The Captains – GW15

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Welcome back once again to yet another edition of the captains. I’ll go out on a limb and say we were pretty successful midweek, so let’s try and keep that up! *Warning*. This is going to be brief.

The Contenders:

I’m sorry, but I really don’t see much point in going into too much detail here. I think we all know the man to captain this week and it would be stupid to do otherwise. Ramsey and Ozil are too up and down for my liking and you never really know which Lukaku you’re going to get. Remy isn’t a captain option in my opinion and Benteke is horribly out of form. Man United are a bag of liquorice all-sorts so I would steer clear there. Man City will face tough opposition away at Southampton and I don’t think Nasri is a wise option. Toure doesn’t get big enough scores, and no he won’t be on penalties in the future. Tottenham are a basket case so don’t bother.

Top 3:

1. Suarez – I guess this is where the argument begins and almost immediately ends. 13 goals and 4 assists in just 9 games (11 points per game!) has him leading the golden boot after missing the first 5, yes FIVE games of the season. Just imagine what kind of total he was heading for. It’s comparable to the likes of Messi and Ronaldo. Those were 4 of the best goals you’ll ever see and it honestly could have been more. West Ham now travel to Anfield to face the music and will be shaking in their boots. You can’t uncaptain (Yes that is now a word) someone after they score 24 points, and it really is the safe option to just give him the armband once again. If he fails we all just move on. If he scores another 24 and you don’t captain him, well good luck sleeping at night. Lock and load!

2. Aguero – He has fallen back into Suarez’s shadow, however he has still been creating chances at will. Unfortunately his finishing has deserted him slightly but another big score is just around the corner. Likely to be more goals in him here, regardless of Southampton’s tight defence. Wanyama is a big loss for them so I expect a comfortable City win.

3. Hazard – Look I wouldn’t captain him here, however his form warrants a top 3 spot. He was simply sensational midweek and surely won’t be rested… However that thought is nagging me. Even so he is extremely volatile and I would avoid captaining him if at all possible.

The Punt:

Giroud – A fresh Giroud will surely be ready to fire upon an in-form Everton when they make the dreaded trip to the Emirates. He will lead the line for the free scoring Gunners and is odds on to notch again. If you can foresee Suarez going down with a broken leg before scoring then this may be the option for you, I guess you never know! A serious punt.

So that’s it from me this week. Good luck to one and all for the third gameweek in 7 days, god I love football! If it’s half as entertaining as midweek then we’re in good shape, good luck! Cheers.

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