None last GW. Will do the double for the weekend – will go Fonte to Bardsley and Nasri to Hazard.
    Vent/Brag: By benching Coleman I missed out on the ton. Score would have been 101.
    Other Comments: Glad I held onto Lukaku when others dumped him. He has been super in recent weeks.

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