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Wow, we’re already done and dusted with GW15! Time starts to fly in December. We have another 4 gameweeks to come before the year is out and a fifth before we get that all important second wildcard available for a month. This means our transfer decisions have to bear that in mind, let’s get into it!


The hot buys from a few weeks ago have fared pretty well, let’s have a look at some of the better in-form options for the Christmas period ahead. There are quite a few curve balls here!

  • Howard – He is definitely one of the hottest! Everton’s fixtures are absolutely golden, especially for their defensive options. Personally I am sick of Mignolet losing his clean sheets every week so I’ve already made the move over to Howard this week. I can’t advise against it!
  • Silva – I had actually placed him in the hot buys before last nights goal in City’s incredible away win at Bayern. Now he has to be looked at even closer. City are putting in goals left, right and centre and Silva should only profit from their incredible form. He is certainly a chance to be on the bench this weekend after playing midweek, however he got substituted after 70 minutes and surely won’t miss out on their vital clash against the league leaders Arsenal. He’ll be coming in next week for me, but don’t hesitate to make an early call!
  • Rooney – Coming back from suspension is a dangerous time for opposition when Rooney is mentioned. United are struggling in mid table and desperately need Rooney to step up this week. An away game to Villa is simply a must win for Moyes’ team and Rooney should be at the heart of it. Decent fixtures over the coming few weeks means he’ll slot in nicely along side Aguero and Suarez in a killer strike force. Not ahead of them though!
  • Lukaku – That was one of the luckier assists I have seen in my time last week, but fpl were obviously feeling generous! Everton’s fixtures need no introduction by now and Lukaku will be providing a goal threat throughout. Great option as your third striker, ahead of Remy in my opinion.
  • Jagielka – He is picking up bonus points for fun, 18 he has! Eighteen!!! That’s in just 8 clean sheets. I make that over 2 bonus points per clean sheet, and there should be plenty of them to come… Great option!
  • Deulofeu – Now for some curve ball options. Deulofeu is no doubt a massive risk with the chance for rotation high. However when he is on the pitch he is looking absolutely deadly, and I’m sure Martinez will utilise his form to torment the easy opposition to come. If he was a midfielder he’d be locked in, but if you can fit him in up forward what a great option to have!
  • Hooper – He is finally hitting the goal scoring form we all knew he could! 3 goals in 5 is not a bad record at all at his price, and with Norwich’s good form and reasonable fixtures, you could do a lot worse if you’re after a POD…
  • Krul – If you can’t quite reach Howard, Krul is your next best bet. Newcastle’s fixtures are decent and Krul is on fire!!! At just 5.1 he is a great option between the sticks with Southampton, Crystal Palace and Stoke in their next 3.
  • Fer – Swansea, Sunderland and Fulham are on the horizon for the in-form Norwich, who have won 3 of their last 5 games to date (Suarez was not really fair either). Their cheap options should certainly get a look in and Fer is no exception. Another goal and assist last weekend has him averaging 7 points per game over those past 5 clashes. I wouldn’t chase him personally, however if you’re in need of a budget mid then you could do a lot worse!
  • Bannan – A final cheap midfield option is the forgotten Barry Bannan. I spotted him a couple of weeks ago and he seems to be loving the Pulis regime. He is on set pieces from all sides of the pitch and is enjoying Chamakh’s return to form. His own form has been fantastic and was unlucky not to be awarded another assist for Palace’s second goal last week. You really can’t go wrong at 4.4…


I would say the quick sales performed quite horrifically as well, I even correctly predicted the Nasri tears and held! It’s almost time for these blokes to go…

  • Gerrard – It is time for this legend to go unfortunately. He is out for at least 4 weeks and won’t be seen again until the new year. A real shame for his owners who were onto something there… Silva a well timed replacement.
  • Mignolet – As I said, I was sick of Liverpool losing their clean sheets to complete mugs! 1 clean sheet in 12 games… Horrific. Goodbye Simon!
  • Nasri – Thankgod I said to hold for their home clash against Swansea. Funnily enough I traded him the next week and that worked out well! With Silva back his time as an fpl option is up so I’d be looking at any and every way of getting Nasri up to Silva.
  • Terry – Chelsea’s defence has lost the plot recently, keeping 1 clean sheet in their last 10 games, including 6 goals conceded in the past 2 weeks. Whilst you should hold this week against Crystal Palace, I’m not sure Terry is worth the 6.6 price tag. Jagielka seems a fitting replacement.
  • Lallana – Sometimes you have to make the tough calls in fpl, and whilst he has been great, it’s time for Lallana to go. 7.0 is way overpriced and his hot streak has ended. I made the call a couple of weeks ago and don’t regret it, that’s for sure! Good replacements are not easy to come by, however Shelvey hasn’t put a foot wrong for me. Morrison is still an option and Bannan looks to be great value on set pieces for Palace.
  • Giroud – Unfortunately, he is not cutting the mustard when compared to the abundant striker options surrounding him. There is basically only one other striker spot available to most and guys like Rooney and Lukaku surely come ahead of him. He will start to be rested after the next 2 games also so I’d be looking for a replacement…
  • Benteke – How much time can you give someone to return to form? It has been 9 appearances since the Belgian last got on the scoresheet, all the way back in GW4! That was 3 months ago! Get rid of him ASAP!!! Keep him on the watchlist though because when he returns to form, he will be great value. You just can’t afford to keep carrying him at the moment.


Suarez – Who else? Yet another captains choice made easy by the Uruguayan’s brilliance. He is the must have player of the competition at the moment and I can’t see any defence in the premier league stopping him. Just get him, and captain him. Or do we this week…? That’s a question for another day. Lock and load!

That’s it from me today, hope you all enjoyed and this helped! Plenty to come this week including a very difficult captains choice! Cheers.

34 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW15

  1. Who?

    Cheers Matt! I’ll be definitely trying to get Silva in soon. I almost traded Gerrard in before I knew how badly he was injured. That’s a relief!

  2. Viper086

    Traded out Gerrard for Hazard and Cahill for Coleman. Hurts a lot when you had both Hazard and Coleman in your team already and both have ballooned in price from when you had them last. i have the cash to get Rooney back in for Lukaku but just can’t justify getting rid of him yet

  3. Louie K

    I’ve had to trade out Silva twice already this season due to injury. Not sure i’ll be going back a third time. Cabaye doing just as good a job at the moment and is much cheaper.

  4. Dan

    Coutinho and Sessegnon > Hazard and Fer done for me. Could backfire spectacularly as they both have been getting into great positions to score some points but are just so damn frustrating to own.

    Hazard pretty much a must have and Fer looks value with Snodgrass and Pilkington out certainly gets forward more. Looking to downgrade a def next wk (GJ or Terry) and hopefully bring in Walcott for Whittingham in the mids.

    As a sidenote, finished 2nd for the wk in Fox ALeague game 🙂

  5. brandonpietie

    Januzai & Nasri out > Lampard and Fer in. Already own Hazard… Midflied would then be:
    Lampard, Fer, Hazard, Shelvey, Ramsey. With Hazard as captain for this week
    Strong enough???

  6. Rakshit

    Hey Matt! Great write up! I know Everton have tasty fixtures coming up in the next few GWs! You have mentioned 4 Everton players in your write up. What about Mirallas in the mid prices midfielder range as a replacement for lallana??

  7. kingcolesy

    Just looked at some stats using thescore/google, says Redmond has had 33 shots, 11 on target in 13 games. Bannan 10 shots, 1 on target in 9 games. I usually weight the .2m in difference alot(for a player I wont use) but as I’ll use either one of the two next week, I think using Redmond vs sun, for the 0.2m is a good shout! Bandwagon ahoy hopefully.

    • baysietoff

      Good lad haha… One more stat you might want to look into is key passes made or chances created. I haven’t had a chance to but Bannan may create more based on his free kick duties?

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Bannan more of an assist man, and I know he has more than one on target. That being said Norwich could be a decent shout short-term and Redmond could be a decent punt as a POD! I like it

        • baysietoff

          There you go, it builds a better picture of the comparison.

          If we had more time we’d see who those key passes are going to and where on the pitch. Compare playing styles and form, build up some trends… Obviously key passes to strikers in the box are better than to a mid outside the box, for example, but then who those players are and their opposition… Are they inform strikers who regularly score from inside the box, or mids outside the box with good records from distance? Are they against teams that concede a lot of chances? Bannan may have created 10 chances against a Fulham for example? But fook all for a few weeks…

          Same with the shots? Townsend has a heap of shots but they are crazy ones from outside the box, Chamakh has had 4 shots on target for 3 goals!

          If we had time for that we’d be dominating haha.

  8. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Already have next week planned, and I think it’s good. Terry gets the last week this week, and then he is given the boot no matter what he scores, a goal, a cleanie, his mates GF no matter he is out. Baker (Aston Villa) will come in as his replacement with their favourable fixtures and his role in the line up (starting when he is fit from what I have seen) and PRICE! Then Lakeland to Walcott a week before eat heir EMPHATIC run of fixtures!

    I’m pretty much certain of these trades, just one thing bothering me. Is it too much to have 3 Arsenal mids in one midfield and team?? I feel like it won’t hurt seeing as they will perform all together IRL and FPL wise.

    Are these trades wise??

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Don’t think there’s a massive problem with it, however Walcott isn’t getting an easy run of it getting back into the team which is surprising. His job security definitely concerns me at the moment, so he’ll be rotated a lot. I’d prefer a guy like Silva.

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